Winds of Change

Winds of Change

Have You Seen

winds of change cullman, al

A 40-Foot “Winds of Change” billboard on Interstate 65 in Cullman, Alabama.

When air becomes stagnant, it becomes unhealthy, suffocating, toxic. The toxic winds of hatred, wars of unbelief, strife in families, unrest in nations have reached a critical point where the air has become deadly.

The God who first breathed life into man has blown a new wind, by sending the Mother Whose love will clear the air, and resuscitate that which is on the point of suffocation. This “Wind of Change” is blowing into every corner of the world. At this turning point of your life you have met face to face with this Wind, and now face a choice from this appointment with destiny to be resuscitated or suffocated. Are you choking? Are you drowning? Has your life become stale?

The Woman you see, this “Wind of Change,” is the Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus. No thoughtful person today can reflect without seeing the deep troubles we are in as individuals and as a Nation. The Bible shows repeatedly that throughout history, God has always sent a prophet to save His people, at the moment when all appears to be lost and there is no exit. An exit has come to us from the same God who created the world, and who has numbered every hair on your head, has heard your every cry and counted every tear. In our time, His “prophet” is the Mother of Jesus. Since 1981, in a tiny village called Medjugorje in the country of Bosnia-Hercegovina, the Virgin Mary has been appearing every day and is giving messages from God, that the world might know of a Father who cares and provides for every need.

Reader’s Digest, ABC News 20/20, Life Magazine, and thousands of other media sources worldwide have reported on and even investigated the daily events of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary. Repeated scientific testing and studies from world renowned scientists and doctors from top prestigious universities and medical centers have come to the scientific conclusion that the six people who say they see the Virgin Mary are seeing something not of this world. Several scientists, who were non-believers, after performing many tests, became believers. The daily apparitions have lasted for 36 years as of June 24, 2017. Over thirty million pilgrims have visited Medjugorje. Many of them were not strong believers, devoted to God, or particularly drawn to Our Lady. But they were all in need of learning that in our broken world, God still exists, He still loves us and He still desires to help us in our needs. This is what has been overwhelmingly discovered in Medjugorje by millions of pilgrims of all faiths.

The images below are of the front and back of a card produced to help those who are unfamiliar with the apparitions of the Virgin Mary to understand the role God has sent Her to fulfill in our times, the role of “Mother.”

this is my time front

To learn more about the apparitions of the Virgin Mary and the blowing “Winds of Change” in our time, the following writings and audio broadcasts are a very good place to begin.

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