U.S. Supreme Court Just Voted to Legalize Perverted Abominable False Civil Unions, Masking Them as Marriage

U.S. Supreme Court Just Voted to Legalize Perverted Abominable False Civil Unions, Masking Them as Marriage

CRITICAL call to action:
There is only one court in the United States of America that can stand down the U.S. Supreme Court ruling. This is an urgent call to support them in their stand.


June 26, 2015 A.D.


There is only one place.
There is only one court in the United States of America.
There is only one set of justices that can stand against the US Supreme Court and stop them.

The Alabama Supreme Court.

Call these Alabama justices. They have already proven themselves. But they will need your support to stand down the United States Supreme Court. Call these justices, write these justices for them to not back down, especially those of you from foreign countries. These justices have already ruled against redefining marriage. Tell them please do not back down, but lead this fight for the whole nation and millions of us will join the Alabama justices. Eight of them are on record for ruling that Federal courts have no jurisdiction in Alabama, concerning states’ rights issues. Let the Alabama justices know they are the only hope with God’s grace. Tell them: “You will see the masses in millions will support and join you.” 

Contact all the churches in your area, your friends, everyone you know, post this, call, to write letters by mail to the Alabama Supreme Court and other avenues to these justices. It is worthless to email them. You can spread this by email, but write them by regular mail and also call them directly, even if you have already written to them before. Spread this call to action to everyone you know, telling them to contact the Alabama Supreme Court. Contact everyone and make the support swell everywhere. If they know they are supported, then it strengthens them. Pray for them.

Contact Information for the Alabama Supreme Court Justices

Alabama Supreme Court
Main Office

300 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone Number: 334-229-0700

Alabama Chief Justice
Chief Justice Roy S. Moore

300 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone Number: 334-229-0700

Alabama Supreme Court
Justice Glenn Murdock

300 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone Number: 334-229-0700

Alabama Supreme Court
Justice Greg Shaw*

300 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone Number: 334-229-0700

*Justice Shaw was the only justice that dissented on the vote for the sanctity of marriage. Letters addressed to him should state your disagreement with his stance. Let him know, ‘Your re-election is in doubt if you do not reverse your stance.’ Be firm.

Alabama Supreme Court
Justice Tommy E. Bryan

300 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone Number: 334-229-0700

Alabama Supreme Court
Justice Michael F. Bolin

300 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone Number: 334-229-0700

Alabama Supreme Court
Justice Lyn Stuart

300 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36104

Alabama Supreme Court
Justice Tom Parker

300 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone Number: 334-229-0700

Alabama Supreme Court
Justice James A. Main

300 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone Number: 334-229-0700

Alabama Supreme Court
Justice Kelli Wise

300 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone Number: 334-229-0700

Alabama Governor
Robert Bentley

Office of the Governor
600 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36130

Alabama Attorney General
Luther Strange

Office of the Alabama Attorney General
P.O. Box 300152
Montgomery, AL 36130-0152
Office Main Number: 334-242-7300

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69 thoughts on “U.S. Supreme Court Just Voted to Legalize Perverted Abominable False Civil Unions, Masking Them as Marriage”

  1. To Maria below, this is exactly what a Friend of Medjugorje has written about and said for years. This recent defeat comes as a result of Christians not standing up for marriage, and against divorce. Divorce is the scourge of this nation, the world and the church. It is a root cause of not only this defeat, but also why people end up in this kind of lifestyle in the first place. How to Change your Husband, available free here goes into much detail about what God thinks of divorce: http://www.medjugorje.com/download/books/140-How+to+Change+Your+Husband.html – See also, Whose Opinion is Right, the Painful Truth, by a Friend of Medjugorje available free here: http://www.medjugorje.com/download/booklets/16-Whose+Opinion+is+Right+-+The+Painful+Truth.html

  2. This is the most disgusting thing that the court could do. We are living in a dictatorship world where people of faith have a say .The Bible says that a man and woman is to marry and multiply. This is ridiculous and sickening…

  3. I’m feeling so sad that such a small percentage of people could influence a change that could cause complete destruction of the United States of America, which our forefathers founded in the belief of GOD. How can the multitude of Christians allow this to happen? Why didn’t we see this happening years ago and start voicing our opinions then. Let’s hope it is not too late and God hears our prayers and sends his Holy Spirit to open the hearts of all of us to know His will and act upon it.

