Was Jesus Controversial?

Was Jesus Controversial?


  January 2, 2015 A.D.

Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s January 2, 2015
Apparition and Message Given through Mirjana on the Day for Nonbelievers

Following is Our Lady’s message of January 2, 2015, given on the day of prayer for non-believers:

“Dear children, I am here among you as a mother who desires to help you come to know the truth. While I lived your life on earth I had knowledge of the truth, and by this alone, a piece of Heaven on earth. That is why I desire the same for you, my children. The Heavenly Father desires pure hearts filled with the knowledge of the truth. He desires for you to love all those whom you meet, because I also love my Son in all of you. This is the beginning of coming to know the truth. Many false truths are being offered to you. You will overcome them with a heart cleansed by fasting, prayer, penance and the Gospel. This is the only truth and it is the truth which my Son left you. You do not need to examine it much. What is asked of you, as I also have done, is to love and to give. My children, if you love, your heart will be a home for my Son and me, and the words of my Son will be the guiding light in your life. My children, I will make use of you, apostles of love, to help all of my children to come to know the truth. My children, I have always prayed for the Church of my Son, and so I also ask the same of you. Pray that your shepherds may come to shine forth with the love of my Son. Thank you.”


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Was Jesus Controversial?

by A Friend of Medjugorje

Ask yourself why Our Lady comes and tells us, “I desire to help you come to know the truth, when we’ve grown up with Her?

Because there is little truth in the culture today. This is not said in exaggeration. There is very little truth in today’s man and therefore, in society. Our world is falling apart because man cannot make life decisions, longterm decisions, without truth, without God, our being with God as He truly is rather than how we think He is. Possessing God to our way of thinking, our deformed view of truth, results in our world being built on the foundation of false truth, making partial or completely wrong decisions. This is a result of many hearts who are not of pure heart. That is addressed to us today. We have not walked in the fullness of truth. Love of others is the beginning to come to know the truth.

A very important point Our Lady makes today states “you will overcome them (false truths) with a heart cleansed by fasting, prayer, penance and the Gospel. ”

What is the Gospel?

The Word.

What is the Word?


Who is God’s Word?

The Book of John says the Word was made Flesh.

What was that Flesh?

It was the Christ.

What is the Christ?

He is peace.

So the Gospel is truth that delivers us peace, brought about by fasting, prayer, penance and peace (Gospel).

These four points are the foundation, the basis for which all other of Our Lady’s messages come from. They are :

1. Prayer
2. Fasting
3. Penance
4. Peace

Several want to ‘grease the path’’ of Medjugorje’s approval by the Church, making it smoother and easier to slip it into acceptance. For instance, they have promoted that the Eucharist should be among these four basic messages, making them the five messages. Our Lady unequivocally did not say this. And because it was not included in an original message, it was a concern for those who were for Medjugorje’s approval. It is a corrosive mentality that causes one to ignore Our Lady’s own words, and therefore, not undersand in truth what Our Lady is geniusly doing. Our Lady said:

June 6, 1988

“Dear children, it’s going to be seven years soon that I have been coming to you. I ask you to renew in yourselves the messages I have given to you. These are messages of prayer, peace, fasting, and penance. Make some penance yourselves. ‘All’ of the other messages come ‘fromthese four basic ones, but also live the other ones. Thank you for responding to my call. I am your Mother. Open your heart to the grace.”

