Will It Be 19 Times, or This Time?

Will It Be 19 Times, or This Time?

It’s not enough to know the facts of Medjugorje. We should seek something deeper..

January 15, 2014 A.D.

Our Lady of Medjugorje said in 1986:

“When people ask you to speak about the apparition, say: ‘Let us pray together to understand the apparitions of the Gospa.’”

One of the purposes of BVM Caritas Medjugorje pilgrimages is not only to provide a structure for your Medjugorje experience, but also, to advance you to what may take many pilgrimages to understand about the purpose of Our Lady’s apparitions and your role in responding to them. Simply knowing the facts, or speaking of what happened when and where, is not enough to sustain your walk towards holiness. An understanding of Our Lady and what She asks of you is necessary.

The following is from a pilgrim who initially found out about Caritas through our Mission House in Medjugorje during a stay in which they were receiving no guidance. He and his wife, traveled from Australia, and came into the Caritas Mission House saying that they did not know what to do or anything regarding Our Lady or the messages. They were immediately invited to join the BVM Caritas Medjugorje Pilgrimage. They have pilgrimaged to Medjugorje with us now three times:

The graces, blessings, experiences, advantages, and spiritual directions of being with a Caritas group are numerous. The affirmation from a fellow pilgrim best describes the experience we were blessed to be a part of. He said, ‘This is my 19th visit to Medjugorje and I have never experienced a pilgrimage that has been so spiritually rewarding and as richly blessed as this BVM/Caritas pilgrimage has been for me.’ I endorse his sentiments totally!!”

Manoora, Australia
June 2012 Medjugorje Pilgrim

Another Caritas pilgrim writes:

“This pilgrimage to Medjugorje was our third in the past three years with Caritas. Each year has been a very spiritual experience and we find that we keep seeking more of Our Lady’s messages and being there where She has now appeared continuously for so many years. Caritas brings you to special places around Medjugorje that most other groups never see. We hope to be able to go again in the coming years and it will be through Caritas.”

Smyrna, Georgia
September 2012 Pilgrim

The following woman has booked for the upcoming April 28 – May 7, 2014 pilgrimage to Medjugorje.

“What can I say?! Ten pilgrimages, and all with Caritas! Everyone that has gone on pilgrimage with another group, comments on how spiritual going with Caritas is. They are right. I have always felt guided and nurtured with you. I love Caritas.”

San Diego, California
March 2012 Medjugorje Pilgrim

Spider web in Medjugorje vineyard

This spider web above in a Medjugorje vineyard is an example of how with Medjugorje, there are so many things that connect and interweave, in order to form a beautiful image for your daily life. Our Lady will catch you in the delicate threads of Her love, to save you, your spouse, you children, your family. You just get them to Medjugorje and She will do the rest.

For over 27 years, A Friend of Medjugorje has guided BVM Caritas Medjugorje Pilgrimages in giving to pilgrims the best environment to be spoken to and taught by Our Lady, before your pilgrimage, during your pilgrimage, and after your pilgrimage. Be sure to sign up today. We are booking Medjugorje pilgrimages for 2014, and the March pilgrimage is booking fast. Call 205-672-2000, extension 218 or 219, twenty-four hours, or click here to request information.

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