  4. Evelyn Arinaitwe

    Oh God! Lets seek for God’s intervention for this kind of marriage to be reversed before it spreads through the whole world. We cant be going back to the days of Sodom and Gomorrah!

  5. What is so sad is a little 6 year old finding out Daddy”is not coming home anymore. He will be living somewhere else. Divorce, THAT should be what “saddens” so many of these people who act like this has anything to do with them. What has ruined marriage is divorce. You make a promise and commit yourself to someone in front of God yet you can change your mind and break that promise. Especially if there are children and by some opinions, there better be because that is the only reason to get married, THAT is the terribly sad time – and something that will stay with that child all his/her life. That is what should be changed, and voted on and yelled about. Why is no one sad about that? Besides the children I mean. IF marriage equality is wrong in the eyes of GOD then it is GOD we will deal with. At the same time all of the people concerned with this who have nothing to do with it should start concerning themselves with what they are doing to make God sad.

  6. bridget Bradbury


  7. Suzanne Degrande

    The union between and Man and Woman is sacred in Gods eyes the union is a ways and means to heaven our true home. Marriage rites are being violated and discriminated against. The government is imposing an unholy act upon Gods people and inflicting it upon the children the innocents. Free Choice is a true path to the slavery of ones soul and death when Gods Natural Law is not applied. Pray and act upon this lie and and abomination of Gods Holy Law.

  8. Thank you Caritas for all your guidance on this extremely critical issue! This morning I called the Alabama Supreme Court and talked to someone in Chief Justice Moore’s office. She will pass along my message of support for their position and continuing to stand firm on their position regardless of what the US Supreme Court ruled! We will continue to fight for the truth!

  9. Skaria Maliyekal

    This judgement is against the Holy Will of the Creator and majority of the people. This is a disease affecting only a small minority. This is judgement is disastrous and demonic. Please don’t attract God’s wrath on America and its people. All concerned must act immediately. For more write-up please search for ‘spiritual body language’. God Bless all…

  10. Jeannie Botha

    Marriage is a Holy Institution by God Almighty between one man and one woman. It is obvious that the people making the rules do not believe in our Almighty God. We earnestly pray for a Damascus Conversion for America and also for our beloved country South Africa. I do believe that these evil decisions are made for a minority of the population. God have mercy.

  11. Things will only get worse before they get better we can be assured of that as the world spirals out of control all in the name of modernism, humanism, and so on. Folks stand firm on the FAITH and let no man DECEIVE YOU, [ MATTHEW 24] as we are about to be lead into the desert for our sinfulness. Those of us who are walking with our LORD will shine like BEACONS in the Dark to lead our brothers through the Desert to Salvation. GOD BLESS

  12. Josephinr Polster

    Please, please help us reverse the Supreme Court discussion to allow [abominable] marriages in the US. I pray for you to help our county from this horrible law. Do not let satan win.

  13. Seeing this on the CNN news last night made me sick to my bones. I questioned God about this: how can You allow such a perverted act like this to be sanctioned in the USA? I heard in my heart God saying, I am not silent. The seeds just sown will fall on disrupted ground and those responsible will reap the bitterness of their sowing! God’s Word is Truth, indeed! Zena Eggough (Austria)

  14. joseph pnathan

    Yes, I would pray during my Divine Mercy Prayer at 3’clock everyday specially for this act. We should unite with powerful to stand, only the solutions are prayers. God will listen to this human who is flying not stand on his feet. Let God mercy on us to do some thing as his wishes.

  15. Edna S.Colon Ortiz

    I against this [abominable] marriages because its immoral and its also against God’s Law! So help us God !

  16. Sharon Donahy

    I do plan to write and/or call the Alabama Justices and will pray that this is the answer to rescind the horrendous passage of the redefinition of the holy sacrament of marriage. I will fervently pray about this mission and actively spread the word of this possible solution to this breach of our God-given holy sacrament of Matrimony.

  17. Let us keep faith in God. Pray pray pray. God is a winner. Let us pray and offer sacrifices for the conversion of sinners that we are. Have recourse to our loving Mother Mary. God be with us all.

