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What Did Our Lady Do?

What Did Our Lady Do?

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In 1981 Our Lady went geographically shopping.

She filled Her basket with what She wanted: a rocky hill, a blue Cross, a concrete Cross and a parish church.

She put out the call to all the people to come to see Her wares and they responded.

Then, just seven years later, She went geographically shopping again.

She filled Her basket with what She wanted: an altar of the family bedroom, a great field, a Cross on a mountain and a Tabernacle for Her messages.

She put out the call for all the people to come to see Her wares and they responded.


The first; for the messages to be dispensed for conversion.

The second; for the messages to be put into a way of life for conversion.

January 30, 1986 Our Lady said:

“…Help others to be converted, especially those who are coming to Medjugorje…”

Our Lady made the first place for conversion.

Our Lady made the second place for conversion.

Our Lady made on earth geographically, two places, for conversion, for the world, for the last apparitions on earth.

Those who have pilgrimaged to Medjugorje and also pilgrimaged to Caritas, state they receive just as much from both places.


“…the best ‘spiritual’ week of my life…every day of the pilgrimage at Caritas just got better and better…I felt I was being wrapped in Our Lady’s mantle and guided by the Holy Spirit. If possible, for me, even better than the ‘real’ Medjugorje…I am forever grateful…”

M.E., Massachusetts

“This pilgrimage week was a huge blessing for me…When we climbed to the Cross at Caritas, I was reminded so vividly of when I climbed to the Mount Krizevic in Medjugorje 29 years ago. The evening of June 24, 2021 (in the Field of Apparitions) will be etched in my memory forever…”

V.B., Michigan

“I have been on many spiritual events, retreats, Cursillo Weekends, etc. in my 87 years. I can say now that this five day pilgrimage to Caritas was the most spiritual, difficult and joy filled of them all put together…”

F.G., Washington

“…Caritas, to me, is a Holy Place because Our Lady of Medjugorje appeared over 204 times to Marija…it was a powerful experience…”

T.J., Florida


Our Lady Has Birthed Twins For Conversion






Pilgrimage to Our Lady’s place She sanctified, for an experience of Medjugorje. A bouquet of roses of graces await you.

Friend of Medjugorje


2022 Caritas of Birmingham Pilgrimage Dates


April 4-8: Monday – Friday

June 22-26: The 41st Anniversary of Our Lady Queen of Peace Apparitions

August 1-5: Our Lady’s Birthday, August 5

September 12-16: Feast of the Triumph of the Cross

October 10-14: Monday – Friday


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Dial 218 or 219 after hours

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3 thoughts on “What Did Our Lady Do?”


    City: KAMPALA
    State: KAMPALA
    Country: UGANDA
    My experience when I visited Medjugorje my life changed I came to be near God and experience his presence, and of mother Mary which I was crying for all the time. I know when I keep on giving him time he/she open all my doors on the side of God which I yearning for.

  2. City: Christchurch
    State: NZ
    Country: New Zealand
    For me my experience to Medjugorje with 2 carers was yes a life time experience and the best in my 62 years of living.I am totally disabled. The first thing that I sensed as I was lifted from the bus and placed in my chair was the beautiful sense of PEACE which I experienced so incredible no where else have I sensed such a beautiful desire The second thing I noticed was prayer the roads were full of everyone praying the Rosary. Third thing I noticed were the beautiful masses man the church was full to over full to over flowing . Gee why was’t it like that back because the country that I have come from is very pagan they have lost the faith. The fifth thing I noticed at night time Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (man) the church was packed like sardines in a can. The lights were out and all that you could visually see was the beam of five white light coming from the ceiling to the Altar and on the Altar was was a life size Host of beautiful Jesus we all just gazed in silence at almighty Jesus through whom the Mother of God through the the Holy Spirit gave the world. Yes Mary is Gods Human Masterpiece. The sixth thing I will always remember was the warm friendly goodness hospitality and love from all the people from Medjugorje showed us pilgrims by opening wide their homes to millions of pilgrims. Yes pure and holy Mother Mary it’s all because of you because of your “yes” you gave to God the Father

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