Update Young Mother in Community Who is Dying

Update Young Mother in Community Who is Dying


March 31, 2012 A.D.


Andrea Pipp and Family - 27 year Old Mother Dying

Christmas Eve, 2011, taken just three months ago. This was one of the pictures Andrea had been gazing at just hours before losing consciousness: Jacob, Anthony, Rebekah, Andrew and Andrea Pipp.

What follows is a letter that was recently sent to the Caritas Extended Community in regards to Andrea’s latest condition. We know that many of you have asked for an update since the latest writing on Andrea, and so we are sharing this letter with you.


Dear Beloved Family,

You last heard from us on February 27, 2012 in regards to one of the young mothers of the community, Andrea Pipp. For the month after we contacted you, prayers were poured out for Andrea and her family from literally all corners of the earth. Both her family and the Community were humbled by the Masses, fasts, novenas, Adoration Hours, rosaries and prayers from the heart that so many peopled offered. Our gratitude is inexpressible, and truly those prayers have been heard because after we updated all of you, Andrea seemed to hit a plateau. There were no changes for the better or for the worse yet some days we did feel like she was more responsive, happier and more talkative than others. It was easier to have hope as we watched her continue to come to Rosary, smile when you asked how she was doing and see how great her appetite and attitude were. Yesterday, on March 29th, everything appeared to be as it had been.

Today is March 30, 2012 and Andrea has taken a significant change for the worse. Yesterday, she and her husband, Anthony went to an appointment, and Anthony noticed that Andrea seemed to be falling into deep sleeps, or passing out off and on. While at their appointment, Anthony called their nurse to explain what was happening and she thought it was normal progression for someone in Andrea’s state and told Anthony she would meet him at his house, so Anthony brought Andrea home. For the next few hours, Andrea slipped in and out of consciousness, and when she was conscious, she was mostly unresponsive, with only occasional non-verbal responses, but even with these she did not seem to have any purposeful movement and was labored in her breathing. It was decided that Andrea should be taken to the Emergency Room to confirm that this state was caused by the cancer and not some secondary condition that could possibly be treated to allow her to continue to battle the tumor. When they arrived in the ER, Andrea was immediately taken back for a CAT Scan. The results showed that the tumor was significantly larger and this was the reason for her unconsciousness. This pressure on the brain stem is causing her systems to begin to shut down. The doctor said that from what he could tell, she has lost vision in one of her eyes, and possibly the other. Naturally, Anthony and the family questioned the ER doctor what was to be expected; would Andrea live for days like this or weeks? His response was that if she made it weeks he’d be shocked. No, he was not a specialist in this area, but his response was in line with what we had already been told by the specialists. The baby is only 14 weeks, and though the baby is fine right now, it would not survive outside the womb so there is no action that can be taken medically speaking to save the baby. The doctor also said that she will not regain consciousness.

After several hours of being unconscious and unresponsive, as they were leaving the hospital to return home, Anthony asked Andrea if she was comfortable after lifting her into the car. Andrea, to his surprise after what the doctor just said, nodded “yes” and for the first time since arriving at the hospital and seemed to relax. Anthony believes it was because she knew she was going home. No one had been prepared for Andrea’s sudden decline. Our founder’s wife, Annette, went to speak to Anthony’s mother, Robin, who was at his house, to find out the details of the hospital visit and found her crying and upset. She told Annette that she had just been re-living the events of the day and she couldn’t take in everything that had happened in such a short time within these walls. Robin explained to Annette that she had been with Andrea earlier in the day and saw her doing things she hadn’t done for weeks, even in the last couple of months. A member of our parish church had been coming out to Caritas every Thursday to bring Andrea Holy Communion. On this Thursday, March 29, after she received the Eucharist, the two of them sat at the kitchen table and talked and Robin was amazed at the depth of conversation taking place between the two of them. Over the past month Andrea only communicated with people in one or two sentences at the most, and she did not often initiate conversation. Robin told Annette that she, herself hadn’t had a real conversation with Andrea for quite some time outside of these short basic sentences, yet, here Andrea was talking back and forth and sharing with the Eucharistic minister.

While sitting at the table, Andrea was looking at several pictures of her own little family, portraits of them taken on Christmas Eve, 2011. There were three different poses, and Robin told Annette that Andrea was studying each picture slowly and carefully, going back and forth between them, scanning each of the faces so dear to her: Anthony and their three children, Rebekah, Andrew and Jacob. Again, it was with greater attention than Robin has seen from Andrea in a long time.

Afterwards, Andrea got up and began walking around their living room with her cane, casting her gaze around the room, noticing different things that seemed to suddenly catch her interest. Andrea had stopped walking on her own several weeks ago, because of the loss of use of her left side. She needs assistance getting around her home, and a wheelchair for longer distances. Again, Robin was amazed to see Andrea, from her own initiative, walking with just her cane in her home. Her nearly one year old baby, Jacob, was crawling on the floor. Jacob has not been that responsive to Andrea for some time, perhaps because she is unable to hold him well with one arm, tight enough where he feels secure. Because Andrea has been unable to care for him, his needs are met by his dad, his grandparents and aunts. It has been sad to watch this progression. But today was different. Watching his mom walking around the room, perhaps sensing something different about her this day, little Jacob crawled to her and wanted her to pick him up and hold him. Though she couldn’t pick him up, Robin placed him in her lap, and they sat snuggled together for some time, Jacob content in his mother’s arms. Remembering back to this sweet moment earlier in the day broke Robin’s heart. How could Andrea suddenly be able to do things she hadn’t been able to do in weeks, and within a few short hours fall into unconsciousness, totally unexpected and without warning? But, perhaps this was a special grace God gave to Andrea because of the trial she would shortly be undergoing.

Once Anthony returned home with Andrea from the hospital, Andrea gave little signs of responsiveness throughout the night, a slight squeeze of her husband’s hand, a slight nod as he laid her in their bed after asking if she was comfortable. The next morning, Anthony explained to his children Rebekah-4, Andrew-3, and Jacob-11 months, who is in his own little world of being a baby, that their mommy is very sick and that they should go speak to her because she may not be able to hear them later on. He brought them into Andrea’s room where they crawled in bed beside her, giving kisses and saying I love you’s. Again, there was a flicker of recognition and movement in Andrea that gave Anthony the impression that she knew they were there and could hear them.

When asked this morning how Andrea was, Anthony said that she had responded to him this morning, actually saying ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ Mary, Andrea’s mother, also asked Andrea a question and she nodded ‘yes.’ So, she is not completely unconscious right now, but seems to lapse back into it. These signs show that she can at least sometimes hear us. When we went to see Andrea today, upon entering their home, the family was gathered in the living room and Fr. Anthony Weiss from Our Lady of the Valley Church was present. Several of us along with our founder’s wife, Annette, and his daughter, with Andrea’s family went into her bedroom. As we all knelt around the bed, and Anthony climbed onto the bed beside Andrea with his children, Rebekah, Andrew and Jacob, Father Weiss gave Andrea the Last Rites/Anointing of the Sick, with the Apostolic Pardon. With this blessing, Andrea is in as pure a state of grace as possible, and if death were to come, hope of Heaven is waiting. He also prayed a beautiful prayer over the baby in Andrea’s womb. We feel so blessed that Father came in this time of need immediately. Though Andrea seemed completely unconscious by all appearances, just as Father Weiss began she suddenly pulled the sheets back and beautifully grasped her rosary in her right hand. She made the Sign of the Cross both times Father’s blessing called for it. Incredible. Annette went to Andrea afterwards to hold her hand and let her know that she had contacted Paolo and Marija and that Marija would be presenting her to Our Lady today, March 30, 2012, at Apparition Time. Caritas’ founder has been away for the week, but was in close contact with everyone by phone.

It was, in fact, our founder who had asked us to call a priest to see if he could baptize Anthony and Andrea’s baby. Our founder was not aware that just this past week an announcement was made by the Vatican that a new blessing had been approved for babies while they are still in their mother’s womb. This news was released only five days ago on the Feast of the Annunciation, March 25, 2012. Although the prayer has not been released yet, it still was a comfort to know this, especially in light of Our Lady’s message given to Marija on this day in which She said:

“…Also today, with joy, I desire to give you my motherly blessing…”


Anthony and Andrea’s family, as well as the Community, are continuing to have hope. It is significant that this is taking place right now, just days before entering into Holy Week. “This is a time of your trial,” Our Lady just said. The cross that this family is carrying right now seems too heavy for all involved especially being so young with a husband and three little children. But our crosses are chosen for us with the intention of bringing us not just to Calvary, but to our Resurrection. Your prayers are needed greatly for this intention and we know that many of you have kept Andrea daily in your prayers and masses. We pray and hope for God’s Will that if He chooses to grant this miracle that the prayer will be there in exchange of it, but we also know that as Our Lady’s children we must want God’s Perfect Will to be fulfilled through this.

In remembering the story from Poem of the Man-God Volume 5, Martha and Mary sat waiting at Lazarus’ bedside as he was dying. Jesus loved this family with a special love, yet He asked them to have hope beyond hope. It seemed too much to ask of them. The sisters waited, wept, prayed, and begged for Jesus to come…immediately. But He waited. And though Martha caved into her fears, and hurts, and her heart and sent for Jesus, Mary purified her great love for Christ by believing beyond belief even through her tears and temptations, and had confidence in the miracle. We know Andrea is going to experience a resurrection in just a short time from now, through either a healing or through entering eternal life in Heaven. Our hope and prayer continues to be for God’s Will.

Anthony, Andrea’s parents and their families have seen enough indications from Andrea that they believe she can hear everything around her, at least for the time being. If you would like to send a word of encouragement to Anthony and Andrea, we know it would be a consolation to them both as they carry this cross towards their Calvary. We will make sure each and every one of them is read to Andrea. We need you and count on you to help hold up all of our arms right now as Aaron did for Moses. We especially ask this of you on behalf of Anthony, who has been Andrea’s St. Joseph all the way through, along with their families and the Community.