  18. Linda Lind Bowman

    We continue to pray. It seems as if anything goes! What was holy and sacred is NO longer so. Hard to believe. We are a people of Hope, so we know where our only Hope lies… Jesus Christ and His Mother.

  19. Stephanie Kubicek

    The news of this new ruling by the Supreme Court on redefining the Sacrament of Marriage hit me like the death of a loved one. These were my first emotions. The desecration of a Sacrament I have always held holy, and upon which my husband (of 55 years) and I based our lifetime commitment! I cried. On further reflection, my faith tells me that even death is not final; but merely a passage to our eternal live in Christ (or without Him, if we so choose). I salute all of you who opposed this ruling! and I pray for you! May you continue your efforts to work for the Will of God to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. I know that only God could have permitted this to happen – perhaps to wake up all of us God fearing and God loving faithful to an increased fervor. I know and believe that God is still working His Holy Will in the background and is able to bring the greater good out of these shocking circumstances – in His perfect timing. Till then, I will pray, that His Holy Will be done.

  20. Catherine York

    I am Scottish, and I am ashamed to belong to a nation that has already made these laws against the family union. God help the whole world because satan is running riot throughout the human race. Medjugorje and Our Blessed Lady are our only hope. I have been honoured to visit Medjugorje, and I thank my Holy Mother for this great blessing.

  21. U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia, wrote in his footnotes of his vote against perverted marriages: “If, even as the price to be paid for a fifth vote, I ever joined an opinion for the Court that began: ‘The Constitution promises liberty to all within its reach, a liberty that includes certain specific rights that allow persons, within a lawful realm, to define and express their identity,’ I would hide my head in a bag. The Supreme Court of the United States has descended from the disciplined legal reasoning of John Marshall and Joseph Story to the mystical aphorisms of the fortune cookie.”

  22. This is the END for America. I came here 9 yrs ago to give my 4 children a good future, well financial stability first and foremost, and Morals are still controlled at that time. Besides, I know we have instilled in them Values. But with this dilemma that had just happened…..HOW ON EARTH CAN THEY GROW A FAMILY THAT IS MORALLY FIT, SPIRITUALLY HEALTHY AND FINANCIALLY STABLE? With this incident, curse is upon the USA!!! PLEASE……DO SOMETHING TO REVERSE THIS DECISION. WE DONT WANT TO BE IN A PLACE CALLED SODOM AND GOMORRAH!!!!

  23. Emanuel Falzon

    We need to put God first in our life and Pray, Pray, Pray as our Lady in Medjugorie has been saying. satan is doing his best to destroy the families and the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church as he is approaching the 100 years granted to him by GOD to try and destroy HIS CHURCH. We need to pray for the persons responsible to attached the Church as they are controlled by Satan. Here in Malta the situation is also very bad as we are loosing our Catholic Faith to the excuse of equality and discrimination. God bless you all, have faith and pray.

  24. I am sad to be a resident of a country, that does not recognize the sanctity of marriage as established by our Lord. Mother Mary please pray for us.

  25. Its a sad day for USA, as has been recently for the Republic Of Ireland who allowed this by referendum. Its a huge challenge to Christianity, which our great Saint, St Patrick took to our pagan country in the 5th century. I think if St Patrick would like to update his cv, he is going to have a lot of work to look forward to in the future, that’s if we have one.


    PLEASE Dear Mother Mary…..stay with the USA and the world. Do not let us all sink into the depths of degradation. Beg your Son for his Divine Intervention…………….help me to be more fervent in my Prayers for myself , my family and the World. thank you.

  27. Thank you for sharing this. Yes, God will not close a door without opening a window. Let’s all crawl through that window and get on board to write the Alabama officials and try to get this terrible ruling reversed. Marriage is one man and one woman and God will not be mocked. Let’s do our part and pray and wrote letters and tell others what the facts are about this issue. We have 10 commandments, not 10 suggestions. We are to follow God’s plan and raise children with a mother and a father in a loving home. If Catholics would pray the rosary daily and go to daily Mass and Holy Communion, this never would have happened. Supposedly 6 of the 9 Supreme Court Justices are Catholic. ( I guess in name only for some of them.) May God have mercy on their souls. May we get a good Catholic Preisident elected next time. I like Sen. Rick Santorum and heard him speak last night. He is for God, Family, Freedom, our country, our future, his family, our families, and all under God!!

