What Does Christ and It Have in Common?

What Does Christ and It Have in Common?

Mirjana’s December 2 Apparition and message:
It has been raining for the past several days in Medjugorje. As the rain continued to fall this morning, the decision was made that Mirjana would not go to the Blue Cross for her Second of the Month apparition…


It has been raining for the past several days in Medjugorje. As the rain continued to fall this morning, the decision was made that Mirjana would not go to the Blue Cross for her Second of the Month apparition, but instead would have it in the privacy of her home. When Our Lady came today, She appeared neither happy or sad, but “normal” in Mirjana’s view. Marija, another Medjugorje visionary usually describes this as “tranquil”. Following is the message Our Lady gave today to Mirjana today in Medjugorje.

“Dear children at this time of preparation and joyful expectation I, as a Mother, desire to point you to what is the most important, to your soul. Can my Son be born in it? Is it cleansed by love from lies, arrogance, hatred and malice? Above all else does your soul love God as your Father and does it love your fellow brother in Christ? I am pointing you to the way which will raise your soul to a complete union with my Son. I desire for my Son to be born in you. What a joy that would be for me as Mother. Thank you.”

What Does “Christ” and “It” Have in Common?


Preparation, joyful expectation, Mother, point, born. A message wonderfully all about Christmas! But also, magnificently said in wisdom, a message all about abortion.

In Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem, their inner serenity must have been filled with wonder and awe to know that they, as two individuals who walked the earth, were the center, the two, who were fulfilling the Scriptures, “The Savior would be born in Bethlehem.” This had to have been in their thoughts and discernment. At the same time, the uneasiness of the physical circumstances must have disquieted at least Joseph, and to some degree Mary. Yet, there was also the joyful expectation of Mary becoming a Mother, the birth of the Savior from Her womb. There was the star pointing the way for the Three Kings so that they could adore Jesus and be filled with joy. Our Lady places us in these circumstances today. How? As the Star of Bethlehem pointed and led the Three Kings to Jesus, Mary, Her name meaning “Morning Star’, points your soul to Jesus. She is speaking of Jesus being born in your soul not just figuratively, but ‘pregnantly,’ or in other words, it’s as real as a physical pregnancy, in which there is a period of time of ‘expecting’ before the actual birth. It, Our Lady says, is in reference to your soul. Our Lady’s use of the word ‘it’, is used as a subject in describing your soul as its own entity, apart from your body. This makes clear Our Lady’s intent that She is as a ‘star pointing’ you to Jesus, for Him to be born in your soul. By this the soul, being imprisoned in the body, experiences liberation of ‘it’self and, through the soul’s liberation the body is also liberated to be in complete union with Jesus. The joyful soul, which is in a state of “expectation” just as pregnant mother who is ‘expecting’ the birth of her child, cannot but give birth to a culture of life, tranquility and peace, even in the midst of a culture that is in a state of disintegration. While darkness plans the destruction of the culture, Our Lady points us to the light of Jesus and of the plan of the construction of the culture. For those who will not follow the Star, for those who reject the way, for those who will not allow themselves to be ‘pointed’ in the right direction, they will fall with the oncoming destruction of everything not of God. The purifying of your soul, ‘it’s’ cleansing through Confession which thereby unites ‘it’ by love to the Father is the only way to peace, happiness, and tranquility.

But if Our Lady, in today’s message, is about Christmas, it cannot help but to include the event that took place at the time of the first Christmas two thousand years ago—the slaughter of the innocents. Our soul is what is most important. Our soul is the womb in which Our Lady wants Jesus born in ‘it’. Abortionists— Dr. Lies, Dr. Arrogance, Dr. Hatred, and Dr. Malice, operate clinics that offer abortions of Jesus from the soul through a numerous and variety of lies, arrogance, hatred, and malice. These abortions are a pandemic in today’s culture. A separation from darkness, just as what took place in the early Christian communities, is necessary to nurture and strengthen the ‘soul’, so that Jesus in‘it’ can be brought to full term in order to be in complete union with the Father. Only nurtured souls can evangelize, and only nurtured communities can then evangelize.

