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What Colors Mixed Make Gray?

What Colors Mixed Make Gray?

The following was written by a Friend of Medjugorje in July 2013. This writing was prophetic in telling the direction the world was heading. A companion to this writing would be the recent Mejanomics broadcast, Will You Collapse With the Collapse?


Updated January 29, 2023
Originally Published July 2, 2013 A.D.


Our Lady appeared to Mirjana today at the Blue Cross for her monthly apparition on the 2nd of each month to pray for those who do not know the love of God. Following is Our Lady’s message of July 2, 2013, given through Mirjana on the day for nonbelievers.


“Dear children, with a motherly love I am imploring you to give me the gift of your hearts, so I can present them to my Son and free you – free you from all the evil enslaving and distancing you all the more from the only Good – my Son – from everything which is leading you on the wrong way and is taking peace away from you. I desire to lead you to the freedom of the promise of my Son, because I desire for God’s will to be fulfilled completely here; and that through reconciliation with the Heavenly Father, through fasting and prayer, apostles of God’s love may be born – apostles who will freely, and with love, spread the love of God to all my children – apostles who will spread the love of the trust in the Heavenly Father and who will keep opening the gates of Heaven. Dear children, extend the joy of love and support to your shepherds, just as my Son has asked them to extend it to you. Thank you.”


The following writing which we share with you, was written by A Friend of Medjugorje in 2012, and opens up more of what Our Lady’s message today speaks to us of:


What Colors Mixed Make Gray?

by a Friend of Medjugorje


We came from a few generations ago in which clarity of what is moral was the staple of the day.  Whether saints or reprobates, most everyone who made up society knew where the line was drawn that separated the two.  Whichever side you were on, society knew distinctly the line.  That began to change with the French Revolution.  Man began to blur the line.  By the time we phased into the 1950s, into the 1960s, the blurred line widened.  Phasing into the next couple of decades the line disappeared into a gray zone.  Christians and reprobates did not distinguish themselves from each other in their daily lives.  This statement is not referring to only a few who took this path but includes most all of those who were churched.  It was Our Lady who said during the grayness of the 1980’s, where it was becoming difficult to distinguish that the life of Christians was any different than the life of a pagan:



“…There are many Christians who live like pagans.  There are always so few true believers.”


Our Lady did not say in the mid-80s, “few pagans and many Christians are true believers.”  Our Lady said, many Christians are living in ways and actions in which they are similarly adopting traits as what a pagan would live on a daily basis.  As regards to the whole world, there were few true believers.  As we phased into the 1990s and 2000s, Our Lady began to awaken Christians from paganism.  Her call was to purify ourselves through four basic messages of which all Her other messages would come from:


June 6, 1988

“…I ask you to renew in yourselves the messages I have given to you. These are messages of prayer, peace, fasting, and penance… All of the other messages come from these four basic ones, but also live the other ones….”


Transforming these four basic messages into life began a process of purifying the way of paganism out of the way Our Lady’s devoted followers lived their lives in the phase of the last 20 or so years.  This is paralleled by a group of God’s children who have fallen more deeply away from the light in their lives.  Our Lady said:


June 25, 2011

“…I… seek, all the hearts that have fallen asleep to awaken from the sleep of unbelief…”


So we have a period crossing several generations in which things were crystal clear, right and wrong, black and white.  We phased into a slumber when morality, the fully living of the Christian life, waned.  The blending together of paganism and the Christian life was as mixing right and wrong in combination as the distinction between black and white disappeared.  These in view of two colors, mixed together, changes to a third color, no longer contrasting each other, but instead turns into the color of gray.  Figuratively, right/wrong, light/darkness, what these were in terms of black and white turned to a gray zone when “many Christians live like pagans.”  We’ve mixed our ways with their ways and pagans have mixed their ways with ours.  As the greater part of society, we have fallen into this gray zone.  Through Our Lady’s daily presence, a separation phase in these last couple of decades is occurring in which the gray zone of where much of society is, society is separating, or is reversing back into black and white.  Those who resist Our Lady’s graces of separating out of the gray zone, in this time of grace, are running the clock out for their well-being.  Our Lady’s challenge to us is a purifying conversion to bring us to the light.  Our Lady said:


June 25, 1993

“…these times are particular…”


Our Lady’s phase for us in this particular time is bringing us out of the gray zone, with a call to all children of the world.  A clear illumination of how to imitate Her Son.  Our Lady wants us to see, again, where black and white meet is a distinct line, not moveable.   No more of living the light and dark together.  Purify ourselves from all darkness.  When you are asleep or half awake you cannot identify the darkness in you, that even as a Christian, you have aspects of unbelief.  As we fast, pray, do penance and live peace, we can see that grayness is no longer acceptable and rapidly—very rapidly, is disappearing.  People must decide for a future with the light or without the light.  That means people are going deeper into darkness, while others on an opposite parallel path are going more towards the light of belief thereby gaining a future.  This means the more light and darkness contrast, polarizing and separating from each other, ideologies, political systems, economic systems, etc., will also split, gravitating to the light or gravitating towards darkness.  This separation will cause one of the two to erode as there will be no grace to sustain both in a period of a new springtime of light to flourish.  This separation is a result of conversion and changing one’s pagan, unbelieving ways.  Because Our Lady is coming into a world filled with darkness to bring it to the Light a clash and resulting collapse of one or the other will occur.  This reality will manifest strongest with the release of the three secrets, admonitions, foretold by Our Lady in Medjugorje, where there will, first, be great radical conversions and great radical anti-conversions.  Second, this will result in the great separation.  And third, after the great separation, a phenomenon among cultures of the world will result in that those who experienced and lived conversion will feel a fire to convert the pagan.


Our Lady says we are in the time of grace.


April 25, 2007

“… This is a time of grace while I am with you, make good use of it…”


This means we are in the time of invitation for conversion.  Once you convert, once this happens, you separate from what darkness reigned in your heart and then you feel the fire to convert others.  We are in a phase where this time of grace and invitation is a trial run, a prophetic moment lived now of what will happen to all in the future.  A profound, worldwide radical moment of conversion resulting in separation and then those in the light seeking the conversion of pagans.  Now we do this in the time of grace by invitation.  Later will not be by invitation but by the force of decision to separate to darkness or light.  Our Lady’s approximate 11,400 daily visits to the earth is not an investment into man’s history without effect for a radical play for an eternal gain of souls.  After the time of invitation is over this new period we will enter will have no gray area, only black and white.  A new possibility for peace for a century.


December 25, 1999

“…a new possibility for peace is opened. Only in this way, little children, this century will be for you a time of peace and well-being…”


But what of those who come to dwell in the light in which those in the light are not in unity.  Will this not be separated within the ranks of those in the light?  Discord was a problem in the Early Church.  The separation will continue and must be further refined and purified from those who violate the peace. When separation comes, unity must prevail through love for one another.  The Bible says,


“I will give them one heart and one way, that they may fear me forever, for their own good and the good of their children after them.”  Jer. 32:39


Will Our Lady’s call to dwell in the light allow us to be in discord and division?  No!  The Bible tells us further separation must take place if this happens.  Mentalities (opinions, etc.) must change to one way.  Otherwise, there will not be a way, as the above Bible verse states, for “the good of their children after them.” Henry Blackaby, who has spent his life tracing the patterns of God in the Bible writes of how God revives His people.


“One reason God’s people can be His light in this world is the remarkable love the Holy Spirit enables us to show one another.  The unity of a wide variety of individuals—people from various cultural, educational, social, racial, economic, and even religious backgrounds—is a noteworthy manifestation of that love.”


That’s why Paul strongly warned about tolerating troublemakers in the church.  People who consistently bring division are not walking in the Spirit no matter what they claim.  A disruptive person is in bondage to sin and is therefore an enemy to God and His people.