Love and Prayers as We Enter Holy Week,
Erin, COCI
On behalf of the Community of Caritas

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278 thoughts on “Update Young Mother in Community Who is Dying”

  1. gordon macdonald

    I an so sorry to read about your loss of Andrea. I know it has been some time ago now , but she will still be with you in thought’ I came across this news as I was searching for family connections and Andrea’s mane came up. I live in the highland of Scotland, and would have loved to have talked to her about our family connection ? I hope you are all well Regards Gordon MacDonald. take care

  2. gordon macdonald

    I an so sorry to read about your loss of Andrea. I know it has been some time ago now , but she will still be with you in thought’ I came across this news as I was searching for family connections and Andrea’s mane came up. I live in the highland of Scotland, and would have loved to have talked to her about our family connection ? I hope you are all well Regards Gordon MacDonald. take care

  3. O, Glorious Apostle St. Jude, true relative of Jesus and Mary, I salute you through the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I praise and thank God for all the graces He has bestowed upon you. I implore you, through the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts, to look upon Andrea and her baby with compassion. Despise not our prayers for her healing, and let our trust be not in vain. To you has been assigned the privilege of aiding mankind in the most desperate cases. Come to her aid at this moment, that she may praise the mercies of God. All her life, We will be grateful to you, and you will be our faithful patron, until we can thank you in Heaven. Amen. Blessed Apostle with confidence we invoke thee! St. Jude, Help of the Hopeless, aid Andrea and her baby in their distress! In JESUS NAME!

  4. Andrea and Anthony, “Something GOOD is going to happen, something Good is in store. Continue to praise the Lord”. Joan Sullivan

  5. rebecca carroll

    God’s Grace be with you always. Your light and beauty radiate for us all as you and your family are held in the love of the Holy Trinity and Our Blessed Mother. Strength, Grace, Trust, and Courage are in my prayers for God’s plan and will for your family.

  6. Dear Anthony and Andrea I have you in my heart and in my prayers. I pray that you will be healed in Jesus Name.

  7. Prayer for the Intercession of Saint Peregrine Father of Love and Mercy, You miraculously cured Saint Peregrine of an advanced cancer of his foot when the power of man could do no more. You favored him with the vision of Jesus coming down from His cross to heal his affliction. Hear the prayers we offer, through the intercession of Saint Peregrine, for the cure of the sick whom we entrust to You. May all who suffer pain, illness or disease know that You are with them even in the depths of despair. Enable them to see Your plan and bring them closer to Your Son who accepted our sufferings to teach us the virtues of meekness and patience as we carry our crosses through life. Amen. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Mother of Perpetual Help, your name inspires confidence and offers hope. We come before your holy image in praise and thanksgiving to God, seeking your intercession with Jesus your Son, for all the needs in our lives, but especially at this time for Andrea Pipp. Thank you Blessed Mother.

  8. Dearest Andrea, I have been praying for you and your unborn baby since I heard the news. God is so good. I am praying for a miracle. Jesus is still the Miracle Worker. I am asking Jesus and the Father for your complete recovery. And I know that Jesus never refused a request from his Mother. So I also ask the Blessed Mother to intercede for you and your family in obtaining this special grace. Anita

  9. Although I believe that Andrea and her family are the miracle in this situation to us all, I also believe beyond belief that there is more to come. I know it’s easier said than believed, especially from a far, but believe…no situation is hopeless in God. Believe (even to the last second if it gets there) and don’t be afraid to ask for a miracle, He’s done it before and He will do it again. He will bring family back to life!

  10. Dolores A. Landry

    Andrea and Anthony you have given gifts to me beyond measure. I am forever grateful to the Blessed Mother and Her Only Begotten Son, Jesus, that you came into my life. It has been a grace and a blessing for me to pray with you and for you. You are in my heart and always in my prayers. God’s Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

  11. Julie & Dennis Downey

    Anthony and Andrea, We continue to pray for you and your family.Dennis and I have been deeply touched by your faith and strength.I know that Our father in heaven is at your side. Dennis and I lost our oldest son in August he died of a sudden heart attack. He was a wonderful son. We never knew he was sick.I often blamed my self if only we knew we could have helped him. Thank you for allowing us to be of help to you when you were really helping us understand that we are only the administrators of goods that our lord has entrusted to us. God is the final word. We continue to pray for everyone in your families.

  12. Patricia de Araujo Pereira Cos

    Dear Anthony, Andrea and family, May the presence and love of God and Mary be your strength at this very hard moment. May the Lord’s will be done. I see you are a very happy and blessed family because you know the love of God and despite this very heavy cross and pain, you live in this short life according to God’s will, and in the next and eternal life you will be happy by His side, in His glory, and this is what matters. Andrea is sick, but her soul is healthy and if it happens to be her time to leave, she will reach our goal: Heaven. My family and I will carry you all in our prayers in a special way this Holy Week. May the dear Lord and our mother be your confort and hope. May the angels of Heaven come and bring you, Anthony, new strength as they did to Jesus at His Passion. With love and prayers and trust, Patricia

  13. I join my prayers to all others who are praying for this beautiful, faith filled family that is undergoing such difficult trials. I will pray that God’s Will be done, through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother. God Bless you all!

  14. Dear Medjugorje Family, Such a beautiful picture of a family, and a witnesss of faith and trust in God’s will.I am sending prayers and love to the family and all of Caritas

  15. Dear Andrea and Anthony, I pray your cross does not prove too heavy to bear. May the Lord’s will be done for you and your family and if it is not what we would want, I pray you all can find peace and solace when it is most needed. I pray for a great miracle for you. Sincerely, Suzanne and Tim

  16. angela marie casebier

    My Dearest Child Of Our Blessed Mother ,Andrea , My Prayers Have Been with you , Anthony and Your Beautiful 3 Children since I Read about Youll. I have been saying the Rosary and the Memorare For you Andrea for a healing if it is Gods will and now also for your unborn baby and Anthony and youlls 3 kids ! Wow You and your husband has great strength and Faith I Feel It and see it !This Prayer of Blessed Mother Teresa deffinely discribes what you and Anthony and kids have done in youll life with all of us. Dear Jesus help me to spread thy fragance everywhere I go .Flood my soul with Tht Spirit and love. Penetrate and possess my whole being . Shine Through me and be in me so that every soul that I come in contact with may feel Thy Presence in my soul !Let them see me no longer but only you Jesus . Stay with me and then I shall begin to shine as you Shine so to be a light to others amen! Prayer of Mother Teresa ! Andrea ,I see you Shine so Bright And Anthony and Those 3 Little Angels ! love

  17. my prayers for the young family and all other families who are going through the same grief. we can all learn the strength and faith from one another with the love of holy family, JESUS, MARY AND JOSEPH.

  18. Thank you for keeping me posted on our preciousfamily.ABBA Father I ask in the name of your Son Jesus,& with the help of the Holy Spirit to grant a miracle to this most precious family as we all walk through Holy Week to gether as your children.May it be Thy will that It is done. with love & prayer Your daughter June. J>M>J

  19. Cathy and Peter PATER

    Dear Anthony and Andrea, Our prayers are with you and your wonderful family, especially in this Holy Week. May Our Mother Mary, Queen of Peace comfort you and give you strength and peace. We pray to God for a miracle to happen, you are very much in our thoughts. May God bless you all, love and prayers Cathy and Peter.

  20. Dear Anthony and Andrea, Know that you are in my prayers! Prayer is POWER, and God can do all things. He is holding you all in the palm of His Hand right now. There is no safer place. Trust Him because He loves you immensely. I love you also and will continue praying for you.

  21. Dearest Andrea, Anthony and family. As I young mother myself, I was so moved by your story when I first started following it, Andrea you give me such strength through your perseverance and strong faith. My prayers and love go out to all of you and your family. Please stay strong through God’s love, may His Will be fulfilled…

  22. I offer my prayers for you to Jesus during the remembrance of his great entry into the Holy City on this Palm Sunday weekend, that the Holy Will of God be fulfilled. Peace to you all in God’s Holy Name.

  23. Andrea is a living example of how we should all be. Her faith, and trust in God and her love and respect for all life, even at the cost of her own. Prayers for her and her family. helen

  24. May God our Father keep on Blessing you all, may the heart of Mary guide you into the peace of Jesus her son. May you know the love of Jesus Crucified for each one of you. Thank you for your Faith and Love. You are in my pray and tomorrow my Mass is offer up for you all Shalom in the Heart of Jesus and Blessed Mary Mary Alice

  25. Mike and Sherry

    Dearest Andrea and Anthony, Two words come to us as we pray – Believe and Trust. Repeat those words often. We stand on God’s miraculous work and we hope beyond all hope. His will be done! All these prayers and offerings coming your way – we are washing your feet Andrea. Your cross is an extremely difficult one for you and your family as well as all the community members, but we are all your extended family and we will help you carry your cross Andrea. Hearing is the last sense to leave the body, so all you there just keep talking to Andrea, even though she may appear to not hear you she is hearing you. The everlasting God in His wisdom foreseen from eternity the cross that He now presents to you. It is a gift from His inmost heart. This cross He now sends you He has considered with His all knowing eyes, understood with His Divine mind, tested with His wise justice, warmed with loving arms and weighed with His own hands to see that it be not one inch too large and not one ounce to heavy for you. He has blessed it with His holy Name, anointed it with His grace, perfumed it with His consolation, taken one last glance at you, his precious child, and your courage, and then sent it to you from heaven, a special greeting from God to you, an alms of the all-merciful love of God. St. Francis de Sales. No one can do it as well as you can Andrea. We love you and our prayers continue, sweet child of God.

  26. Denise Sibilly

    May JESUS and Mary bless and protect you and your family . Be patient and wait on the Lord. Jesus loves you. I will pray for you and your family. Love Denise M. Sibilly

  27. Dearest Andrea and Anthony It was just yesterday, that I saw the beautiful sparks of love darting between the two of you during your engagement; and then came your beautiful wedding where me and Momma join the entourage of cars that followed you at top speed all the way back to Caritas. I stood there with your Mom, Mary admiring yall’s beautiful wedding cake then the unexpected happened…and my scream could be heard clear back to the highway when your wedding cake fell. Your Mom calmed me down and went to tell you what had happened. Your smiled and said thats ok and Anthony smiled too. I still have fond memories of the “i loved you first” father-daughter dance where your silently shed tears while being waltz around the room. You and Anthony are such a beautiful couple and your love story is so strong and so powerful especially in light of how young you both are. I made a 9day novena for your complete recovery; I take your pregnancy as a positive response to my novena hugs 2 u both

  28. Dear Andrea, Anthony my prayers are with you and your young family. Also with your families, who watch and wait for God’s choice of miracle. To each member of this precious community whose hearts are wound as one. Amen.

  29. andrea & anthony God loves you and will be by your side now and forever along with your children. God will care for them with the help of their family and community. my prayers are with Gos’d will and your comfort love audrey

  30. Andrea is included in my prayers, especially this Holy Week. With God, Nothing is impossible… Prayerfully, vi

  31. Dear Andrea and Anthony, Praying for both of you and the children. Today,you were remembered in Our Lady’s rosary, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and also in the Chaplet of the Precious Blood of Jesus. May you always have hope and joyful faith in Jesus and Mary. With Mary’s Special Blessing, I pray for God’s peace to be with you and the family. Sincerely yours, Duane

  32. May Our Mother ask Jesus for a miracle of healing & to give the family incredible strength to make through this difficult time. I pray that Andrea feel the comfort & love of Our Mother.

