What Happened on August 14, 2003: Caritas Silver Jubilee

What Happened on August 14, 2003: Caritas Silver Jubilee

Thursday, August 14, 2003
Apparition in Dune Haven


The apparition was late afternoon today. We gathered around 4:00 P.M. to pray the Rosary and have the apparition to be able to make it to 5:30 Mass for the Vigil of Our Lady’s feast tomorrow. It was Will and Patty’s wedding anniversary so our founder had them come up front with their five girls to be right behind Marija for the apparition. The beauty of this time of the day is like no other with the sun beginning its descent towards the horizon, its rays on the water, the blue of Our Lady’s statue, the colors of the flowers, the open and bright room, the freshness of the air by the ocean, and the pleasure of the coolness of the air after being in the hot sun all day. All of this is noticed and reflected upon while waiting on Our Lady in prayer. The Rosary was beautiful, the little girls in their sweet dresses….it was a little bit of heaven, a resting place, a haven—at Dune Haven beach house.

Our Lady came after the Rosary, during the prayer of the 7 Our Father, Hail Mary’s and Glory Be’s.

Marija: “Our Lady bless us and She pray over us. I recommend Will and Patty special way.”

Founder: What was Our Lady’s response?

Marija: She beginning to pray. She pray for all of us.”

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