What Happens When Panic Grips Society?

What Happens When Panic Grips Society?



February 19, 2021 A.D.


…all these things–no gas, no food, no water, no power, no heat, even fire rescue is taxed and they can’t do anything but give a little help–is unprepared for what’s coming.


The world has to quit living dangerously on a short fuse. It is not God’s desire, and Our Lady’s messages all throughout, The Corona Vision that I wrote about last year, shows an agrarian world versus an urbanized world. It’s striking to see them side by side.

– Friend of Medjugorje
from Living Dangerously on a Short Fuse, February 18, 2021 A.D.

A person from Texas wrote in after hearing the Feb. 18 broadcast titled, Living Dangerously on a Short Fuse:

“Thank you for this latest radio wave broadcast on February 18th. My whole family lives in Texas. Everything you’ve spoken of is truly happening…”

M.B. – Beaumont, Texas

Living Dangerously on a Short Fuse - Mejanomics February 18, 2021

What happens when panic grips society? How ready will you be? Or better stated, why should you be ready? A Friend of Medjugorje answers all of these questions, and what Our Lady in Medjugorje has been teaching about for the past 39 years.

Take 25 minutes of your time to listen to the full broadcast. When you’re done listening, leave a comment, and then spread this to everyone you know; to all your family and friends, co-workers, etc. To follow along, be sure to click the TRANSCRIPT button on the player when you listen here…



In case you don’t know how to use the Transcripts…



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