Volume 2 – The Poem of the Man-God – Maria Valtorta 2nd Edition

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Volume 2

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Maria Valtorta’s Poem of the Man-God 2nd Edition
The Gospel as Revealed to Me

Volume 2 chapters 79-159


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Seven Parts

The birth and Hidden Life of Mary and Jesus
chapters 1-43

The first year of the Public Life of Jesus
chapters 44-140

The second year of the Public Life of Jesus
chapters 141-312

The third year of the Public Life of Jesus
chapters 313-540

Preparation for the Passion of Jesus
chapters 541-600

Passion and Death of Jesus
chapters 601-615

Glorification of Jesus and Mary
chapters 616-651

Farewell to the Work
chapters 652

10 Volumes

Volume One, chapters 1-78
Volume Two, chapters 79-159
Volume Three, chapters 160-225
Volume Four, chapters 226-295
Volume Five, chapters 296-363
Volume Six, chapters 364-432
Volume Seven, chapters 433-500
Volume Eight, chapters 501-554
Volume Nine, chapters 555-600
Volume Ten, chapters 601-652

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