Where You Will Be Staying

The Hotel Palace, your home away from home during your stay in Medjugorje.  A “best location” in the village.

The grounds look out over the lands of Medjugorje. It is a beautiful place to pray watching Apparition Mountain and Cross Mountain.

Typically on our pilgrimages you will be staying at Hotel Palace. The founder of Caritas of Birmingham, a Friend of Medjugorje, has had a very close friendship throughout the years with the owners of the Hotel Palace.

Our pilgrim groups have stayed with this Croatian family since the beginnings of BVM Caritas and their beginnings of keeping pilgrims. The Hotel Palace is in an ideal location within the village. It offers a beautiful setting and comfortable accommodations. It is located within the spiritual triangle of Apparition Mountain, St. James Church, and Cross Mountain. Geographically, Our Lady choosing the apparition spot on Podbrdo made the three—Apparition Mountain, Cross Mountain, and the church—a sign, representing the Trinity. This makes the location of the Palace even more desirable. Still more, its location is on the line of the Trinity triangle.  It is only one block from St. James Church, making it quickly accessible to Adoration late at night and evening services.

Its grounds give excellent views of both Apparition Mountain and Cross Mountain. And for our BVM Caritas pilgrims, it also gives direct access to the trails to Apparition Mountain and Cross Mountain. In addition, those who come from all over the world seek out the Caritas Mission House, located on the same grounds. Our pilgrims, therefore, have direct access to the Mission House. The Hotel Palace is classed by BVM Caritas as a ‘5’ Star location. The best in the village!

The dining room of the Hotel Palace is one of the places of the meeting of hearts, where BVM Caritas pilgrims get to know each other and share their pilgrimage together amidst delicious meals in a warm and friendly setting.

Hotel-Palace-Medjugorje The rooms are comfortable and clean, each with its own private bathroom.

Caritas Bleachers, Your Own Little Amphitheater


We have our own group gathering spot on our own land in Medjugorje, under the largest shade trees in Medjugorje, also centrally located and near where BVM Caritas pilgrims stay. It is a location that is exclusively for our pilgrims, a place of quiet meditation, reading and praying, in the cool shade, which is also ideal for talks on the messages of Our Lady. Pictured here is Marija speaking to a group of over 200 BVM Caritas pilgrims who are seated comfortably in front of her on Caritas’ little “amphitheater bleachers.” We hold strongly to the belief that Our Lady desires pilgrims outside, within God’s creation. Our Caritas bleachers are located in the oasis of Our Lady, in full view of Apparition Mountain and Cross Mountain, just a short walk from your rooms.

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