A Disturbing Message

A Disturbing Message

Our Lady gives a deeply sad and disturbing message just two weeks before the world recognizes the independent states of Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina. From the beginning of the apparitions, Our Lady taught Her followers peace, prayer, fasting, sacrifice and forgiveness as a means to bring and spread peace. Yet, She speaks today with admonishment to Her children who have not accepted or lived Her messages. It is a foreboding message, one in which She warns that satan is playing with their souls and She cannot help without a willingness to live Her messages.

“Dear children, today as never before I invite you to live my messages and to put them into practice in your life. I have come to help you and therefore invite you to change your life because you have taken a path of misery, a path of ruin. When I told you, ‘Convert, pray, fast, be reconciled,’ you took these messages superficially. You started to live them and then you stopped, because it was difficult for you. No, dear children, when something is good, you have to persevere in the good, and not think, ‘God does not see me, He is not listening, He is not helping.’ And so you have gone away from God and from me because of your miserable interest. I wanted to create of you an oasis of peace, love and goodness. God wanted you with your love and with His help to do miracles and thus give an example. Therefore, here is what I say to you, ‘satan is playing with you and with your souls and I cannot help you because you are far from my heart. Therefore, pray, live my messages and then you will see the miracles of God’s love in your everyday life. Thank you for having responded to my call.’”

Twelve days later on April 7, Bosnia-Hercegovina is recognized as an independent nation and is immediately drawn into the war.

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