We are talking about a real expectation, a real term of expectation, a real birth, a real nine months relative to the “term” of years that Our Lady will be with us, to unite us and birth the world into a real brotherhood who will be one with Her Son, one with the Father, and one with Her. Contemplate this season of expectation and wake up to the joy of little children on Christmas morning by realizing that you can really have Christmas in your heart in a way that you have never had before.

If you long to feel Christmas, for it to physically manifest itself in your heart, for you to be as the shepherds on the holy night, come to Caritas, Friday, December 11, 2009 for Christmas in the Field, a night you can see the birth and give birth.

In the love of Christmas and its joy,


P.S. Christmas in the Field, as mentioned above, is part of a five day spiritual retreat, starting December 8th and ending December 12th that is known as the Five Days of Prayer for the Reconciliation of Ourselves, Our Families and Our Nation Back to God. We, of course, invite you to attend all five days, but for those who are unable to attend the whole retreat, Christmas in the Field is a beautiful event that will help prepare the heart for Christmas.

Click Here to Listen or Download the Radio WAVE Broadcast “Is Your Heart AÂ Bethlehem?”, about the December 2, 2009 Message of Our Lady to Mirjana on the Day for Nonbelievers.

Pilgrims gathered for Mirjana's apparition

It doesn’t take long for the word to get around the village when there is a change in the time or place of the apparition. Wherever Our Lady goes, the pilgrims follow. They want to be as near to the “source” of the apparitions as they can possibly be. Unfortunately, few are able to be present with Mirjana when she has her apparition in her home, but whatever space she does has, it fills to capacity. Here, pilgrims and villagers are entering Mirjana’s house for her apparition last April 2, 2009, while, below, many thousands filled the narrow street in front of her house. Apparition Mountain can be seen in the distant background.

Pilgrims gathered at Mirjana's house for the apparition


Here, Mirjana is in ecstasy during her October 2, 2009 apparition at the Blue Cross. Today, December 2, 2009, was Mirjana’s last apparition for the year 2009. This year will be significant as it was the year Mirjana’s apparitions returned to Apparition Mountain at the Blue Cross. It would be good for all of us to return and meditate on the messages of Our Lady given to Mirjana during this year—during “…this time of preparation and joyful expectation…” as Christmas approaches. In doing so, will we not discover what is the “most important” for our soul in order for Jesus to be truly born in it? Go back through Our Lady’s 2nd of the Month Messages as you ask yourself if your heart is “…cleansed by love from lies, arrogance, hatred and malice?…” May we all respond to Our Lady’s invitation in order to bring Her the joy of seeing Jesus born in our hearts this Christmas.

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19 thoughts on “What Does Christ and It Have in Common?”

  1. This was a light which helped to ignite the flame of what Christmas is truly about. I thank you for sharing this beautiful translation of the loving and mothererly words of our Most Blessed Mother. If only this could be written on the sky and everyone could read and comprehend?….

  2. John Portelli / Malta, Europe

    Thank you Mother for always reminding us of the love you have for us and for wanting your son Jesus to be one with us. We may take your simple request for granted because as Catholics we may consider ourselves as His but your constant calls to conversion tell us that we are are not nurturing our relationship with Jesus, keeping Him in the background of our lives… till we need Him. & He patiently waits! May we really allow Him to be born in our lives again this Christmas as You wish.

  3. Thanks for providing such current information on the events in Medjugorje- the most current and for letting us hear what the visionaries are saying. The messages of Our Lady and her love and the love of God beam powerfully through your site. The message to Mirjana on 12/2 was a real confirmation to me as last Saturday at confession, the kind priest spoke of making our lives, our hearts mangers for Jesus- looking at our sins and seeing what we can do to make the manger perfect for Jesus.

  4. Just this morning I was thinking about those committing this sin to God. Killing innocent souls. Imagine a child trying to run away in the mothers womb but have no where to go for safety. It is inhuman, cruel and heartless. Our parents did not abort us. For what ever situation the pregnance comes, they are innocent and is painful to hear someone has aborted. That is murder. Killing brutally. I ask myself why people would close their eyes to pain of the unborn child?

