Vicka About Our Lady “The Young People Live in a Very, Very Difficult Situation.”

Vicka About Our Lady “The Young People Live in a Very, Very Difficult Situation.”

Vicka in Medjugorje Today, Friday, May 23, 2008

pilgrims listen to medjugorje visionary vicka

Part of the crowds listening to Vicka speak today in Medjugorje, Friday, May 23, 2008.

The main messages of Our Lady are the prayer, peace, conversion, Confession and fasting. Our Lady recommends that we pray every day all three parts of the Rosary, and to fast two days a week on bread and water on Wednesdays and Fridays. Another beautiful thing that Our Lady recommends to us is to pray for a firm, strong faith. When Our Lady says that we should pray, it doesn’t mean that we should just use our lips to pray, but we should use our hearts. Every day we should open our hearts so that prayer may become a joy for us. Our Lady gave us a beautiful example when She said all of you have a flowerpot at home. If you water this flower every day, if you pour the right amount of water, you are going to see what it looks like – it is getting a beautiful rose.” It is almost the same example with our heart. If we put in our heart every day the right amount of prayer, our heart will be growing and blossoming like a beautiful rose. But if we don’t water the flower for a few days, we are going to see very soon what it looks like – as if it never existed before. The same thing happens with us. When the time for prayer comes, we may say, “Today I am tired, I will do my prayers tomorrow.” Tomorrow, by tomorrow, we never find the time for prayer and in this way, we let all bad influences enter into our heart. The Blessed Mother says, as one flower cannot live without water, we cannot live without God’s graces. Prayer with the heart we cannot study, we cannot learn prayer with the heart, but we can live prayer with the heart, making every day step forward. When Our Lady talks about fasting, it is not for the sick people. On these days, they should give up something else that they like very much. About all other people who don’t have health problems, and we can still hear about their complaints, feeling weak, dizzy, having headaches, stomach ache or something like that, Our Lady said that it is not a question of health, it is a question of your good will. You must have the good will to make the decision to fast.

The Blessed Mother wants our complete conversion. She says, “Dear children, when you have some problems or illnesses, all of you think that Jesus and I are far from you.” The Blessed Mother says, “We are always so close to you. You just open your hearts and then you will be able to see how much we love you.” Our Lady wants us to make little sacrifices. She would be very, very happy if we would not commit sin anymore. Our Lady says, “I am giving you my peace and my love so that you can take it with you to your friends, to your families.” Our Lady gives us Her blessing and She prays for all of us. Our Lady is very, very happy if we pray the Rosary in our family, in our community. She is very happy when the parents pray with the children and children with the parents. In this way, being united in prayer, satan cannot harm us. Our Lady says that satan works very hard as he wants to disturb our prayers and take away our peace. Our Lady recommends that we pray a little bit more. The strongest weapon in our hands against satan is the Rosary. Our Lady recommends that we wear something blessed on us. It could be any little blessed item – Crucifix, medal – anything that is blessed so that we may defend ourselves easier from satan.

Our Lady says that we should place the Holy Mass in the first place because this is the most important, the holiest moment. In this moment, during the Holy Mass, Jesus, Who is alive, comes to us. Our Lady wants us, while we are in the church, to receive Jesus without any excuses, without any fears. She also recommends monthly Confession and She says you are not going to have Confession just because you are a sinner, but you are also going to hear some good advice from your priest. Our Lady is very much concerned about all the young people in the world. The young people live in a very, very difficult situation. We are the ones who could help them with our prayer with the heart and our love. Our Lady says, “Dear young people, what this world has to offer to you is temporary.” You can see how satan uses every moment of ours – the moments when we are free, weak, and he wants to attack us. And he works especially very hard on the young people, as he wants to destroy our families. The Blessed Mother says these are the days of the great graces. She wants us to take Her messages and to start living them. The Blessed Mother wants us to become the carriers of Her peace and to pray for peace in the whole world. But, first of all, Our Lady recommends that we pray for the peace in our hearts, for the peace in our family, in our community. Then, when we receive the peace in our heart, we may pray for the peace in the world. The Blessed Mother says if you pray for the peace in the world, and there is no peace in your heart, it is not worth the prayer.

In these days, Our Lady recommends that we pray more. She asks of us to prayer for Her intentions and for Her plans. Take the Holy Bible everyday – to read a few lines and to live them during the day. Our Lady asks of us to pray for the Holy Father, for all bishops and priests, for the whole clergy of the Church because they are very much in need of our prayers. In a special way Our Lady asks from us to pray for one of Her plans that should be accomplished. Her greatest concern, something that really causes the pain in Her heart, are the families and the young people because they are in a very difficult situation today. Our Lady says that She has been praying for peace, and She recommends to all of us to pray for the same intention of Hers and to support Her by our prayers.

This evening when Our Lady appears, I am going to recommend all of you and all of your intentions. At that time, I will be having the apparition at twenty to seven, open your hearts and present to the Blessed Mother all of your needs and all of your intentions.

medjugorje visionary vicka

Vicka, today, May 23, 2008 – Pilgrims always remark that one of the most impressive things about listening to Vicka, is her joyful expressions and witness to Our Lady’s apparitions.

I am sure that many of you have heard that two of us, Jakov and myself, had this great grace and gift from God to be able to see Heaven, hell, and purgatory. Our Lady appeared to us and took us with Her. On that day, when Our Lady appeared to us, Jakov was ten years old. When Our Lady said, now I am going to take you with me. And as a child, he thinks how else can one go to Heaven – one has to die to go. So Jakov said to the Blessed Mother, “Dear Blessed Mother, why wouldn’t you take Vicka only, she has many brothers and sisters and I am an only child.” I was thinking about, “For how many days are we going to travel? Where are we going, up or down?” Our Lady gave me Her left hand and Jakov Her right hand and She took us. We were going with Her. The ceiling opened for us to go through. In one second, we arrived in Paradise. We saw endless space and a light that does not exist here on earth. We saw people who all looked the same. We can say that there was not any thinner ones or those that were heavier. They were dressed in long dresses of pastel colors. They were all walking around praying, singing, and the little angels were flying. Then Our Lady said, look at these people, how happy they are. It is the joy that does not exist on earth.

Purgatory is another endless space. In Purgatory, we were not able to see any people walking. We only saw something like fog. We felt that the people were suffering. Our Lady said for all the poor souls in Purgatory, they are waiting for our prayers so that they could be transferred to Paradise. In hell, we have seen a huge fire in the middle. We saw, first of all, the people looking normal. Then when they entered the fire and were leaving the fire, they looked like the worst animals, cursing and saying things against God. Our Lady says, for all those souls in hell, they are there because of their own will. Here on earth there is also hell for those who work and live everything against God. When those people die, they just continue living hell. Our Lady said, unfortunately, there are many, many people who believe when life on earth is over then everything is over. This is the greatest mistake. We are just passengers on earth. When we die, we continue to live.

Now we are going to spend some time in silent prayer, praying to Our Lady for your personal intentions, so be united in prayer. After the silent prayer, we are going to conclude our meeting praying one Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be to end this meeting.

– Medjugorje visionary Vicka

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