Why Motherly

With A Friend of Medjugorje

(52 Minutes) – A Friend of Medjugorje explains Our Lady coming to us in Medjugorje as “mother” and what it means for the world – why it’s important, how it heals, and how we respond to it. Beware: it’s more challenging than you think.

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  1. A Concerned Citizen

    I appreciate how A Friend of Medjugorje addressed the civil conflict and chemical weapons situation in Syria. He approached it with a very biblical and thoughtful stance that was very relevant for these times. The entire show was very good, as it is always. Thank you for producing them.

  2. Dear friends- As a subscriber to your newsletters & podcasts, I am always delighted to read & listen to your latest news. Considering the situation in Syria, it would be helpful and highly informative for your audience if you reach out to members of the Catholic Church in Syria & the surrounding countries, such as Lebanon & Palestine. I am sure that Arab Catholics would have a very interesting perspective to share on this & other conflicts in region. American Catholics would benefit. Thank you!

  3. God bless A Friend of Medjugorje for calling a spade, a spade, in all countries. I think we as Christians could do more, including myself, by being more vocal, more fervent in The Mass, prayer ,meditation especially The Way of The Cross and our Sorrowful Mother whose feast day is 15 Sept. We need to digest the Love of God and Our Lady for us, two pure Hearts Who suffered infinitely for us. The Church needs to promote Love in a more direct and simpler way eg. The Little Way of St, Therese, The Eucharist.

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