  5. I thought of abortion too when I read the message and specifically all those who perform, and encourage abortion, all the enemies of the unborn. The lies, hatred and malice and arrogance seems to be found so much in our pro-death pro-abortion culture. It is so sad, the unborn do not have any hatred or malice at all and yet they are victims of violence. They are so innocent and so helpless. I think they are sanctified in the womb like the Holy Innocents were & Heaven awaits them with joy!

  6. Friend of Medjugorje what you say is true but there is more. Death of the soul is not only evil influence of others. St. James stated, our temptations stem from our own evil desires. We need to see our soul through the eyes of God. We must pray for the black and the sludge to be cleansed from our hearts. To obtain from God the grace to have hearts of flesh that once again beat with love of God and love of man. That is when we will be able to forgive ourselves and forgive others; when our own lies, arrogance, hatred and malice are cleansed from our heart.

  7. I thank you for all the messages,we can now have truth in our minds and hearts. I ask our mother to interseed for her childern so we can hear more clearly with our hearts and understand more fully with our minds to strengthen our spirits so we can be more diligent in prayer,as one of the Lords prayer warriors placed in the trenious we need your intersession to the father. thank you

  8. Wonderful.. would love to be there for the retreat on Dec. 8 -12. Sending my prayers that all in my family return to the church. That they come to realize what they are missing by not going to the right church. Please Blessed Mother lead them back to your Son.. thank you. Margaret

  9. Thank you for the detailed explanation of this message.I would of not have known all the points that were made .I am sorry to say I would not have even thought of the journey to Bethlehem or abortion. Thank you again for a better understanding. In love of OUR LADY Margaret

  10. Mirjana’s apparitions has helped me to meditate on the messages of Our Lady during this year(2009) and how I may avoid satin’s plans of destruction with lies and hatred that I face everyday; we need to pray, sacrifice and include Jesus in our lives especially during this Holy Season of Christmas.

  11. Mirjana’s apparitions has helped me to meditate on the messages of Our Lady during this year(2009) and how I may avoid satin’s plans of destruction with lies and hatred that I face everyday; we need to pray, sacrifice and include Jesus in our lives especially during this Holy Season of Christmas.

  12. For Christ to be born in our hearts! Now that Christmas day has come and gone, it makes me reflect on words that JPII once said “The baby has been born, now we must feed it”. He was speaking of the war at the time but these words can be used now. The baby has been born and now we must feed Him in our hearts. May we all nurture this baby with prayer and with the help of Our Lady may we all grow with Christ so that we are nothing but a reflection of Our beautiful Savior. Mary help us to do. Amen

  13. I wish to thank Our Lady for each encountrer and apparition. Every time she teaches us someting new inorder for us to bond with Her, Her Son and Heven. She is our only hope of intervention. I myself went to Medjogorje, such a henvenly place of peace and happiness. May God grant me to go again some other time. Whenever I prayed to Her, she always listened to my prayer, for which I thank Her soo very much. Your loving friend Noel.

  14. Thank God,I have eyes to see and pray to Our Lady,thank God for my ears to hear the word of God through your broadcast and I thank God for the heart of love, I have opened my eyes and my ears and my heart beats with Love for Our Blessered Mother, and the struggle to escape the darkness and into the light is a wonderful struggle . Good Friday was the turning point in my life when I came back into the light.

  15. conservative diva

    Yes, you are right. As sick as the pro-life movement is ( in not calling sin sin because we have allowed the opposition to manipulate us) we are also not getting the leadership from our Bishops. You are right. They seem to be supportive. They are silent.

  16. Hope our church the one and only church, The Catholic Church, heals from it’s aches and pains and stand out as the only true faith on earth and everybody believes in the faith, the one and only:

  17. Hope our church the one and only church, The Catholic Church, heals from it’s aches and pains and stand out as the only true faith on earth and everybody believes in the faith, the one and only:

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