  33. I will be praying for you in a great way as I travel back to Medugorje this Holy Week. Just like Lazarus, the paralytic lowered into Peters mother in laws house , and like the man at the Bethseda pools in Jerusalem.. Jesus will make all things well .. It is by grace and faith that we are healed. Jesus and Mary’s live envelop your whole family during this time.

  34. Dave & Mary Groff

    Anthony, Andrea, Jacob, Rebekah, Andrew and Baby, we have been holding you in our hearts and in our prayers interceding for you that God’s will be done and that He be glorified through your love. Dave & Mary

  35. Anthony, Andrea and Caritas Family, Every Mass and Communion continue to be yours. You are all in Our Loving Fathers hands as He so gently works His Plan, be strong, be at Peace. In the Hearts, Rena

  36. I know that you trust in Jesus and Mary what ever Thier will is for your family, They will never desert you . Please forgive my inadiquit commuicasion skills, may my prayers for your help carry your cross. all my prayers and love Mary

  37. I am strengthened by your faith. I pray God will grant you a miraculous healing. May your family continue living the faith and giving your heroic example of such a virtuous life.May God give you strength and peace. I will pray for your whole family. In faith, hope,and love, Anne

  38. I have been praying for Andrea and her unborn baby daily since I first learned of her plight from Caritas. Now I will expand my prayers to include Anthony, their children and their extended family and friends. My son died 8 months ago, at age 38, after 7 yrs. of battling cancer. Jesus gave us many miracles over the years and Mother Mary was ever present. May God be with you all.

  39. As I led our congregation in the Rosary this evening I prayed for Andrea, her baby and for my daughter who is 10 weeks pregnant, that God’s will be done. I also pray for Anthony and their children that God fill them with peace that passes understanding. I pray that Mary bless them in a special way and that they and all the members of Caritas be comforted by our prayers and supported by the abounding supernatural love of Christ. God is with you all in this time of need and know that you are all witnessing to us who watch with eyes of children; looking up to our older siblings. We love you all! In the Peace of Our Lady, your sister in Christ, Tracy

  40. Dearest Andrea, We are praying for your complete, total, instantaneous and permanent healing! Our hearts and prayers are with you, your husband and children and extended family Blessings, In Mary’s Heart……….

  41. I will say a prayer for this family, God has his reasons for the things that happen and sometime it’s not what we want. But I would love to see A mircal happen for this family. That would be so awsome. I will pray.

  42. You are in the prayers of all the Divine Mercy prayer group in Memphis and in the prayer boxes in eastpointe. We pray everyday at 3:00 and at noon for all these intentions. Please,God give this whole family the grace to do accept your Holy will. Our love and prayers are with you!

  43. Andrea, Anthony, what brave, holy people you are. I pray for you and your children and the unborn child. I ask God for a miracle to save the child. May God’s will be done. With love to you, Barbara

  44. Dear Andrea, You have been and will continue to be in my prayers every day. I pray for you and Anthony and your 3 beautiful children. I also pray, if it is God’s Will, that you will recover and the baby in your womb will be delivered alive. You are a very strong young woman and God has given you many blessings. We are all praying that He will bless you once more, either here on earth or in Heaven. With all my love, Phyllis Yaich

  45. Marie Delicata-Bennett

    A very moving story. I am so touched and I will pray for you all that God,s will may be done in this regard. I love to say the rosary of liberation and will say this especially for you Andrea and your lovely family. I will also continue to pray for you all. What a beautiful family you are. I feel privliged to have read your story and be able to help you with my prayers . May Jesus and his blessed mother stay close to you at this sad time and send you their special blessings and love. Marie.

  46. Dearest Andrea and Anthony I just read the great suffering that you are undergoing now. I lift up my hearts to Most Holy Trinity and Holy Family of Nazareth, that to hear our prayer for the Family of Anthony and Andrea. May God bless you and heal you from all suffering and make you whole again for the glory of God and salvation of many, This healing may bring strong faith in the hearts of the faithful and our own faith to strengthen. May Mary our Mother wraps her mantle around you and protect you from all harm and bring you to good heath of body, mind and spirit. May Jesus lookup on you with love and kindness and bring you healing. I believe He can do it. My fasting and prayers of this week will be offered for your family. May He deliver you from all afflictions and give you strength and courage to face God’s will. Love you and praying for you. Sr. Udaya

  47. I ask Jesus to give you Andrea, Anthony, and children His greatest blessings, as you carry your Cross this Holy Week. I will be praying for you and your whole family. May God our Father bless and keep you all in the loving arms of Our Mother.

  48. Dear Anthony and Andrea thankyou for your undying love and submission to the Fathers will in enduring this cross that has been given to you to bare. We know that you are truly loved and will be eternally rewarded for your faithfulness. We keep you in our prayers and lift you up in daily Mass. In the love of Jesus and Mary Barbara Aamot

  49. Randy & Judy Timms

    Dear Anthony, Andrea and family. We want to say what a blessing it was when you came into our lives. We have seen the love that you have for Our Lady and for God. You have been a shining light luminating God’s love for all His children. We thank God we were able to help you in your time of need and also to learn more about Caritas. It always humors Randy that Andrew would answer to his nickname, “Larry”. You are in our prayers always. God bless you in this difficult time. Love you, Randy & Judy.

  50. May the Trinity and our Blessed Mother be with you now & always. You and Your family will remain in my prayers!

  51. Andrea: A prayer for you and your unborn baby – that God will hold you both in the palm of his hands and give you peace beyond all understanding.

  52. Suzanne Farley

    Eternal Father we ask that you hold Andrea close to your heart. Hear the prayers of those who ask for a miracle of healing if it is accordance with your will. But thy will be done not ours. Send your angels to surround her bed with their protection and prayer and send your angels to strengthen and console her family in their anguish. Let Andrea feel your presence and your healing powers and guide this young family through their sorrow and grief to know that you are with them through it all. All in accordance with your wil. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ my lord and saviour.

  53. Dearest Andrea, Anthony & family, Know that you are all in my deepest prayers… my heart hurts for what you are all having to endure, esp. the little ones… I know Our Lady is with you all; and I pray God’s grace, strength, & healing be bestowed on Andrea & baby according to God’s holy will, in Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

  54. Andrea this prayer for you We come before you Lord on behalf of our sister Andrea listening to our prayers , well she need your blessing my Jesus, you are a God that heals, your is power is still seen today. Lord, we pray for healing for our sister Andrea, help her family not to discouraged, we thank you for being the merciful God that you are, in Jesus name .

  55. Deasr Andrea and Anthony,I just read your story,and will be praying for you and your family.May all the holy angels and saints bring you hope and peace.

  56. Dear Andrew and Andrea and your lovely family. I just read the update on Andrea and at this very moment your whole family is in my prayers. May God Bless all of you. I am praying that Andrea’s suffering will diminish soon and that she is in God’s perfect light. I cannot imagine how all of you must be feeling with each day. I pray that the Blessed Mother is holding Andrea in her arms and is with her in her suffering. Much Love to all of you.

  57. Norma Martinez

    Hola Andrea and Anthony I just start to pray for you an all your family, and also for the litlle baby,God it’s with you and hi blessyou; the precious blood cover you and our Mother Mary pray for you and present your needs to Jesucristo. I love you and we has to trust even in sad times. God blessyou.

  58. Jesus, we trust in You, especially in this dark hour! Help this family to see through Your eyes. My prayers are with you all!

  59. Thank you for sharing with us and accepting our prayers and love for you, your family, and your baby. May Jesus and His Mother be holding you as gently as you hold your dear children. Prayers and Blessings

  60. Andrea: I pray for you, your husband and your children. May God give you all the courage and strength to carry your cross.

  61. Dearest Andrea and Anthony, I began a novena to St. Joseph and you both and your little ones are mentioned in this novena. God only knows what His Will is in this but I promise you both that EVERY DAY my heart remembers you. love and blessings, susan

  62. Dear Andrea, Anthony & Family we are all praying for all of you. Our hearts are very heavy because of what you are going through. We are so proud of you, your faith and courage through all of this has helped us to keep the faith.We pray that it is God’s will for you to stay on earth and raise your family.If that is not God’s will we will have to accept it.You have 2 wonderful families that will make sure your children are loved and happy and they will help your children know how much you Love them.We will continue to pray for a miracle for you that you will get through this. We all love you so much and wish we could be there with you.We will continue to pray for all of you and send you our love and strength to help you through this time of need. Andrea you are such a beautiful young woman inside and out and a wonderful mother and wife. I’m so proud to say your my niece. All of our love goes out to you and all of your family. God bless you.

  63. Andrea, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I pray that God’s will be done in all things. Thank you for being such a fine example of what it means to put your trust in God.

  64. George Zaaragoza

    Dear Anthony and Andrea, my heart goes out to you, as I know and feel you have GOD’S will in your hearts, my prayers and rosaries and mass’s for you, with great love my dear brother and sister in Christ, my hearts hurts for you, but our faith always gives us hope and comfort. Great Love in Christ and Our Blessed Mother.


  66. Mildred and Shawn Moore

    Hello Andrea and Anthony Pipp and Family, Our hearts go out to you and your family. I have been following Andrea’s progress every since I opend up the message from the Community of Caritas. I keep you all in my prayers.This is a very emotional experience for us as well. God Bless your struggles. Truly very difficult situation. I believe especially in times like these we must remember our Faith. What ever Gods reasons for these crosses to bear. Trust in God. Never give up. May our Blessed Mother and Our Lord Jesus be with you ALWAYS! Please keep in touch with us. Thank you for sharing with us. You are all in our prayers! With Love and Trust in Our Lord Jesus, Mildred and Shawn Moore

  67. Leli & Lina Vella

    Dear Andrea & Anthony, believe right-now that you’r those persons being carried in God’s Arms, while watching those foot-steps in the sand. Always in our prayers.God Loves YOU.

  68. Andrea, We pray that our mother will intervene for you and your family and Jesus will respond to her loving request.

  69. We join you in praying for a miracle for Andrea and her unborn baby. Our hearts are there with the family every minute and we thank you for the beautiful update! Please convey our love and prayers to precious Andrea. All the Locks Family

  70. Heartbreaking story. My prayers are for the will of God for this young couple. Certainly whatever happens it will be for the best. God Bless them in their struggle. I will pray for them and theirs. Please God all will be well. We are humbled by their faith.