  28. Linda Garland

    Mother Mary, we call upon you to ask your Son to send forth the Holy Spirit to penetrate the hearts of all that they might return to God, to the Church, the Mass, and the Sacraments, and pray, pray, pray as they storm Heaven for help from above. It is tragic what is happening in this once God-fearing nation. We are about to fall into the abyss from which there is no return. Press all in this country to call the Alabama phone numbers. Thank you, dear Mother.

  29. The world is going to an end … I think that blessed his name the Lord judgement is coming soon .. Mother Mariam , blessed your name , please help us … pray for us .

  30. A redefinition of marriage is wrong. It is immoral and unnecessary. We have experienced too much social experimentation already, and this new one would make things yet worse than ever before. The institution of marriage has become attacked by various philosophical and political ideas, which has eroded its meaning in today’s society. A divorce has become a norm and couples living together with no formal certification is commonly accepted. This is nowadays called “a de-facto partnership.” A normal marriage serves as a unit of a healthy society, with children raised in a loving and unbroken relationship of their parents pass on the message of life into future. An [abominable] partnership is a pitiful and sad substitution. I am opposed to such a disgraceful and shameful union with my voice calling to God as did Abraham in his time trying to spare the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Please do not let it happen, Lord!

  31. Yes what a sad sad day this is. I believe it is very very important that we all call on our communities, pastors, friends, churches to get on our knees and beg the Lord for forgiveness and to please reverse this ruling. Prayers and fasting in anyways are immediately needed. We must not waste anytime to be on our knees right now. We need to ask Our Heavenly Mother for all the help that is needed. God Bless us all

  32. Dear Politicians, We, the people need YOU to be strong and stand up for our rights. Do not back down, let’s put America back in her rightful place…A LEADER WITH A GOOD MORAL STANCE, THE WAY WE USED TO FIGHT FOR WHAT WAS RIght!

  33. Today as each morning, my husband and I said the Consecration prayers to Jesus and Mary and then our rosaries, and then picked a random message from Our Ladys messages. We received the Jan. 01, 2001 message which said “..Now that when Satan is unleashed consecrate your hearts to me…” which left us astonished as we then read the “Mej. Headline “regarding the evil decision Our US.supreme court had just unleashed on all of us. I immediately handwrote and mailed letters to all of the Alabama justices letting them know that we support and pray for their courage and conviction and to never ever give up this fight! Im headed for Friday Adoration and Mass. Dear Caritas thank you for always leading us with the brillance of Our Lady.

  34. Mrs. Victoria Adkins

    I have fasted leading up to this decision, and today I wept. I went to the Blessed Sacrament and shed tears there as well. I told my Lord that my heart is very heavy and don’t understand but this I do know that God writes straight with crooked lines and he will see us through these times as well. We just have to remain faithful and put our trust in him.

  35. A sad day for this country. Thank you for all that you do for the faith. I will be sending letters as well and will pray that God will have mercy on us. God Bless.

  36. This is the final straw. Do we as Christians, as the majority have any rights left?? I think not, unless we pray and fight, really pray and fight!!! May God have mercy on America…………

  37. mary hasenstab

    We are shocked and do not want this to happen: Only God can consecrate a Man & Woman in Holy Matrimony. We are Catholic and don’t believe in this because it goes against God’s teaching.

  38. “Voted for” and “ruled for” are too nice of words for what SCOTUS just did. They single-handedly dictated, abused and undermined the rule of law and natural law and condemned our country to unimaginable punishments from God’s Wrath. I feel for the children who are being brainwashed today that this is a worthy “civil right” and for those growing up in dysfunctional homes awash with this mentality. I plan to leave voicemails for each of the Alabama justices tomorrow when I am off work and write follow-up letters, too, this weekend. We all need to support Alabama. It’s the last stand for Godly marriage in our country. Thank you, Caritas, for providing this contact info for us. Your mission is God-sent.

  39. Mrs.Arlene Shako

    Thanks for letting us know.I will contact the Alabama Justices.Our hearts our heavy that the US Supreme Court has not protected Christianity. God bless you all.Arlene

  40. I am 62, a celibate Catholic of 17 years. I was in a [abominable] relationship for 22 years. On September 8th 1998, God gave me the grace to accept to follow Him and Church teaching. And my partner, backed and encouraged, defended my choice. I am greatly saddened at today’s decision, my God have mercy on this country.

