What is True Value?

What is True Value?

How can we hope for beautiful things when the world many times takes from us what we earn?

January 17, 2014 A.D.

Today is Friday. Most are looking forward to their paychecks and the weekend off. The question we need to ask ourselves is, what is valuable to us? Who defines the value of the things in our lives? Our Lady of Medjugorje gives us a clearer understanding of this. Our Lady said on March 25, 1996:

“Dear children! I invite you to decide again to love God above all else. In this time, when due to the spirit of consumerism, one forgets what it means to love and to cherish true values, I invite you again, little children, to put God in the first place in your life…”

Too often, the world takes from us what we earn in the week, so that we are again left, surviving from week to week, and slaves to our jobs just so we can pay our bills. This, most know to be true from the world’s perspective.

Sometimes in speaking to people about Medjugorje, in their excitement hearing about Our Lady, we will encourage them to pilgrimage there. We tell them that Our Lady is calling them. But they sometimes answer that they cannot afford to go – some even tell us they never will be able to afford to go. And for many, from the reality of the facts, this is true. However, there is another reality, the real reality that says in faith, that with God, all things are possible. Some have even told us that, yes, they know that God can get them to Medjugorje, but in their circumstance, they know they could never go. How can we hope for beautiful things when the world many times takes from us what we earn? Our founder, A Friend of Medjugorje once said, “God’s got a lot of money. It’s nothing for Him to drop that in your lap, or provide the means for what He desires you to do.”

Is it out of reach for you to go to Medjugorje? Or the better question is, is it out of reach for God? With faith God can get you to Medjugorje. Now is the time to take the radical step in faith. What is true value in our lives? One Caritas pilgrim from Colorado, after going to Medjugorje with us, wrote:

“I have been filled with a gift that has more value than dollar and cents! I would recommend this to anyone; Catholic or not.”

Greeley, Colorado – April 2013

More value, true value.

A Friend of Medjugorje says, “If God is capable of making the world from nothing, then God is perfectly capable of taking care of making it possible for you to go on a pilgrimage.”

So, what about those who think they’re not called to go to Medjugorje? Another Caritas pilgrim tells us:

“You were so right, Our Lady did call me and She was with me all the way!”

Oakland, Michigan – July 2013

Will you be happy that you made the decision to go to Medjugorje?

“I am very pleased for my decision…the prayer books and many materials on Medjugorje that [you] sent to me helped to prepare me spiritually, this was invaluable. Our Caritas group leader guided us with patience and gave direction for our spiritual journey.”

Oakville, Washington – September 2013

A Friend of Medjugorje began BVM Caritas Medjugorje Pilgrimages, with the understanding that each person is not a client, but rather a soul seeking Our Lady. To this day, BVM Caritas still operates under the same principles, and for those of us who work directly with you, assisting you towards your pilgrimage, we see this opportunity as a great grace.

“Thank you so much for helping me to get started on my first pilgrimage to Medjugorje. It was great that you offered such help from the moment I first contacted you. To say that this whole pilgrimage to Medjugorje was a total blessing doesn’t give enough depth to what my heart and soul experienced in too short a time.”

Elk Grove, California – June 2013

We pray you answer Our Lady’s call and pilgrimage to the Holy Village of Medjugorje. Take a radical step in faith – you can only benefit from it.

To begin your pilgrimage, call 205-672-2000, extension 218 or 219, twenty-four hours, or click here to request information.

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