Why did Our Lady not add the Eucharist as part of the foundation of the four basic messages? For the same reason Christ performed the very first Mass at the end of bringing the apostles to truth. The last thing He did with all twelve was done for the first time on Holy Thursday before ‘Crucifixion Friday.’ Christ performed the Mass only one time with the apostles!! The first time and last time in His humanity, on Holy Thursday. He had to purify them for three years to bring them to truth through prayer, peace, fasting, and penance to understand the truth, of the Mass, of the Eucharist. Look how few have the truth of the Eucharist today. Count us in that number. It takes prayer, peace, fasting and penance to come to the truth of the Eucharist means. But don’t make a false truth in order to make a good clean theological statement, adding the Eucharist by feathering it into the four basic messages by making it one of five basic messages. Our Lady did not say it. It was not said. Again, to repeat, Our Lady said, for you who are scandalized by this truth:

June 6, 1988

“…I ask you to renew in yourselves the messages I have given to you. These are messages of prayer, peace, fasting, and penance. Make some penance yourselves. ‘All’ of the other messages come from these four basic ones…”

We cannot add to the messages to remove obstacles that may cause the Church to balk in order to gain a smoother transition for Church approval. Our Lady did not include the Eucharist or Mass in the four basic messages from which all others come in 1988. Yet, amazingly, the fruit of Medjugorje is that followers of Our Lady have bloomed, through coming to know truth through prayer, peace, fasting and penance, as the strongest Eucharistic people in the worldwide Church today. Put that fact in your column of truth. Also, add to your fact list Our Lady’s messages from Medjugorje renewed Adoration worldwide. There has prevailed in the messages of Our Lady a worldly desire to make the messages fit a certain mentality in the Church today by weighing out the consequences that Our Lady’s words could cause adverse consequences, causing controversy and risking Medjugorje approval, even it being condemned. We never weigh out consequences of Our Lady’s words. If Our Lady says them, we here at Caritas, spread them, even if it is to our own detriment. There have been moves through the years to ‘grease’ a path for the apparitions so there will be no ‘obstacles’ for Church approval, or to cover up those things that the theologically intellectual minded, who are for Medjugorje, think would cause Medjugorje’s condemnation. Small, small mentalities who believe Medjugorje approval rests in their orchestrating, controlling, regulating and domesticating the events of Medjugorje.

Pope Francis told the Curia, which is the administration offices which assists the Pope in governing the Catholic Church, very recently on December 22, 2014:

“The ailment of excessive planning and functionalism….the Church shows Herself to be faithful to the Holy Spirit to the extent that She does not seek to regulate or domesticate it. The spirit is freshness, imagination and innovation. ”

Our Lady’s apparitions are bringing freshness, imagination and innovation and are not to be controlled, regulated, or domesticated. Our Lady and Her apostles are to be free of these ‘trappings.’

Medjugorje is a truth, a bright sunshine, a light of peace and freshness surrounded, 360 degrees, by storms of controversies. A mindset through the years, right in Medjugorje itself is “let’s tone down, let’s quiet Medjugorje and not do or allow anything that causes controversy.” These souls believe more in themselves than in Medjugorje. They think on a human level that Church approval is up to them. This is not truth. Truth does not need defending. God is truth. God does not need puny man to defend Him or truth. Truth, however does need protection because many promote false truths. Therefore, real truth is always surrounded by the storms of controversy. Truth, however, is not controversial. It is those who object to, bend, and/or are blending truth with falsehood, creating false truth, who are causing the controversy. Jesus was truth. He was in peace, but a whirlwind surrounded Him. He was not the cause of it and He was not controversial. Even many Christians accept when the world states Jesus caused controversy. How could that be when He is truth? Those around Him created the controversy. Medjugorje is true. It is not controversial. It is those who say it is controversial or who create controversy who origined controversy; a purposed intent to put a negative against who or what they say is controversial. Yes, some people and sources can be controversial, but Christ was not. The saints, who which had controversy around them, were not controversial. Our Lady’s apparitions in Medjugorje are not controversial. At the origin of Medjugorje, the Holy Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace, came to deliver a divine plan, a direct intervention into man’s history of Biblical proportions, a moment in time in our present history to introduce a “great plan for the salvation of mankind” to save the world. And worth repeating, this plan has four basic messages from which all others come from:

Prayer. Peace. Fasting. Penance.