  41. Does this means that as a voter I don’t have any rights because we lost respect for what is moral. I can contact my congress, but what to say they are cowards and their jobs are more important. They’re afraid to stand up on what they truly believe in. How sad for our country, now I believe our country is going down hill, look ahead the worst is yet to come.

  42. I just called every one of them, and I did get to speak to a person about half the time.I will also write another letter to each one tonight. Jane, from Michigan

  43. Margaret Anderson

    This is the saddest in the history of our country. What can we do and how should people contact the Alabama courts and government?

  44. Hope McCorkendale

    Dear Family in Christ & His Blessed Mother, Thank you for all you do!!! Thank you for answering the call of the Queen of Heaven and Earth!!! It is sad to say that Scripture is unfolding in front of our very eyes! And yet it’s exciting because we know that the return of our Lord is within our lifetime! Will I get to see Him in person? Or, will I soon be taken home… I pray that we are ALL ready for whatever the Good Lord has in store for us!!! We must fight, but without hate, we must speak out but with Love in our hearts, we must stand for God without fear or intimidation! We must stand strong with TOTAL TRUST IN JESUS & OUR BLESSED MOTHER! Just as the early Christians did so must we do too!!!

  45. I strongly disagree with [abominable] marriage. Please tell the supreme court to not allow this from being legalized or the world will see God’s justice fall upon us soon

  46. I absolutely disagree with [abomination]!!! It is wrong and against what God designed marriage to be!!! What is wrong with this country???

  47. Hyacinth E de Valliere-Enas

    YES! YES! YES!! I most definitely support this crucial action. Americans seem to be oblivious to what’s happening around them. satan seems to think he has got a foothold in the USA. Despite the zillion times he has been brought down by just the utterance of the NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES makes slither away to his hiding places. We who believe and trust in HIS WORD, know that the viles of satan will repeatedly fail, because we walk with the glory and strength that the Lord anoints us with. America needs the protection of Our Blessed Mother, our greatest Mediatrix, to intercede for the leaders in America to have the courage and wisdom, to heed God’s words and do His bidding. I am definitely mailing/reposting your ‘CALL TO ARMS’ and in turn it will in no time at all have circumnavigated the entire world. May Our Blessed Mother of Medjugorje, entreat Her Divine Son to intervene as He did at Cana at His Mother’s request. May the Holy Spirit, inspire all who join in this crusade! God bless

  48. My husband and I are totally against this. It is perverted and impossible. It is against God and will never work. You must stop this in Alabama. You are our only hope at this point. God will give you strength to make it overturn and reverse abominable unions. This is sick and cannot and will not be blessed by our Almighty God!

  49. Unfortunately, even here in very, or was so very catholic Malta, its legal.I personally think very much that very dark times are coming over the earth. The evil one is all out and about and its quite obvious as all there is out there is evil evil and evil. The evil one is in full race mode but, Our Dear Holy Mother is much more powerful with Her own Son Jesus beside Her. God bless you

  50. Deacon Patrick Murphy

    A most disappointing decision by our federal justices, but God and our Blessed Mother have a better plan. I will write more encouraging letters to Alabama Justices. God is so good! God bless your leaderships!

  51. Just read some of the Old Testament to see what happens to God’s people when they disobeyed his Word and the Ten Commandments. They are always brutally punished by their enemies and their land is taken. We must all pray more .

  52. Just read some of the Old Testament to see what happens to God’s people when they disobeyed his Word and the Ten Commandments. They are always brutally punished by their enemies and their land is taken. We must all pray more .

  53. Dear Friends in Christ, Caritas Community, I am EXTREMELY saddened at the perverted decision handed down by the Supreme Court justices of our land! Unfortunately I was not surprised. I most definitely will be calling the Alabama Supreme Court justices to plead with them not to back down in their defense of the sanctity of a marriage as between one man and one woman and that I am praying for them every day. I also continue to pray every day for Caritas ! Our Lady of Medjugorje, Beloved Mother of Salvation, cover us with your Mantle of Love and Protection and lead us to Your Son. Mother Mary draw us into the Saving Fire of your Immaculate Heart.

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