  71. Dear Anthony and Andrea, You are in our prayers and thoughts. You are loved by so many. God bless you and your beautiful family.

  72. Dear Andrea and Anthony, Today you may feel that there is no benefit to your suffering, but you children will remember howdevoted, kind, and gentle Anthony is and so they will learn to be so. They learned and will remember how much Andrea loved them, and in turn and love others. You pain is not lost as the poor souls in purgatory will benefit from your continued faith. Thank you for being a living example of how Christ would want us to behave.

  73. Andrea and family, I pray that if Andrea is to pass into the loving arms of Jesus, that it is with ease and comfort. May God Bless you. For the sake of Jesus’ sorrowful passion, may God have mercy on you and on the whole world.

  74. Dear Anthony and Andrea, your pain must be so great at this time. I hope that you can imagine yourselves resting in the arms of Jesus and that this will strengthen and console you. I will pray another novena to my patron saint for you. Love Kay xxx

  75. Dear Andrea, Anthony, God bless you. Call the HOLY TRINITY to help you. We all are praying for you. Anthony , ask ST. JOSEPH to help you carry this cross. Remember nothing is impossible to GOD. Andrea, we all love you, with love, Elsy & family

  76. Dear Andrea and Anthony. I am praying for you and for your children. I also have three little children and I know how much we love our babies. I wonder how many souls will be saved by Jesus by your example and sufferings. I wish someday I may meet you in the joy of heaven with Jesus and Mary. God be with you! Come Holy Spirit and renew us with the power of love, Amem! Luiz

  77. Dear Andrea and Anthony, praying for you both in this time of need, God Bless you and your family and your little unborn baby.

  78. Dearest Anthony, & Caritas Family, As believers we are so blessed to know that Our Lord is in control and does only what is best for each & everyone of us. We may not always understand, but we accept and go on in faith. We are all in Prayer for you Anthony & Andrea & your whole family. We were never promised a rose garden here on earth, but surely we will enter that garden in heaven. Many hugs and prayers are being offered up to you and your family. We love you!!! Barbara

  79. Joan Parlatore

    Dearest Andrea and Anthony, I am still praying for your full and complete recovery. We don’t understand (least of all me) what God has planned, but we must trust in HIM. I am praying that you rise in Easter like our Lord Jesus Christ! +Love you, Joanie+

  80. Dear Andera, Andrew, Mary and Joe, I am following with tears Andrea’s story and remembering the two pilgrimages I was on with you so many years ago in Medjugorje. My prayer group has been praying for you weekly and I hope all of you in my prayers each day. With love and a big hug, Evie

  81. enrique aleman

    Anthony, I shall pray for Andrea tonight and tomorrow at the Mass in the Basilica of the Holy Spirit, church of Santa Maria de Guadalupe. I will pray, and I invite all people who reads these lines, asking the intercession of St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina. Blessings for all your family, specially for your kids

  82. Andrea & Anthony, My prayers are with you both. Our Lord is full of mercy and will never abandon us. Though at times it is hard to understand why things happen, it is the eternal plan we lose sight of sometimes-take it from someone who had a similar situation as yours last year. God does love us with a everlasting love so have no fear for he is a loving Father. Hold tight to your faith and the rosary which will bring light and peace.

  83. Ron and Lorrie Mammarella

    Dear Anthony, Andrea and the whole community of Caritas no words can express what we feel inside for you and your family. You are in our daily masses, adoration hour, divine chplets and general prayers throughout the day. Lord your will, not mine is something you all and our family continues to accept and live by. We know resurection will conqure death. Through the power of the alminghty God, Peace, love the Mammarella family

  84. David & Renetta Wathen

    Andrea, Anthony, & Family, Our hearts go out to you in your tremendous trials. Know that we are keeping you all in our prayers. What awesome witnesses and models you are to the rest of us! We feel so fortunate to have met you!! God’s love & Peace, David & Renetta

  85. Dear Anthony and Andrea, Christ Peace! As Our Lord sets his face toward Jerusalem and the cross we all watch in wonder. We do the same for you and your family knowing that this too will bring the greatest good in God’s perfect plan. Our Lady is with you all as you walk beside her son. Thank you, your beautiful child, and your family for your yes. You are in our prayers. God Bless you all. Karen

  86. I know the Good Lord has a very special place for Andrea and her whole family. I will surely remember all of you in my prayers and hope for a miracle. God Bless You all.

  87. Dear Andrea, you are in my prayers and masses. Thank you for your yes to Jesus and Blessed mother. We love you and are praying that Jesus will give you and your family the graces needed.

  88. Dear Andrea, My favorite picture, as far back as I can recall, is THE ROAD TO EMMAUS. As you can see it is my Email address. May this beautiful and peaceful image of Our Lord walking along serenely with his two disciples bring you peace and the assurance that if it is His will, that you will join Him soon and if not now, then may He heal and strengthen you to walk this road here on earth, to help others to take this walk of Faith and trust in God with you. May God bless you and may Mary keep you close to Her Immaculate Heart.

  89. Dear Andrea and Anthony and family, Your life has been such an inspiration, a beautiful legacy of how we should all live. You all are in our prayers and, prayers move mountains! Remember, the greatest of miracles will occur in the end times. God bless and keep all of you now and forever……Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…..lovingly, mj

  90. Pray for you Andrea, here on earth everyone is struggling with pain. Some people have more pain than others,but we can’t understand God right now. Our mind is to small to understand our Creator. But the only thing to stay focused is that He is Love and He create us not for here but to stay with Him in Heaven – our home. hug

  91. Dear Andrea, you are a very generous soul, offering your life in a redemptive suffering benefitting many souls. For that I thank you. Am one of the many united in praying for you and your family. Remember us too in your prayers. God Bless you. From the Philippines.

  92. Barb & Bud Kehew

    Dear Andrea & Anthony, It was with sadness and hope that we read this update. Be assured that you and your family remain it our prayers. God’s Grace is all around you. All of us in Tulsa are so blessed that you came into our lives. Prayers & hope continue. Love & Blessings Barb & Bud Kehew

  93. Jesus His Blessed Mother and all the angels and Saints are with you, I will offer up my Rosary for your healing, love and hugs and OUR FATHERS BLESSING BE WITH YOU SPIRIT

  94. Andrea and Andrew, Every time I think of you, I am surrounded by the love that eminates from you. The love that Our Lady has nurtured in you and the Caritas Community has brought peace to the hearts of many. God is imparting many graced upon you at this moment. Joshua and I are praying for you and your precious babies.

  95. Joseph Devaney

    Dear Andrea, May our Blessed Mother and Jesus take care of you in this hour of need. I will keep you and your family in my prayers as we approach Easter. God bless you. Joseph

  96. Dearest Andrea and Anthony: I have heard of your great trial and suffering. I am lifting my heart and soul to God, who is love, that healing will take place and life for you, Andrea will remain here with your dear family. But if God has a higher plan for you, that He give you His immense peace and consolation to bear this huge cross. You are a testament to faith, trust and hope, dear Andrea and Anthony. I will remember you as I walk my own path towards God’s eternal rest for me. You are following the path of righteousness, and God is pleased. May you and your whole family feel love surrounding you from near and far, giving you courage and strength, and the hope that God Our Father is truly with you through this trial. I will have a Mass said for you at my parish, for your intention. In the love of Christ, Susan

  97. May the Blessed Mother wrap Her mantle around you all and I ask God to bless you and cover all with the precious blood of Jesus. I thank God for your faith. It will be what carries you through this and all your trials of life. I will offer my prayers for you and a Holy hour.

  98. Dear Andrea and Anthony, I have just read you story and I will pray for you and your family, especially for the child in your womb. Make God smile on you and grant you the answer to your prayers. Maryann

  99. Dear Andrea, I know that St. Gianna is holding your hand through all of this. I was so touched with “her” story and I have been so “moved” with your story. How unselfish your love is! I know our precious Lord and our dear mother, Mary, are at your side at every moment. Take comfort in knowing every moment of life is blanketed with prayers from those who love you. Not only for you, but for Anthony and your precious little ones, and especially that life you carry within you. Gods will be done! Love and prayers, Julie H.

  100. My mother-in-law was in a coma and was not Catholic. My husband and I were praying the rosary all night. She came out of her coma for a brief period and asked me what was I saying and asked about the rosary beads! I told her we thought she was totally out of it but she told us about our conversation! It was like she was in a tunnel. She was told by God she could awake and say her goodbyes to us and she would slip back off and leave this world and that is exactly what happened. I tell everyone who has a loved one in a coma state, that they do hear you and your words mean so much. Our suffering is united to you. No words can express the heaviness of the heart. You are definitely in our prayers and hearts. We were there in Caritas last March and I will forever cherish our time there with the community and Our Blessed Lady. Your community has moved me and my husband closer to the Lord and Our wonderful Lady.

  101. My heart goes out to you and your young family during this time of trial. You are in the best Hands you can be in. May you feel the love, comfort and peace of His presence in your lives as each day passes. My love and prayers for you and with you. God bless you and keep you all.

  102. Ann-Marie Stonoha Beecher

    I haven’t been back to visit Caritas since I became an adult, so you probably wouldn’t remember the times I and my family were there, but I do. So I ask God, that as we played and prayed together as children, that now that we are parents, that He let’s the heartache that has overtaken me at hearing your news, alleviate some of your suffering so you may enjoy, a little easier, this time that you have together. Andrea, from one mother to another, Love, Hugs, and Blessings on Your Little Ones.

  103. christine mitchell

    god bless andria & her wonderful family I will pray for you all with my whole heart trust in god god bless

  104. Vincent Machira

    Our Heavenly Father is not deaf, as not to hear our prayers, He is not blind as not to see what Andrea is going through, but in everything let us give thanks to Him. Let His Holy Will be fulfilled. My family and I put Andrea in prayer for a miracle so that His Holy Name will be glorified.

  105. Dear Andrea, May the blessing and love of Our precious Lord Jesus envelope you and all those you love and those who love you. And may He continue to grant the love and protection of His blessed Mother over all of your extended family and guide every one of them from all harm and every evil. And, please Andrea, remember those who loved you, cared for you and prayed for you, when you come into HIS kingdom. In His love, I am Rose

  106. Thoughts and Prayers are with you all! May God give you strength and Grace to endure with Faith, Hope and Love for the future. It’s impossible to imagine what you must be going through. Remember, that people love you and are with you during this horrendous trial. May God continue to Bless you and remain with you now and forever!

