What Our Lady Said Jan. 21, 2021, What a Friend of Medjugorje Said About It, and Why You Need to Listen

What Our Lady Said Jan. 21, 2021, What a Friend of Medjugorje Said About It, and Why You Need to Listen

Our Lady appeared to Medjugorje visionary Ivan on January 21, 2021, in Medjugorje, and gave the following message:


“Dear children, in the Gospel, my Son, many times tells us the words: ‘Come to me, all you who are oppressed and weary, and I will give you rest, I will give you strength.’ Also today I invite you, dear children, to come to Him, to meet Him. Decide for Him and go with Him into the future. In this way you will be safe and secure, for this world cannot give you security or peace. Only He can [give you this]. In a special way I invite you, dear children, to persevere in prayer. I pray for all of you and intercede before my Son for all of you. Thank you, dear children, for responding to my call.”


A Friend of Medjugorje spoke about this message through Ivan, during the Special World Report, A Forecast of satan’s Plans, and he shares how this message can come to life. One person wrote in and said the broadcast was, “Such fantastic words of hope. I am sharing this with everyone,” and another person wrote, “Thank you for your words of hope tonight.”


What is the path forward now? Our Lady’s message speaks of “going into the future.” How can we go into the future with hope when everything seems lost? Take 70 minutes of your time to listen. Leave a comment, and then share the broadcast with everyone you know. Listen or download online here…


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14 thoughts on “What Our Lady Said Jan. 21, 2021, What a Friend of Medjugorje Said About It, and Why You Need to Listen”

  1. Always pray without ceasing. Pray the Holy Rosary daily and Jesus will answer your prayers through the intercession of Mother Mary. Keep the faith burning in your heart and soul, till the end of time. 

  2. Come, Holy Spirit, come! Through the [b]most powerful [/b]intersection of [b]Immaculate Heart of Mary[/b], Your heavenly Bride! Renew the face of the earth… 

  3. Ever since my earthly mother gave me some documentation about Garabandal some 30+ years ago, and with me finding out about Medjugorje via this site 3-4 years ago, I have been eagerly waiting for The Secrets to start to convert most of the world and get rid of most of the evil in the world, I say most because I believe some will not convert as it has always been the case. This latest apparition has proved to me beyond any shadow of doubt that Our Lady, Jesus and Our Heavenly Father are going to help the World in a way never seen before since Adam and Eve. There is a movement out there called by all people who are awake to truth called “The Great Awakening” and I have no doubt this is part of Our Lady’s plans – proven by her using the word “awakening” in her latest apparition. There is no need to fear anything as Jesus promised Our Lady that evil will never win, even though we may be tested on earth in various ways both deemed worthy by God and as consequences caused by us sinners receiving what we deserve. Earthly Mothers state that giving birth is the worst pain ever but when the baby is born it is instantly forgotten. With Our Lady mentioning giving birth in her latest apparition, perhaps these current tests will be totally forgotten when the initial 3 secrets come to pass. This to me is a fascinating time full of hope and I see many sad people conducting evil deeds who now more than ever need conversion, as we all do as I am a sinner and probably would be judged harder because I know more than others who are unaware. God Bless all at COB and FOM and his family.

  4. God Bless you Maria, Our Lady is slowly pulling you out of what we thought was normal and good for us but all those things were just the counterfeit of the Holy Spirit, now you”ve got the real thing!

  5. Our Lady Will save the world as She told St Dominic She would one day.  I am So So glad I consecrated myself to Her back in June 2018 and daily ever since.  I was in a miserable darkness trying to continue with my life as I always had going to concerts sitting on the fence etc.  Only the fence had barbed wire.  On one such evening I read on my phone as my husband and I were driving to a concert that there is nothing too big that cannot be resolved by the Rosary and I resolved to learn how to say it properly from that night onwards.  That night potentially so full of evil at a horrible and I mean horrible concert actually ended up being a life changing evening for me.  I am Still a sinner reliant on God’s Infinite Mercy and the Sacrament of Confession but I now have the richness of Mary in my life also.  I renounced the tv and started fasting on bread and water on Wednesdays and Fridays.  I am far from perfect and if anything am more aware of my sinfulness now.  But I Do have Hope which I was in danger of losing before.  Thank You Lord Jesus.  Thank You Mother Mary my absolutely most favourite Person under Jesus.  Amen

  6. It’s so hard not to be afraid in these times but Our Lady tells us not to be afraid. And then your writing makes Our Lady’s words come alive and that gives me hope. I have listed to The Three Perils over and over again. The song at the end of your writing moved me to tears. 

  7. This was a powerful synopsis of what is happening in the world and what we can do.  I prayed a rosary for Mary’s and my personal intentions.  Let us not rest but be a prayer army that combines sacrifice with prayer for the saving if our country and the world.  Stay strong in both spirit and health!.

  8. St. John paul II, say, “in God’s plan nothing happens by chance” You read that on the phone, because that’s how God and our blesses Mother Mary were talking to you. Nothing happens by chance.it was God plan.

  9. So Blessed and profound.  Thank you Blessed Mother for loving us enough in continuing to pray for us,  to help and save us . ???????? Amen 

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