We are not to add a fifth to make things look good for Medjugorje for the Church. Jesus did not do things or avoided situations to minimize the risk of those who would distort and cause hellish commotion, fueled by the devil to make Him (Jesus) look controversial. Our Lady wants us to arrive at truth through the four basic messages She mentioned in 1988, and that which She mentioned today, January 2, 2015 – fasting, prayer, penance and the Gospel (peace) – to bring and help the people, She is among, know the truth. If everyone recognized the truth of the Eucharist, 75% to 90% of the people would stay in the pews at Communion time and not dare receive, recognizing their lives are not in truth. And through this, we would be a stronger and holier Church with far less receiving because “the knowledge of the truth” of their lives prevent them from receiving “a piece of Heaven” that requires you to have a pure heart, a pure life, vacated of the “many false truths being offered to you” that have been adopted as part of a way of your daily life; a routine of normalcy of false truth in your life that has become truth to you. What does Our Lady mean by “many false truths”? Is it false or is it true Our Lady is saying you believe you have truth? You have adopted the truths of the world, but they are false. These false truths are presented as truth and even prevail in the Church. The exorcism that will cleanse the Church is prayer, fasting, penance, and the Gospel. It is Our Lady who says, “The Gospel is the only Truth and it is the truth which my Son left you,” a piece of Heaven that you can receive in the Eucharist, Christ Himself, truth Himself, only after being cleansed by the four basic messages. Many false truths are causing the faithful to be receiving without realizing they should not be receiving. We must do what Judas Maccabees of the Bible did, who first brought about a cleansing of God’s people, the Jews, before he could deal with the pagans. We cannot impact the pagan world as it is now, without our own beliefs being in truth, not a truth related to what one once believed, but based on the Gospel, the Word made Flesh, the piece of Heaven which requires prayer, fasting, penance, and peace to have it enter your hearts.

Our Lady said today, “You do not need to examine it much.” The Church has a problem with theologians examining the Gospel too much. Just believe what you read. Put it into practice. Make Our Lady’s messages your life and you will make the Bible your life. You do not have to take a theology course which often indoctrinates, giving fixed ideas and complicated thinking instead of the simplicity of being little children who understand the Gospel far greater than the theologians. It is difficult for Our Lady to instill Her messages into those who are indoctrinated by universities and intellectualism; a disease the Church suffers from today. Jesus said of children, they are the “Kingdom of Heaven.” They can understand the Gospel clearer than those indoctrinated by degrees and honors of the world. What else needs to be understood to see and have knowledge of the truth?

It is that simple. We do not need great examination to understand how simple all this is. But do not expect anything happening without love. Love, Our Lady said, will achieve everything, but without love, you will achieve nothing.

With Love,
A Friend of Medjugorje
About the Author

Be sure to listen to Radio WAVE with A Friend of Medjugorje, discussing today’s January 2, 2015 message of Our Lady. To listen to the Jan. 2 radio show titled, More Stories, Less Theology, visit here…



Caritas Community Kids Nativity Scene

It was St. Francis, in 1223, who created the first crèche—a living recreation of the Nativity of Our Lord. Yet, one can imagine that little children were the first to play out the roles of the birth of Jesus long before Francis. The story of the birth of Jesus is so simple, uncomplicated and sweetly beautiful that it can easily be grasped by children and recreated just as the Caritas children did, on their own initiative, last Christmas a year ago. Yet, within the story of Christmas is the fullness of “truth” if one just stops and ponders it. The “way of life” of Our Lady’s messages in the Community of Caritas not only provided the inspiration to our children, but also the physical “stable” and “donkey” which made the Christmas story come to “life” for them. This was not a “production” made for the Community, but was rather their “fun.” They weren’t thinking of gathering an audience, or getting applause, they were playing it together for the joy of it. They did not seek the help of an adult, but came up with their own costumes and props as they played. No adult saw the play except for one of the mother’s of the community who was asked by the children to take pictures. In this day when so many of our Church services are more production and performance before an “audience” rather than heartfelt prayer, worship and repentance among the believers, these simple scenes make us ponder what is TRUTH worship in the eyes of God.