  107. Dear Andrea and her beloved family, The Feast of the Resurection of Our Lord Jesus Christ is approaching with all kind of miracles. Don’t worry about anything, just pray and hope! I keep all of you in my prayers. ….” Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven…!” Love, Iudita

  108. Dear Andrea, You are a shining example of grace and dignity at this time. You are a beautiful, loving, gentle women and my heart and prayers are with you and your family.

  109. Mrs. Linda John

    Thank you God for every day Andrea has on earth. I pray for the grace to faithfully live each moment according to your will for this beautiful family. You know the hearts of this family and how they love this wonderful Wife, Mother, and Child. We turn to Mary our Mother for intercession and consolation. All of heaven pray for Andrea, her baby and family. All you souls in purgatory pray for Andrea, her baby and family. Jesus We Trust in you. Thank you for everything my Lord and Savior. God bless you all.

  110. Dear Andrea & Anthony, may God Bless you and continue to hold you and your beautiful family in His Arms. May Our Blessed Mother wrap you in Her Mantle as She continues to comfort you. I continue to pray for you and your wonderful extended family at Caritas.

  111. Rosemary & John Brewer

    We pray the Rosary every day and since first reading about Andria’s condition, we have included her in our intentions and pray that she will make a complete recovery. She is in God’s hands now. We are also praying for her husband and children in this difficult time.

  112. berecinthya villanueva

    May God Bless you and your family, I have included you in my prayers, in my novena to St Faustina, my novena to Jesus King of All Nations, and my chaplet to the Most Prescious Blood devotion. I truly believe that if our Lord chooses to take you to heaven early, He will protect your children always. They will be extraordinarily blessed because our Lord is extremely generous. Offer at least nine of your Holy Communions in honor of Jesus King of All Nations, He promises to send nine angels to us. After your own nine you can offer other sets of nine for others whom you wish to help convert He offers the same promises to them as well. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  113. You are all in my thoughts and daily prayers.Our Medjugorje prayer group hold you very close.God bless you

  114. Dearest Andrea, Anthony and Community, We have been praying many daily prayers, rosaries, and Masses as well as having our prayer group pray for you. You are such an inspiration to all of us. Your deep faith and trust in Our Lord and Our Lady shows the world how it is done. Our Father is always there helping to carry our burdens when needed and rejoicing when good things happen. We send our love and many more prayers to you.

  115. Dear Andrea and Anthony, OUR Prayers and love are with you and with your children. This morning I was withthe Blessed sacraments and my heart was at your side. May the Lord bless you and keep you in his heart and please Lord Heal Andrea .Iask you in the name of your Mother and all the Angels and saints. Dear Father, Please hear our petition. Love and blessings Norma LLeras

  116. Andrea, You are in our prayer intentions every evening. We know that God has a purpose for everything and one day we will know why this is in his plans. We will continue to pray for you, the baby and your family. Jesus we trust in You.

  117. Mike & Jill Stolly

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Sending you all of our love and heartfelt hope. We are so thankful to have met you and your beautiful family. Whatever Gods will, we looking forward to seeing you again. Rest in the arms of Jesus.

  118. Dear Family in Christ, We thank you for allowing us to share in this love that our Lord is giving to all in your family and community. The Eternal Grace and Mercy that flows from our Lord and Blessed Mother is so powerful, that all may partake; that your life is a beautiful blessing to all. With this we pray our Holy Father and Blessed Mother gives you the strength and courage to carry this Cross, in our Lord Jesus Christ.

  119. Andrea when I began to to write this note to you I did not know what to say but this verse came to me “for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son so that whoever believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life. My prayers are with you and your beautiful family. God Bless you

  120. Dear Andrea, Anthony and family: I am praying for you continuously. May God give you the courage you need. You are an inspiration to us. May God’s will be done and may God grant you all peace and many blessings.


  122. Paula Hellenbrand

    Andrea, Anthony, little children, parents and family. You are in our prayers for God’s healing grace, love and light to shine upon you. May God use Andrea as an example of His Mighty Power and lead more people to conversion through your example of holiness and faithfulness and trust in God. Glory to God!

  123. Andrea, I have talked with you a few times during my visits to Caritas and never imagined that you were battling this illness. You always appeared so calm and at peace and your family is so beautiful and full of life (especially Rebekah!). The first time I prayed for you in front of the Eucharist one evening, I felt your presence, that we were both praying together. I even opened my eyes to see if I could see you there. Since that time I have remembered you at every Consecration during the Mass. We can only hope that God’s Divine Mercy will be poured out on you, your family and the Community to give you peace in whatever His perfect Will may be and see you through to triumphant VICTORY in the love of JESUS.

  124. May our Heavenly Father and his Blessed Mother hold you and your family close to heart, give you strength and peace and know my prayers are with you.

  125. Kathleen Paradis

    Dear Anthony,Andrea , Family and Caritas Community,Your story is one of such love as well os suffering. I will offer all of Holy Week for you that God’s perfect will be done. You are Mary as you walk with Andrea during this most Holy Week of the year. My heart is with you dear ones. Love and Prayers, Kathleen

  126. Dear Anthony, Andrea and family, My thoughts and prayers go with you in this great time of suffering. May the Peace and Love of our Beloved Saviour Lord Jesus Christ be with all of you.

  127. After being a Floor Nurse who encountered those being prepared to go home ,I am reminded how beautiful these moments are we call death but is actually our birth into Eternity.

  128. Dear Andrea, I pray for your husband and children’s sake that you are healed, but only if it is God’s will. If God chooses to take you now, you will be one of his Angels and only God knows how we need his Angels in Heaven to pray for us all on this earth. I will offer up my mass and communion for you today. God bless you and your family.

  129. Although this seems overwhelming we know that JESUS AND MARY are right beside Andrea every moment of this incredible trial…I believe SHE IS HEARING EVERYTHING so keep talking to her and have the children nearby to do as children do normally….Andrea will surely be comforted by it….Our prayers are with you all, especially Anthony…we will invoke dear St. Anthony to be there and we feel St. Joseph is definitely giving Anthony the strength he so needs for this moment in time….My son’s name is Joseph and he was born with a rare disorder, wasn’t supposed to live past a week but is now 32 yrs. old! Such is the way of GOD….he has had a life of suffering, afflictions and retardation but the love and lessons he has taught us is worth more than anything this world could offer. We still do not understand this mystery of ‘why’ Joseph was chosen to go through this but we do know GOD is in control! He’s in control of Andrea and your whole family too….praise God for your FAITH! +JMJ+

  130. Andrea, I remember you standing under the tree with your family next to the gift store in March 2011 when we visited for the Consecration of the Family and our Nation back to God week. I remembered that you were expecting back then (with Jacob). I think you also helped us with our baby blanket purchase and we remembered how kind you were. My husband Alan and I remember you in our rosary each evening and we lift you up during the daily mass each day. Andrea, you are so blessed with your family and the Caritas community. We are praying for you and God’s will in everything. May all our prayers comfort you at this time. Love, Alan and Cheryl TN

  131. Lucia Vergara A.

    Dear Andrea and Anthony: Both of you and all extenden family are in my prayers. Hope the Dear Lord and the Blessed Mother, help you dealing with. Keep praying and you will see the Glory of God. Lucia



  133. Andrea and Anthony and kids- you are loved by so many and everyone is praying for peace and healing for all of you. May our Blessed Mother and Jesus be with you step by step through this time of trial. Peace and prayers be with you.

  134. richard sweesy

    i am keeping you and your family in my prayers daily.may god grant you and your famley all the grases that you need during this time of difficulty.god bless.

  135. maureen melofchik

    my prayers are with all of you, may God and our Blessed Mother kiss you and hold your hands. Peace

  136. Andrea, Our Heavenly Mother is very close to you, and you are wraped in her mantle. All will be well. No doubts, no fears, no questions; CREDO.

  137. Andrea, May God grant you peace, and your whole family – community peace as you walk in the footprints of our dearly beloved Spouse and King – Our Beloved Lord Jesus Christ. Know that you are his daughter, most precious and loved. His wife, clothed with most precious jewels and flowers. May His suffering, be your suffering, Look at Jesus your King, Mary your mother, and take into your very being that you are walking their path. Go in peace, knowing you are glorifying the Lord by your life. You and all your community all are in our prayers. God Bless.

  138. Sr. Theresa Marie, O.P.

    My Dear Friends of Caritas and especially my dear dear friend Andrea and Anthony and all the family. How dear you are to God! Reading this letter brought tears to my eyes as I can picture you and your love being poured out on Andrea and each other. No words can express the love I and so many others have for you at this moment. God is present in an intense way at this very second of your lives. He is there, He is with you and will never abandon you. I just lost my dear Mother a few weeks ago and my heart aches for you as I know the pain of seeing a loved one suffer. But this is not our true homeland. Heaven is our true home. But I pray that God’s will be done and strength be given to Andrea and you during this time of your trial as Our Dear Mother mentioned in Her last message. Oh, She is there too, for where one loves Her as you do and we do, She brings us to Her Son in Her arms. My prayers are lifting you up to Her and She is giving you to Her Son in Peace and joy. Love

  139. i am praying for your peace and healing. i have offered up rosaries for you and your family. i have asked st. therese to intercede for you. God Bless you and your beautiful family.

  140. Margaret Jeantte Van Nostrand

    Dear Andrea, Anthony, and Family, I have been following your story and my heart aches for you. Please be assured of my daily prayer for you in God’s Holy and Adorable Will. May Mother Mary enfold you in her arms and comfort and strengthen you. I place you in the hearts of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. May they protect you and give you lasting peace. Peace in Christ Jesus, Mother Mary, and St. Joseph, Margaret

  141. Anthony and Andrea,you are so blessed with the presence of God and Mama Mary at your side..and also many loving people are there to support you.Just leave everything in the hands of God–for He is our Creator and He knows everything and He allows things to happen which sometimes as humans we can’t understand…so let go and let God.Just savor each moment that you are together as a family.Trust God.Many people are praying for you.Be at peace.God bless you and thanks also for you have been a blessing to many people,Andrea.

  142. Sherry and Mike

    Andrea and Anthony, We are praying continuously. We have a personal message to convey. Could one of the community members please call us? Peace and Love of Our Lady.

  143. Edwardyne Cowan

    Andrea & Anthony – I pray that God will grant you a miracle of healing should that be His will for you and offer you and your children my prayers and works. Thank you for your example of how to embrace your cross. You continue to be an inspiration to me as I carry my own. With love, gratitude, and prayers. May God bless all of you.

