Why You Want to Send in Your Petitions for Our Lady’s Second of the Month Apparition

Why You Want to Send in Your Petitions for Our Lady’s Second of the Month Apparition

The following letter shows why you want to send your petition to be presented to Our Lady in Medjugorje June 2, 2010:


Dear Caritas,

Thank you with all my heart for your daily prayers over the petitions we send to Our Lady. In the last month, my family received 2 favors we have been just dreaming for years. Situation turned into a point it was evident only God could handle it, so we started praying as we never did before (6 siblings, all married, with lots of misunderstanding and hard feelings among us). Answer in Heaven was yes! We are very, very happy. Thanks again!

May 22, 2010      –Mexico


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10 thoughts on “Why You Want to Send in Your Petitions for Our Lady’s Second of the Month Apparition”

  1. Jaime Saldarriaga

    Dear children, put God and your families in the first place. I underline this teaching of Mary Mother of Jesus.

  2. Reading this is something I continue to experience every day. Pray, pray, pray! I know Our Blessed Mother continues to lead me and I continue to ask her to come to lead me in prayer. My hope is to pray better with love, with the heart. My hope is to comfort Jesus and the Father. They see what I do each moment and what others do throughout the world. It must be a horror in their eyes to see what is happening all around us and when we don’t live according to Gods ways. I am still so far but I believe, in time, Our Mother Mary will take me to be immersed in the heart of Her Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, to Love Him with His Pure Holy Love and to comfort Him in His Sorrows. Thank you Mother for Loving us sooo much that you stay with us each moment to direct us on the path of holiness. Mother help us to pray, love, forgive, not judge, not gossip, nor become angry or bitter. Jesus heal us in our innermost thoughts words and deeds. I love you with all my heart. Sue

  3. Bridget Grech

    This is a beautiful article, in it Ivan managed to really give out the message of Our Lady, what She wants from us, what we need to do to achieve peace, love in this world, to our way of salvation. Beautiful, I loved reading every word written in this article. God bless you all, may our Holy Mother’s embrace fill all your hearts with joy and love.

  4. This article is so real. What Ivan says makes him become real to me. I have always realized what a huge responsibility the visionaries have and have prayed for their successes. They all work so hard to give us words of encouragement and direction. This article gives clear, concise and solid direction, especially since he relates it to himself. The world around us is going into the future without God is such a scary statement. Turn off the TVs! Turn off the electronics in the evening and just learn to sit in the silence. It’s amazing what silence brings into your heart. It will be contagious to the rest of the family as they watch your example.

  5. I have read Ivan’s words. “Are you Pleased with me?” This is the question that always arises in my mind also. Are we doing right? Even to read your messages am I suitable. To a mother, children are her everything, that is why our Mother coming to Medjugorje and pouring Her Motherly love and care for us. I felt that how simple minded were our visionaries I love them and pray for them. Lord have mercy! Christ have mercy! Come Mother to your children and lead their path!

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