Our Lady said today in Medjugorje, “…While I lived your life on earth I had knowledge of the truth, and by this alone, a piece of Heaven on earth. …” It’s not always Christmas at Caritas, but finding the truth of Our Lady in Her apparitions in Medjugorje and living that truth, we too have “a piece of Heaven on earth.” The way of life of the messages leads to the creation of a little piece of Heaven in your little corner of the world.

Caritas Kids Nativity Scene

No home, no comforts, no warmth—yet Our Lady said they were happy in the stable.

December 14, 1992

“…Remember, dear children, how we were happy in the stable when my Son was born! May your family be happy and all those present in the stable.”

If you have Jesus, you have everything you need. Without Jesus, though you have the whole world, you have nothing. This is the truth Our Lady speaks of today. “…This is the only truth and it is the truth which my Son left you…”

Caritas Community Kids Nativity Scene

As Our Lady said on December 25, 2014 to Jakov,

“…I desire for each of your hearts to become a little stable of Bethlehem in which the Savior of the world was born…”

She also said today,

“…My children, if you love, your heart will be a home for my Son and me…”

Jesus is first to be born in our hearts, and then in our homes. The second is not possible without the first. When we bring pilgrims to Medjugorje, we often hear from them that they wish they could move to Medjugorje. A Friend of Medjugorje never had the desire to do that. He always understood that we were to take Medjugorje home with us and make our homes Medjugorje; make our homes a “stable”, make our homes “stable” as he explained on his December 26, 2014 Radio WAVE broadcast entitled, “We’re in the Game Now.”

“When we think of stable, Our Lady is asking of us in the family to be fixed, firmly established, not to be easily moved, shaken or overthrown. Do you know what that is? That’s the definition of stable. Yes, the other one is a place where animals are kept, but Our Lady’s words also have duel meanings. The definition of stable—apply it to your family—is it fixed, is it firmly established, is it not easily moved, shaken or overthrown? This is the call of Our Lady, Her desire is that each of our hearts become a little stable of Bethlehem, strong, immoveable in which the Savior of the world was born.”

In his writing, Judge with Right Judgement, A Friend of Medjugorje wrote:

“At 23 years of age, we (he and his wife) bought the land. We immediately began to plan and design a home that would not be a house but a home—a place we would raise our children, grow old in, and a place our grandchildren would see where their parents were raised. It would be a place where our grandchildren could play in the same creeks, swim in the same swimming hole, hike the trails to aging tree houses which their parent made and will need re-mending by them, the grandchildren. Our plan was not dreamy but to take action, step by step, to build what I termed, “a live and die house,” a place to raise our children, live to the golden age and die to be buried on the grounds that were so familiar to our life’s memories, and that afterwards, the spirit of what we gave and established as family would carry on. Heritage, roots, a physical place to call home, a place where my children can know and say “Where I come from,” not boastfully, but richly in the knowledge of the security of having roots; that no matter where they are, they have a place called home.”

A Friend of Medjugorje
From the writing “Judge with Right Judgement”

Caritas Community Kids Nativity Scene

Martha, the youngest in a family of eight girls is chosen to be the angel. She stands atop the stable, paper horn in one hand, a candle in the other, joyfully shouting a greeting of welcome to the shepherds below, announcing to them that light and peace has come to earth. A piece of Heaven brought to ordinary life on earth.

Our Lady of Medjugorje, Mother of Joyful Hope, has come to bring this good news again to you, to your family. Who can hear? Who can see, with the T.V., the ipod, the phone filling the stable of your heart and home with noise and news of the world? This Christmas Season, this New Year, look into your heart and home secured to worldly connection. Secure it to the Gospel and replace your TV, which claims first place in your family room; replace your ipod which is lying on the kitchen counter; replace your cell phone on the nightstand in the bedroom and see joyful hope come; a piece of Heaven born in your life.

Today Our Lady invites you to experience love within your home as these children show. Love within your heart. Love within your stable.