  144. I’ll offer my Mass for you tonight and keep you in my prayers. I’ll also pray the Devine Mercy Chaplet for you so that if it is God’s will, you will get better. With love and compassion, Jackie Chasco

  145. Dee Dee Juster

    Hi Andrea: I remember the first time I actually saw you, you were pregnant with your first baby and you glowed. Whatever happens, I know Our Lady has special plans for you and your family. I continue to pray for y’all. God Bless.

  146. Apollonia Anador

    You are a blessed family; please give all your suffering to Our Lady to help pour souls in purgartory. This will help Andrea and Antony to carry this cross. It will make it easier, and lighter for them. There is no need of crying please; just think you are helping souls constantely in flame, you will feel joy carying this cross. It is a blessing. Love Lonia

  147. Dear Andrea, I met you briefly during my visit to Caritas in May 2004 to be with Our Lady. You were at a table handing out booklets by a Friend of Medjugorje. I was touched by your peacefulness and kind nature. To hear of your suffering and strong faith is overwhelming. I know that God in His goodness and mercy will continue to bless you and your beautiful family. You are already a saint.

  148. Andrea and Anthony, My prayers are with you and your family. Thank you for putting this next Holy Week in perspective for all of us. God is good and merciful!

  149. I am praying for your miracle…God Bless you and your family in this very difficult time…….and may God ‘s will be done.

  150. Dearest Anthony and Andrea, I am experiencing a time of trial, a very difficult time of suffering right now, but when I compare them with what you are going through, my cross is very small. I will offer my sufferings for you and your family, for God’s healing and miracles in accordance with his holy Will for your lives. If it is in his will, I do pray for your family for many happy, healthy years together. May Mother Mary intercede on your behalf for all of your needs.

  151. Dearest Anthony and Andrea and Family, All of you are in my sincerest prayers and thoughts. Please know that I offer my past and future prayers, fasts, holy hours and Holy Communions for you. We are so blessed to have a heavenly Father who transcends time and like we can console the Heart of Jesus at his deepest agony in the Garden at anytime so too I offer my continual thoughts and loving prayers for you from day one of your trial to now. You are truly a source of deep and true inspiration JMJ

  152. thank you for your reply, i got tears in my eyes when i read your reply, anthony,andrea and kids, i will continue to pray the rosary, offer masses up for andrea and continue to hope for a miracle. please keep me informed on andreas condition. thank you.

  153. Dear Antony & Children, Our God is a living GOD. If Jesus had cured so many people as the scripture says, let us put all our Trust and hope in the LORDS hands. He knows what is good for us. Let his will be done. We will keep her in prayers, and Antony especially you in these moments of sorrow. May “Mother Mary” give you the strength to withstand all sorrows during this Lent season. God Bless.

  154. Deacon Jim Ryan

    Andrea, having read the letter on your current condition, my heart is deeply moved. My wife, D and I, who visited Caritas a few years ago, have been praying the rosary and chaplet of Divine Mercy together every day since then. I am about to join D in our prayers in a few minutes; and we will attend the Palm Sunday liturgy where I will be assisting as deacon, in a few hours. We will pray today for you and Anthony and your family. Deacon Jim Ryan

  155. Our hopes are so strong I belive Andrea will move and fight this mountain in Jesus name. She has a strong spirit becoming stronger every momnet with our prayers. God Bless

  156. Rosemary McKenzie

    Being a new receiver of this website, I was stunned reading this story for someone I once knew. I remember Andrea as a little girl when she grew up in the area. Her parents were involved in church and Scouting. I will be praying for Andrea and her family. May the promises of the Divine Mercy bring you comfort. Love & prayers, Rosemary/Don McKenzie~

  157. christy bodenheimer

    Andrea,I am praying to ask Our Lady and Jesus to continue to comfort you and hold you in this time, knowing their love is with you as I send mine to you and your family this day.

  158. Margaret Mary LaCamera

    Thank You Andrea and Anthony for your walk with Jesus. Thank you Caritas for sharing with all of us their walk. I will keep praying for Grace for them. And for their mighty Love for each child God sends to us. I am humbled by the obedience to God’s Will May the light from their Love bless many families in these present days. Love Margaret Mary LaCamera a most unworthy servant.

  159. Dear Caritas Community, I am so very sorry for your grief and sadness. It is overwhelming. Jesus allows us to know this through His loss of Lazarus. Andrea may be leaving her husband and children on earth, but in God’s loving grace, He may be allowing her – a good mother, to take one of her children with her. This may be the first little baptized unborn saint within the womb with a beautiful mission and purpose for the rest of the unborn thanks to the Holy Father’s new approved blessing. Passing from this world to the next can be both overwhelmingly sad and, yet, overwhelmingly joyful when we know the ones we love so much are with God. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. God’s Blessing to You All, Lora

  160. May the God of all Mercies and Our Blessed Mother bring healing to our beautiful sister in Christ Jesus. Courage for her family. I will offer my rosary for this beautiful young mother and the precious life in her womb and her sweet dear family.

  161. Andrea and Anthony, We will continue you to place you in the care of Our Savior and His Blessed Mother. Andrea, you were the first person I really met in the Community and I was immediately struck by your grace and your beauty. You eminated a holy glow about you You also told me all about Blessed Salt. I use it and give it out all the time now! Thank you for bringing me closer to Our Lady. I know She is with you, Anthony, your beautiful children and your baby in your womb. We too are with you, praying for you. Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless and the treasury of compassion %u2014 inexhaustible, look kindly upon us and increase Your mercy in us, that in difficult moments we might not despair nor become despondent, but with great confidence submit ourselves to Your holy will, which is Love and Mercy itself.

  162. I am so humbled and blessed by this story today. Truly our Lord loves this family VERY much and has allowed many small miracles to occur these past few days. True also is the fact that the cross each of us must bear was chosen just for us, individually, to bring God glory. This Easter season and beyond, I will continue to lift up your entire family to our Lord so that you may only receive His Finest blessings and always know His deep, abiding Love and Protection. You are truly precious in His sight!

  163. Andrea, my today’s work on translation for Our Blessed Virgin Mary will go to you and your family. You are blessed with Faith! Please, pray for the conversion of my family. Love! Magdalena

  164. How brave this little familey is and in the arms of our Mother and her Son Jesus. I pray this Love will circle the earth and that We all can walk in Gods Light filled with Love. God Bless Yu Andrea, what a witness You are for our God

  165. All I can say is; Jesus I trust in You. You are living those words in the most amazing, and perfect way. I pray that the love of our tender Father in Heaven be with you all, and if it be His Will, your prayers, and ours might deliver a miracle. Your faith is a beacon, I thank you for sharing it. Prayers with Love Sandi

  166. We would like you and your precious family to know, that through your ”testimony” of faith and love shown in the way you and your family have been enduring in this unfathomable and most heart wrenching of trials, that you are being thought of and prayed for and Cried for by many people around the world Everyday. You are not alone in this, We are with you. And, we feel you are With us too. (We have even Saved some of the beautiful photographs posted of you and your beautiful family – – downloading them to our computers from the Medjugorje site, and viewing them as we pray for you each day). In closing, we just want to say that during this Lenten season we have felt that God has ”given” you and your family to all of us in a special way. We feel our own Faiths strengthened very much by the powerful witness of love and forebearance You and your family have shown us. You and Anthony and your children will continue to be in our prayers E-v-e-r-y Day. God Bless you.–RichTallman

  167. Gloria SaoBento

    Dear Anthony and Andea, I send you my love and my heart. You will be in my prayers this Holy Week and today I will say my Rosary for Andrea the angel of God.Your beautiful children will also be in my prayers. May OUR DEAR LORD HELP YOU CARRY THIS HEAVY CROSS Hugs for your family xo.

  168. Dear Andrea,Anthony,Rebekah,Andrew &Jacob,I truley send you my love & prayers,you are truley in my heart.You look like such a beautiful loving holy family.I am praying you can recover Andrea so you can stay with your lovely family and your little treasure of a baby may be born safely into this beautiful family you have all built together with your wonderful faith.May God,Jesus & Mary comfort you with their warmth & Love always.If God decides to take you,Andrea & your baby in your womb I pray deeply that Anthony,Rebekah,Andrew &Jacob are left with continual,love,joy &support throughout their long healthy happy lives.You are such a good wholesome respectful family following God’s Will & living Mary’s messages from heaven,that, that in itself is a wonderful example to all families in the entire world.May God truley bless you and fill you all with his Love & grace & keep only good loving people around you always.I too am trying to live Mary of Medjugorjes messages daily.love Mirella

  169. MaryJean Colonna

    Thank you Andrea and Anthony for being great models of sanctity!! Will keep all of you in my prayers and in the prayers if St. Maria Goretti prayer group as we meet this Tuesday night! Love MaryJean Colonna

  170. Just read about this for the first time. Will keep her and her family and community in my prayers. God Bless.

  171. I am praying for Andrea and her family and will continue to pray for them. Let each of them know how dear they are to us and how their story has touched our lives with the love they have shown as a family. I feel so blessed to know that there are such courageous and loving people as Andrea and Anthony–as well as the Caritas Community. God Bless and keep you all in His light. Don Durbin

  172. Preston E Ritchie

    Dear Anthony, Andrea, and Family, My thoughts and prayers are with you that God’s infinitely perfect will be done for you. My family and I recently went through the most trying experience of our lives as my wife of 40 years, Janice, suffered a massive heart attack in September of 2011. She and I had visited Caritas in July of 2009 for the apparitions and came away filled with hope and love. After many ups and downs in her recovery and thousands of prayers after her bypass surgery, she suddenly passed away on October 3 after a final surgery repair to her heart. She received the Eucharist daily from a Deacon who visited and the last Rites the week before her death. I have hesitated to share this with you at such an incredibly trying time in your lives, but I wanted you to know that we have accepted God’s will knowing Janice is perfectly happy in heaven and suffers no more. May God bless you with healing and love.

  173. I have been offering up Andrea, her unborn baby and her family at every Mass and keeping them all in my prayers at night. My heart aches for her family and yet Andrea’s life and her example of living the messages have inspired me to become holier. God Bless Andrea and her unborn child.

