Will You Be Able to Enter the Ark in the Future?

Will You Be Able to Enter the Ark in the Future?


Our Lady’s plans, of which She tells us She has many, all depends on conversion. Our Lady is desperate in this utmost important message of which She calls:

April 25, 1983

“Be converted! It will be too late when the sign comes. Beforehand, several warnings will be given to the world. Hurry to be converted… Be converted. Hurry to proclaim it. Tell everyone that it is my wish, and that I do not cease repeating it. Be converted, be converted. It is not difficult for me to suffer for you. I beg you, be converted.”

“I will pray to my Son to spare you the punishment. Be converted without delay. You do not know the plans of God; you will not be able to know them. You will not know what God will send, nor what He will do. I ask you only to be converted. That is what I wish. Be converted! Be ready for everything, but be converted. That is part of conversion…”

It is incredible to read Our Lady’s messages and meditate on Her in light of who She is. She begs and pleads with us as a mother would desperately call to a toddler who is about to step out in traffic to stop and turn because she has not the time to reach him before it will be fatal. It’s hard to believe these emotions because She is in Heaven, yet Our Lady even surprisingly tells us She is anxious.


“…I am anxious for people to know what is happening in Medjugorje. Speak about it, so that all will be converted…”

Our Lady also said in the same year:


“When you will be in Heaven, you will know why I am so pressed.”


One can see by Our Lady’s own words that our personal future will be affected by our conversion.

The pleas and anxiousness of Our Lady parallels that of the mother whose child is about to step in the traffic. The child knows not the danger, even though he sees the cars. Somehow we are in the same situation, and Our Lady is desperately calling us to turn our lives around, convert, start a new life, a new path.

June 25, 1992

“…My presence here is therefore to lead you on a new path, the path of salvation. Thus I call you day after day to conversion…”


Conversion, however, does not mean to live religiously with words. Rather than words, let it be your life which speaks.

October 25, 1992

“…I call you to begin to change your life from the beginning and that you decide for conversion not with words but with life…”

Conversion is not something that happens once you discover Medjugorje or visit the village which is the spot of spiritual renewal of the world. No! That is the beginning of conversion. Conversion may have a great impact in a moment of your life, but it does not end with the profound quaking your soul may have experienced. It is a daily experience.

February 25, 1993

“…You cannot say that you are converted, because your life must become a daily conversion…”

While we may experience a divine grace, a renewal of spirit, we cannot claim conversion, as many have, without carrying out the giving of ourselves to God.

July 25, 1994

“…Little children, you cannot say you are mine and that you experience conversion through my messages if you are not ready to give time to God every day…”

Through the years, we have seen many beautiful conversions. They were as flowers, radiating out such beauty that we were left breathless. Yet we have seen many wilt, brown, and die – their conversions die, and not even become what they were before they flowered. It is a sad testimony of those who did not understand conversion, did not want to change further, did not want to persevere.

The grace of conversion brings an impassioned faith. Prayer is easy, resisting temptation is easy, living the messages is easy, but when the honeymoon is over, and God wishes to test your conversion, many cool off and fall away.


“…many who have an impassioned faith will cool off…”

Conversion never ends. It lasts your entire lifetime.

July 17, 1989

“…Conversion is a process which goes on through your entire life.”


Conversion is a continuous process that must be fed by receiving the life-giving Sacraments, reading the Bible, Our Lady’s messages, and the lives of the Saints, and putting it into practice. The Sacraments will give us Divine grace and feed our soul. The Bible will give us understanding in the heart. Our Lady’s messages will enlighten the mind of the Word the Bible puts in our hearts. The lives of the saints will show us how to use all these treasures and implement them into our daily lives as their examples of saintly living reveals.

Our Lady told Marija receive the Sacraments, read the Bible every day, read the messages every day, read about the lives of the saints. To do so will nourish conversion.

We must realize conversion of the heart is a gift, a special present, given through prayer       

December 25, 1989


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“…I intercede for you to God for Him to give you the gift of the conversion of the heart…”


Conversion is as delicate as a flower. It must be nourished and watered. Many who followed Jesus turned from Him, never believing they would. We have seen the same in the Medjugorje movement. We encourage you to convert. We invite you to go deeper into the spiritual life, to strike out all the world’s distractions, and to commit to daily conversion


Friend of Medjugojre

– From A New Ark? by A Friend of Medjugorje

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4 thoughts on “Will You Be Able to Enter the Ark in the Future?”

  1. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! (continued)I feel confident in saying that you have and are continuing to help not just thousands, but at least tens of thousands, with the messages and materials that you provide to a world that is a desert thirsting for spiritual guidance and nourishment. May God continue to Bless you Spiritually and with all other needs. And may He Bless those of us with resources to assist your mission generously, because most whom you help, can assist only with prayers.

  2. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! To all of you there at Caritas and Medjugorje.com. Through out the years you have kept many of us from deviating from the correct path of our ongoing conversion and salvation. A pathway so cluttered with distractions and detoures of materialism, religious and societal collapse, employment and economic woes, disintegration and dislocations of families and friendships, with sickness and deaths either spiritually or physically causing discouragement and despair.

  3. convert them to divine mercy spread love and pray for them to stop doing evil Mohammad al-Adnani Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi mick Melville taz dean Fouad Fandi tam dean peter kartabani tyrese gisbon arianna Domenic Antonio Virgara fater nichloas

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