January 2, 2015

“…My children, if you love, your heart will be a home for my Son and me, and the words of my Son will be the guiding light in your life…”

June 25, 1991

“…little children, pray and read the Sacred Scriptures so that through my coming you discover the message in Sacred Scripture for you…”

January 25, 2006

“…I call you to be carriers of the Gospel in your families [your home]. Do not forget, little children, to read Sacred Scripture. Put it in a visible place [in your stable] and witness with your life that you believe and live the Word of God…”

Caritas Community Kids Nativity

Our Lady invites us to look for truth as children, it is easy to see if the false truths offered to us in our life are overcome, rejected, by a true desire for “the real.” Where to find the real truth this year? Look off the paved road the world offers of false truths. Follow a natural road and look up to see hidden things on earth as these children do.

Off the gravel road, behind the trailer, these “wise men” will find a stable. Beyond the stable are the woods, on the other side of the trailer, is a cow pasture full of dairy cows and a hay barn. The sound of the baby cows can be heard in the distance “lowing.” Behind them is their school where they learn truth through a daily life built upon the works of Our Lady, the Queen of their hearts, who brings to life Her words each month, giving them a stable path on which to build their lives, inspire their thoughts, and forming in their lives the Gospel of the messages. The Gospel of Mary.

Our Lady’s messages are for you to follow today.

June 25, 2009

‘Dear children, also today I desire to call you, to call you to live my messages…”

 Caritas Community Kids Nativity

A white paper star is secured to a tree branch over the stable by one of the children. Atop many Christmas trees a star is also attached. Below the star, under the shelter of the tree are gifts. Gifts convey love, the message of one heart to another.

What gifts did you receive this Christmas? What gifts do you seek this New Year? Truth is a gift Our Lady desires to give you and to teach you how to find it again. Follow the star, the light of Her messages.

Caritas Community Kids Nativity

Victoria stands as a young shepherd, full of joy, beside the entrance of the stable holding her staff and her sheep. Holding a sheep, as the shepherds would have 2,000 years ago, she holds a way of life; a way of life that God loved and so blessed that He invited shepherds to surround Him as a baby. The stable of Bethlehem 2,000 years ago and the children of this stable in Birmingham witness a way of life, a way of living the messages of the Gospel in our ordinary life of trial, of hardship, of joy and of sharing hope with others put in the stable of life…through the pure eyes and heart as children.

Maria Valtorta in Notebooks 1944, writes Jesus’ words He wished to be conveyed to the world of the joy children bring Him.


“But remain like this: a child. I love children so much. You have seen this. You have not seen Me laugh except with them. They were my joy as Man. My Mother and my Disciple were my joy as God-Man and as Teacher. The Father, my joy as God. But children were my joyous relief on the very bitter earth. Remain like this: a child. Your Savior, cuffed by so many men, needs to refresh his cheeks on the cheeks of children. He needs to rest His brow on heads that are loving and without malice…always remain a child for Me. The Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those able to have a child’s soul and receive the Truth with the trusting promptness of a child.”

Caritas Community Kids Nativity

In Maria Valtorta’s Poem of the Man-God, in the story of the visit of the Magi, she writes of their departure from the stable after seeing the holy Child.

“When they reach the threshold the Magi take leave kneeling down once again kissing Jesus’ feet. Mary, bending down over the Child, takes His hand and guides it, in a blessing gesture over the head of each Wise Man. It is already a sign of the cross, traced by Jesus’ little fingers, guided by Mary.”

Jesus comments on this blessing to explain the significance of Our Lady’s action.

“It is Mary who takes the hand of Jesus, Who does not yet know how to bless, and She guides it in the holy gesture. It is always Mary who takes Jesus’ hand and guides it. Even now. Now Jesus knows how to bless. But sometimes His pierced hand falls down tired and disheartened, because He knows that it is useless to bless. You destroy My blessing. It falls also indignant, because you curse Me. It is Mary then Who removes the disdain from My hand with Her kisses. Oh! the kiss of My Mother! Who can resist that kiss? And then, with Her slender, but lovingly irresistible fingers, She takes My wrist and forces Me to bless. I cannot reject My Mother, but you must go to Her, and make Her your Advocate.