  174. It made us cry nearly all the way through reading it, but we Took Heart in the way you gave such sweet and tender witness to Love for your children, your husband, and for your Faith . . . by your various actions described on March 29th. Your ”chatting” with your mother in law and the eucharistic minister that morning… your walking around the living room and taking in all that you saw… your cuddling of your baby boy – – each of those actions were so deeply Touching to us. And then your courage and faith shown so powerfully Again, when communicating with your husband while leaving the hospital. And the beautiful way you grasped your Rosary and made the sign of the cross while praying in your bedroom with your family. All of these things just touched us all so deeply, and we gave special thanks to the Lord that you were permitted to give your family these beautiful signs of your precious and tender love for them – – and your obvious deep love for God as well. We would like

  175. God bless this beautiful family and give them the graces they need to accept God’s will. Let’s storm heaven with prayers!

  176. vincent pecoraro

    It is very hard for me to write and say the right words,but i had to write something.I’m sure that what ever happens she is & will be with our Holy family Jesus loves her very much and i will pray for her and her family.May God Bless all of you & keep you in his arms.With love vince

  177. dear Anthony and Andrea: My prayers are with you and your family. You are such a powerful wittness to our Catholic faith. Whatever is GOd’s plan for you know that our prayers are going up to Him and his Blessed Mother.

  178. Dear Andrea, You are so blessed to be given this gift — of sharing in CHRiST’s redemptive suffering! Know that God’s Most Holy Will is the best plan He has for you. I will pray that your faith will increase, your hope unfailing, and your love sustaining. Our Blessed Mother has her kind eyes on you.

  179. Timmerie & Steve Morton

    Know that Andrea, Anthony, the children and family are in our prayers. We offer our holy week fasting and prayers for them. May God’s will be done. And may they feel Our Lord’s touch and He continues to hold them in the palm of His hand.

  180. What a beautiful letter. My prayers go up for this family and I know that God’s will will prevail – but it’s only natural to hope that His will will be for a complete recovery for Andrea and the survival of the baby she is expecting. What a courageous woman, what a wonderful supportive husband, family and community she has been blessed with. God bless all of you. Margaret

  181. Matthew A. Cercone

    GOD “Bless” To ALL of YOU, Your Family’s attitude and sharing of your personal and respectful approach toward each day’s experience has become a “reminder” of how blessed we ALL are in seeing and having the daily “graces” given to US by GOD’s continuous presence throughout our entire daily routine of living through life’s “growing experiences”. May you ALL continue “growing” in GOD’s daily presence. Your Brother In JESUS, Matt

  182. Thank you so much for giving us all an update on Andrea! It is very significant that all this is happening at this time. Our prayers are with the family and all those whom this story touches…and it is meant to touch many who will be called to a closer walk with their Lord. God bless you.

  183. Ruth Reddersdorf

    Thank you for the beautiful update on Andrea’s condition. She is totally in the hands of our Blessed Mother and our Loving Father. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family and friends as the coming days unfold for her. May all the comfort of heaven be with you.

  184. Regina Marie Grace Feliciano

    Prayed to God and Mother Mary for His Will to be done, protecting Anthony & Andrea and Children in the process. Believing in Miracles and the POWER of Intercession and Prayers. Blessings, Grace, Faith and Miracles to all Respectfully, Regina Marie Grace

  185. My prayers are with the family for God’s will to be fulfilled. Stay strong and trust in the love of Mary and her Son. God’s blessings

  186. Please give our love to Andrea and Anthony in this time of great trial for their young family…….prayers for all of them as they continue to trust in God’s will for all of them……with love from New Hampshire……

  187. Deborah Bradley

    I’m praying for your strength Andrea to carry the heaviness of suffering physically as well as the heaviness of separating from your children husband and loved ones. Go willingly into God’s plan for you. You are a light for me and for the world. The Holy Spirit is all over you and your family. Let that comfort you and them. Amen

  188. Bonnie Fagan. FMJC

    My prayers and hopes are joined with yours for Andrea and her family. May God continue to bless and strengthen them through HIS love.

  189. I have been praying for Andrea and her baby since I learned of her illness last month. I have asked the Lord and Our Blessed Mother to heal her and have also presented my petitions at my weekly scheduled adoration hour. I will continue to pray and ask for strength and peace for the family & Caritas family.

  190. Dear Jesus Please have mercy on this poor child of your. She is much loved and needed from her family and children and the child she is carring. I am asking for a healing that only you can do. Please jesus i beg you for this poor woman hel her as only yo can do.Please have mercy.My prayer are with her and her Dear family.

  191. I am having trouble seeing what I write for all the tears. Please know that I will not stop praying for the miracle that our Lord can bring. Your will be done my Lord upon this young mother and her child.

  192. Dear Anthony, Andrea and family. This is a difficult time as we watch someone we love so dear preparing to go home to Our Dear Lord. Know our Blessed Mother is holding you all in Her arms and will safely take Andrea home when she is called. She is loved as our Dear Lord has blessed you and Andrea with this time of preparation to say all that you need to say and do. Andrea will always be looking and watching over you until the time comes when you will all be together again. May you find peace and comfort during this time and please know our prayers are with you all. Andrea is in special arms here…yours…Our Dear Lord & Blessed Mothers. God Bless you all. In thought, love and prayers. Cathy

  193. May the Lord .. Jesus .. and mother Mary be with you and your family .. and all the people in need . God bless you all .

  194. Rich & Carole DiClaudio

    Dear Anthony, Rebekah, Andrew, & Jacob – it is with the greatest humility and honor that we write to tell you how honored and privileged Carole and I felt to be part of the group of visitors to Andrea’s and Baby Pipp’s funeral this week. You will all continue to remain in our daily prayers for peace, acceptance, and consolation. Like you, and the entire community, we have very mixed emotions about their passing, for we know they are both in Heaven praying and interceding for your family and the community even as we write, but our human hearts still feel the loss – for you it must seem unbearable at times. We fully recognize our feelings are not a faint shadow of yours, the kids, Mark, Mary, Jeff, Robin and all the siblings and community – but loss we feel all the same. For even though we knew Andrea for only a short time she touched our hearts profoundly and you both imparted true sanctity to know and watch you honor God in every thought, word, & act great and small. With Love

  195. Thank you for this beautiful story.I am praying for you all.God has blessed you.So blessed to know God.

  196. Dear Andrea and Anthony, Know this that he who is watching over you will never slumber.May His will be done in every cross we bear for Him. I pray through the most Immaculate Heart of Mary and consecrate Andrea to her heart.May you receive the Healing Touch and God’s kiss of the Holy Spirit to help you on this journey.I am with you in prayer and during Adoration lift Andrea and the unborn baby to His Most Sacred Heart.If He has brought you to it,He will see you through it.God;s grace be with you and your loved ones.Amen

  197. How much God the Father and His son, Jesus and His holy mother Mary love you both and your little family. You are such a testimonial of your faith and trust in God, your will in His Divine Will. You have been an inspiration to me and to many others, perhaps, even to the saving of many souls. You have been and are in my daily prayers. God love you and bless you both and your lovely family. Annette

  198. Hrather van Zyl

    Dear Family Just to let you know Our Lady Loves you and is taking care of you. Our Lord is watching over you and all will be well. God Bless Heather

  199. Patricia Lewis

    I have been following about Andrea and her illness. My prayers are for her and her dear family during these troubled times. I ask our Blessed Mother to give them the strength to accept the Will of God and to persevere. Jesus we Trust in You…. Thy Will be Done.

  200. Manuel & Gloria Lopez

    Dearest Anthony, Andrea, and family. May the Lord hold you and comfort you in this time of pain and suffering. We thank the Lord for bringing you all into this world. May the Lord pour down blessings of peace, love, hope and mercy upon all the family. God bless you all.

  201. Maria E. Camilo

    Dear Anthony,Andrea and Family, May Our God Of Love and Mercy Bless you during this most difficult and Graced filled time! May Our Mother Mary cover you with Her Holy Mantle and bring you to Jesus…I cannot express what I feel right now other than to remind you how much God loves you…how close He is to you right now…I will pray for you and your family! It’s such a blessing that Our Holy Father has made it possible for us to baptize our unborn babies! What a gift! Please trust that you are not alone, as difficult as your lives are right now you are exactly where God wants you to be, carrying your cross so beautifully, being such a good witness for us all. With God’s love and mine, Maria.

  202. Father Harry Peterson

    Dear Anthony, Andrea, and family: I praise God for you and for your loving, payerful community. I am pleased to offer my priestly prayers for you, asking that God’s will be done, just as Jesus did in the Garden of Olives. In 2 1/2 hours (1 p.m. here in Chile), I will offering the Holy Mass praying explicitly for you. With much love, in Jesus and Mary, Fr. Harry Peterson

  203. Thank you for this update, it is so moving to hear what Andrea, her beautiful family and the Caritas Community is experiencing. I will keep you all in my prayers. God Bless you all.

  204. Christine Fantuzzo

    Andrea, Anthony, your 4 beautiful Children and family – you are in my prayers and thoughts daily. May God send you all the graces necessary to carry this cross and do His Will. You are all such an inspiration and role models leading us to God Thank you!

  205. Dear God, Please bless Andrea and her family with your love and peace and yes, joy. Surround them with your mantle of love. Let them know that You are holding them, and that your plans are only for good. I ask this in the Precious Name of Your Son, Jesus and His Glorious Mother, Mary. Amen

  206. My prayers are with Andrea, Anthony and their precious young family. I will also ask all of my family and friends to pray for them. I feel very blessed to have been able to read and learn about this family’s “life journey”. I pray that if it be God’s will that this family will have an Easter Miracle. If our Lord wishes to bring Andrea home to heaven, I pray that her earthly family will be filled with God’s grace to accept His will. His will be done. With much love and prayers, Lisa

  207. I can not thank you enough for sharing with us Andrea’s and Anthony’s decision and the journey that followed. It is a great honor to be invited into someone’s life. You have blessed me with a tremendous joy to be allowed to pray for them, for you and to travel this journey with them and you. My 1st thought was of St. Giana – then I read that she and Andrea were connected. We are never given saints that are not connected to our journeys even though we “pick them” as children without understanding why. Andrea will be with me always as a stunning faith example + I will be with Anthony, the model of a true husband, + his family in my prayers along with all of you as I pray for Caritas daily. A tree is known by its fruits, not its words! The fruits now known through Andrea + Anthony + all of you, is now known throughout the world! As St. Francis of Assisi said “evangelize with your life, speak if you have to”. Anthony my prayers are with you, your families + all Caritas. Love Karen

  208. May Jesus and Mary uphold you and give you strength in this difficult time. I will offer you all up tonight at adoration. May God Bless you. Thank you for your inspiration

  209. Gods Grace never ceases to amaze me. Andrea has been held by God’s hands her entire life. He has guided, and IS guiding her and her family, through all of this. What a comfort to know that we are loved by God, and He does hear our prayers. This Holy Week will be a joyous time..Andrea will be in my prayers, God Bless!