To ‘reject’ a divisive person was to condemn that behavior and to exclude that person from the religious community.  Religious law provided many opportunities for that person to repent, the ‘first and second admonition,’ for instance; exclusion was a last resort.  In our generation characterized by indiscriminate tolerance, exclusion sounds almost un-Christian, but bringing discord into the body of Christ is a serious offense that profoundly harms God’s people.  It therefore had to be taken seriously and dealt with decisively.


What are you doing to contribute to the unity—or disunity—of Christ’s body?”


We see separation happening everywhere.  Just the political situation alone polarizes those who seek the way of light vs. those who seek the way of darkness.  Both think their way is the right way.  One side is destined to collapse.  Our Lady’s messages show us what to measure by.  This polarization will not cease, rather will continue to grow through the pressure of light or darkness to choose and divide from the other.


February 25, 1993

“… I wish that each of you decides himself for a change of life…”


The gray zone will be no more.  Our Lady is ushering in the era of peace.  You have now before you the opportunity to accept an invitation to go toward peace.  Later there will be no invitation, rather an unseen pressure will force the decision.  It will not be pleasant, as in these days of grace.  Therefore, do not put off what you can do today.  To waste time will be to live with bitter regret.  Our Lady said on February 2, 2009:


“…Do not lose time, children, because you are not its masters…”


Our Lady said on August 25, 1997:

“…soon a time will come when you will lament for these messages…”


Our Lady said on November 25, 1997:

“…become conscious of your Christian vocation. Holy martyrs died witnessing: I am a Christian …”


With Her 31 years, 11,400 daily apparitions, there will be no excuses.  Procrastination does not work when judgment arrives.  Decide your direction to walk.  You cannot stay any longer in the middle.


With Love of Our Lady for You,
A Friend of Medjugorje


Prayer for Nonbelievers


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6 thoughts on “What Colors Mixed Make Gray?”

  1. City: Rochester
    State: New York
    I completely understand what the black and white scenario is referring to. I have been trying very hard to be more aware of my thoughts and actions . I hope it’s not too late. I do not want to go to hell & am conscious of every thing I do and say. I am very afraid though.

  2. Rosanne Winch Potts

    City: Laredo
    State: TX
    Country: United States
    Everyday I am ready to always read the messages of Our Lord and His Mother Our Virgin Mary! Thank you RWPotts


    Thank you for this message of invitation to conversion. I apologise I took quite a long time to open it. However, I still find it much practical for me as regards the message of June 6th 1988 concerning Prayer, peace, fasting and penance. I try, with the grace of God, the three Ps but am weak in fasting. I therefore ask for the intercession of the BVM and community of Caritas so that I may grow in this area.

  4. Thank You Mother and thank you all my friends! Mother Mary we all Join with you on every 2nd day of the month. we give our hearts to you Mother including our sacrifices and penance. Offer them to our Lord, then we will purify and have strength and make our selves to be good apostles to the society. Praise the Lord!

  5. I like your message about gray area where Christians are more like pagans and pagans are more like Christians. The gray area is a big deception of the devil! Taking the morning prayers and the reading of the bible out of public school is not my way of thinking. I do not go to PTA meetings because I am not a parent. If I was notified about this secular movement, I would put up a fight against it. I found out about this secular movement after the school policy was changed. No wonder, that some young people stick metal into their skin. It is all against the family and without that we have no country. I pray for all of the family unit(s) everyday. There are some other things I pray for as well. I do not want to get away from the thoughts that were brought to my conscious mind. Thank you very much for your email. In Jesus name, God Bless You, Angus A.

  6. I am so confused at the disbelief of people to whom I tell about this Incredible gift from heaven, to have been alive in this time of grace of Our Lady! I tell them, christians also, about Medjugorje and they look at me as if I were strange. I pray that they come to understand what a gift we have been given by the Father. thank you friend of Medjugorege for your special calling to help us understand this wonderful gift.

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