“She is my Queen, before being yours, and Her love for you makes such allowances that no one can possibly imagine or understand. And even without any word, but only with Her tears, and the memory of My Cross, the sign of which She makes Me trace in the air, She pleads your cause and exhorts Me: ‘You are the Savior. Therefore save.’”

Is this not what Our Lady is doing from Medjugorje? Every day She blesses and with that blessing a little more goodness enters the world. It is why we, in the Community, are always on our knees everyday at the time of Our Lady’s apparition in Medjugorje (6:40 p.m. Medjugorje time; 10:40 a.m. Alabama time). We are on our knees to receive Her blessing.



Messages in Other Languages Posted As Soon As They Become Available


„Draga djeco! Ovdje sam među vama kao majka koja vam želi pomoći da spoznate istinu. Dok sam živjela vaš život na zemlji ja sam imala spoznaju istine i samim tim komadić Raja na zemlji. Zato vama, svojoj djeci, želim isto. Nebeski Otac želi čista srca ispunjena spoznajom istine. Želi da ljubite sve one koje susrećete, jer i ja ljubim svoga Sina u svima vama. To je početak spoznaje istine. Vama se nude mnoge lažne istine. Nadvladati ćete ih srcem očišćenim postom, molitvom, pokorom i Evanđeljem. To je jedina istina i to je istina koju vam je moj Sin ostavio. Ne trebate je puno razmatrati. Od vas se traži, kao što sam i ja radila, da ljubite i dajete. Djeco moja, ako ljubite vaše srce će biti dom mome Sinu i meni, a riječi moga Sina vodilja u vašem životu. Djeco moja, poslužit ću se vama, apostolima ljubavi, da pomognem svoj svojoj djeci da spoznaju istinu. Djeco moja, ja sam uvijek molila za Crkvu moga Sina, pa to isto molim i vas. Molite da vaši pastiri zasjaju ljubavlju moga Sina. Hvala vam.”

Prayer for Nonbelievers

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5 thoughts on “Was Jesus Controversial?”

  1. Barbara Downer

    O My Dear Mother reading your messages together with the writings from Friend of Medjugorje give me much courage sometimes when it seems my courage is less I often ask Our Lady to pour courage into my heart and guard it. Then I become filled with hope for I feel immediately my prayer has been answered – Thank You dear Mother, I need you continually in my life. Thank dear Friend of Medjugorje for all your writings. Your community is blessed indeed.

  2. “Jesus said of children, they are the “Kingdom of Heaven.” They can understand the Gospel clearer than those indoctrinated by degrees and honors of the world.” I could not agree for more.

  3. When I first realized the four basic points were prayer, peace, fasting and penance. I wondered about Holy Mass..why was it not included? Then I reasoned that those four points were a foundation that could be lived by every Christian – it was a universal message, and it answered the question in my mind. Then on 4/25/88, she broadened her message and said “Let the Holy Mass be your life”; last year in the August message she said “I am calling you for the Eucharist to be the life of your soul.” I understand now that all our forms worship: Holy Mass, Adoration, the Rosary, etc., do indeed come from those four pillars. They include every form of worship and are a universal call to holiness. May God be praised for the presence of our Mother all these years and how she calls us to the feet of her Son. How beautiful is your community and how richly blessed are the children who are being raised in this way.

  4. All I can say is this writing I read today is Revelation 22 verse 2. Down the middle of its streets. On either side of the river grew the tree of life that produces fruit twelve times a year, once each month; the leaves of the trees, THE MESSAGES, serve as medicine for the nations. WOW, what a blessing to have OUR LADY and the founder of Caritas, our big Brother. God bless you my friend and the community.

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