  210. Dear GOD and OUR LADY, You can DO and GRANT anything Surely you would want Andrea’s children to have their Mother with them while they grow up……… you have worked so many miracles and brought people back from the brink of death!!! Please have compassion on this Family, andgrant your choicest BLESSINGS and MIRACLES SAVE ANDREA please, help us all to have FAITH and BELIEVE!!! Thank you lovingly, Silmy aria

  211. We are with you all spiritually and sending prayerful thoughts…God brings nothing but good to all His faithful as we all walk together with Him…please know how much you are loved and cared for….the Holiness of our Lord during this most Holy Lenten season is surrounding and embracing ALL OF YOU….deepest heartfelt love-grace

  212. Dear Anthony & Andrea – my prayers are with you during this Holy Week. God surely will bless you and your beautiful family.

  213. My Heart is with the Family of Andrea’s, she is with Jesus and his Mother Blessed Mary, Andrea is in Heaven with her baby. God Bless Sincerely Angela

  214. Dear Anthony.Don’t lose hope God is merciful. He is at your side. Andrea, our thoughts are with you especially during the holy week. God will never let His children down, it is His will so we wait and see , may be He is testing our faith too. You are in our prayers lovely family.

  215. Dear Anthony, family and friends, My heart is heavy with your loss of Andrea. May God Bless you and watch over you, and comfort you. May Our Blessed Mother ease your pain.

  216. rita thomas coutinho

    Dear Anthony, Praise Jesus, Dear Andrea will join and seat at the right hand of Jesus. She will take care of you and fly. and everyone who prays. May God bless her soul.

  217. Brenda Tomlinson

    May God strengthen all the family and extended family during this time. You are all in my prayers. Jesus I trust in you.

  218. grace schnakenberg

    thank you Erin and Ruth for the fax and phone calls. Each of you are in my prayers as we look toward Heaven and can imagine the smile on Andrea’s face as she and Anthony’s new born are welcomed into the arms of Our Lord who I am sure is saying: You ran the race and now stand in the winners circle, come into heaven, my beloved daughter. Memories of a beautiful teenager who was quiet and pensive come to mind as I remember my beginnings with Caritas and the beauty of a community that strives to follow the path God has given them. As Anthony and Andrea grew and found their love for each other and courted, prayed for discernment and placing their trust in God and Our Lady committed to one another in a beautiful wedding which I witnessed. As the years have passed and the children were born, the beauty of this couple blossomed as Our Lady promised it would. Their maturity was noticed each year, their love for God and family increased with each year. Your example is a gift to each of us. g

  219. Rosalie Dancause

    Dear Anthony, Rebekah, Andrew, Jacob, Mary and Mark, Robin and Jeff, and Community, Through many tears, I’m thanking and praising God for the wonderful example of faith and resignation to God’s Will that you are showing to the world. Out of apparent evil — lost so many friends and relatives to cancer — He is bringing such good. And I told Jessica when she called (thank you so much for calling us to let us know) that when somebody asked Ivan why he wanted to leave this world with Our Lady at the end of every apparition, when he had a wife and children, he said he could do so much more for them from Heaven than on earth. Even so it is with Andrea and the baby (did you name him or her? some mothers — I did — know what they’re carrying even before they’re told); God wanted the family, the Community, and the world to have two more intercessors in Heaven. Much love and prayers for all of you who have been entrusted with the harder part.

  220. I am praying for God’s grace to lift Andrea, Anthony and her family spirit’s up at this hard time. My thoughts and prayers are being poured out for a miracle. God is the savior of life and he will give healing and answer prayers. May the lord continue to guide and protect your family. God bless you all!

  221. We are so sorry and had been praying for her healing. We know that she is in a better place, but those words sound so hollow to those who are in grief. May God be with each and every one of you! Linda Klose

  222. Anthony, my prayers will be with you and your family at this time, Andrea is on her final journey, and will be smiling down on you and the children, she will always be there, what a strong young lady she was. Her and your infant are at peace and are with our Lord in Heaven now, and your journey of raising your family will be blessed.

  223. Dear Andrea, family and friends ~ you are in my prayers especially at the Hour of Mercy. Jesus I Trust in You. God Bless you all, Terry

  224. Dear Lord I Pray for Andrea and Anthony and their family. I will continue to pray for your loving will be done and Andrea, Anthony and family feel your love and presence totally and entirely. Love in Christ Meryl

  225. Your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God. Corinthians 2:5 Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them and you will have them, Mark 11:24 My prayers go out to Andrea, Anthony & their children as well as the Community of Caritas. May God hold all of you in the palm of His hands in this time of great trial. Love Judy

  226. Angelique Anderson

    Come Holy Spirit, enlighten my heart, to see the things which are of God; Come Holy Spirit into my mind, that I may know the things that are of God; Com Holy Spirit, into my soul, that I belong only to God. Sanctify all that I think, say and do, that all will be for the glory of God. Amen. You are in my prayers! Love, Angel

  227. Jerry and Betsy Schneider

    Dear Anthony, Jeff, Robin and family, Karen called this am to tell me that Andrea’s journey had ended. She has now burst into a new life. We want you all to know that our thoughts and prayers will be with you as you continue your journey this week and always. God only gives us what we can handle and your family is such a beautiful model of Christ’s expectations for all of us. We know that God’s strength will carry you. Our Special Love to all of you, Jerry and Betsy Schneider and family

  228. It is our Faith in Jesus Power that will cure her. Our Lady said believe strongly and it is your faith that will heal her. I unite my prayer with all those that are praying for her healing. Jesus is the Physician.

  229. John and Bridget Plifka

    We are praying for God’s will for you and your family. You are a beautiful reminder to us all to trust in the Lord and remember all the blessings in our lives. God Bless You!

  230. Andrea, I will pray for you and your family at the hour of the Divine Mercy. May God bless you and your family and the Caritas family.

  231. Bob & Gigi Thomas and family

    Anthony and Andrea; Words cannot express how our hearts are heavy, united with yours during this trying time. Wish we could be there to give all of you a big hug. We’re praying here and have sent the word out to others so that God’s Divine Strength will enfold you and keep you safe and at peace. God is good all the time!

  232. I join my prayers with everyone for Andrea and her family and offered her to our Blessed Mother and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  233. Tears flowed and deep heartache felt as I read the above update. I asked God what He wanted me to send to you. Here is what came to me. “I AM and I am weeping for my beloved child, her husband and her children. I gather you to My Heart and I hold you close, breathing My love and comfort upon you. Keep your eyes focused on Me during this storm. It will soon pass. Reach out to Me as Peter reached out from the boat as I walked toward My apostles on the water. Peter was so focused on Me that he was able to walk on water. It takes that much focus and faith to move through this seeming darkness. I surround you with My love through all those who surround you now. Bask in that love as they allow My Love to flow thru them to you. Rest. I love you.”

  234. Please let Anthony and Andrea know that my prayers are with them in this most special holy season. May we all learn to love the Most Holy Divine Will of Our Lord, and trust Him with all our Hearts in His Most Holy Wisdom. I believe Andrea and family have been chosen for a most special plan. What could be more perfect than the plan of God. God’s most choice blessings and graces to you all, always! Denise S.

  235. You are in my prayers Mr. Anthony, Mrs. Andrea, and family! I hope that God gives you endless strength in this time of difficulty. God love and bless you. I love you both. Sincerely, Tori Schmidt

  236. Dear Andrea, I pray and ask the Lord that He richly bless you, Anthony and your lovely children with an abundance of His spiritual and temporal graces during this time and that you all receive a powerful sense of the Lord’s presence and love in your lives. In prayer for you, Bill Snyder

  237. I pray to be able to model the faith this little family has and I will continue to pray for healing for Andrea and especially God’s will

  238. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit and Mother Mary, we beseach you to give this mother and her unborn child your superabundant life, don’t let them suffer any more you are the authors of life we ask you fervently. Amen

  239. Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord in all situations and for all situations! Praise unleashes the power of God in many forms: serenity, peace, love, acceptance of God’s will. May this power be with Andrea and her family.

  240. Praying much to Jesus and His Loving Mother. We are with you during these anxious yet hope-filled moments, for ‘Faith is the assurance of things hoped for.’ We indeed believe in a God who is ALL-LOVE !

  241. I join all those who are praying for you, Andrea and Anthony. May the Lord have mercy on you and your family. Only He alone can decide but let us all pray for a miracle. Mother Mary please intercede to save Andrea.

  242. Anthony and Andrea, your story has truly touched my heart! As the tears are rolling down my face Im offering them in The Will of God, for your Family and the strength to get through this. I pray that Our Lord surrounds your Family with his Most Precious Blood and place You in His wounds so that you will be comforted through this most blessed trial. I would like to comfort Our Lord in Your soul as He is suffering with you. May God Bless Your Family and if it is His most Holy Will let a miracle be done.

  243. Dear Andrea, Anthony, and Caritas: Your lives are a light of Christ to all you encounter. Thank you for the grace you have given to all of us by the way you witness your faith. My family and I were blessed last year to have a baby granted by God to my sister-in-law via adoption after many trials; the date of her new baby boy’s birth was March 17, the last day of my 54-day novena from Caritas! Thus I pray this year a 54-day novena for you in return, that if it be God’s will your baby might come into the world and that you might live, and in so doing shine your light of faith to even more people who are in need of it. I pray also that whatever God’s will may be, that all of you receive the strength and comfort of the Heavenly Father in order to withstand the trials you face. I continue to be amazed at your peace and serenity in this trying time and offer my prayers with all other seeking to lift you up. AMDG Totus Tuus

  244. I am deeply moved by your story and your situation Andrea and Anthony, and please know that you are in my prayers and thoughts. I have love and compassion for you and your family even though I don’t know you. Thanks for being a good example to all of us. I wish you the best of luck and I pray that you will be healed soon. You sister in Christ, Lea.

  245. Tony & Flora Quan

    Dear Anthony and Andrea and Family, The Peace of Our Lord and Our Lady be with you. Always remember that God loves you tremendously and we, too, who are experiencing the terminal illnesses of our fathers will remember you in our prayers and Masses especially during this Holy Week. We will also ask our family and community to pray with us and special Masses will be held here in our parish of St. Jude as well as the parish of St. Anthony. Please pray for us, too. In His peace, Tony and Flora and family

  246. Anthony and Andrea & family, I firmly pray that Mary will intercede on your behalf in front of Jesus for our Lord for a complete healing. Our Lord is a mighty God! Your faith and trust in God will help you every step of the way.

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