“Marija has explained that when Our Lady gives a message, it is given to her audibly as well as to her heart. You might say it is infused into her. It is given with immense love, overpowering gentleness, and completeness in its truth. Our Lady is present three dimensionally in a glorified body, speaking to Marija and, on special occasions, even kissing her. Each word has meaning to the fullest. Once Marija writes it on paper, it betrays all the love, gentleness, power, and meaning in which it was given by Our Lady…When Marija is given the messages, they are in the highest degree from Heaven; but when they are written down, they are reduced to ink on paper. At this point, many lose interest, become tired, and no longer want to listen to or live Our Lady?s messages. Why? Because we are not conscious of the importance of the messages God sends us. We are not able to comprehend the great depth of graces available through these messages. If we did, we would pray without stopping. Only through the Holy Spirit are we able to begin to understand. Our Lady said on November 8, 1984:“

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