Unseen Consequenses

Unseen Consequenses

The healthcare law was upheld by the Supreme Court today as Constitutional.


June 28, 2012 A.D.

The healthcare law was upheld by the Supreme Court today as Constitutional. This decision puts the whole Church in a “great conflict.” This conflict has consequences that are unseen for most Christians, most of the Church, and many others. Everyone can say that the healthcare law was made Constitutional as a tax, but this is “murder for hire” that we will be paying for people’s abortions. The repercussions of this will be as a shot heard around the world. The book, They Fired the First Shot 2012, will be finished in the next week and a half. When you read it, you will see the timing of its release is as though it was Divinely scheduled. Be ready to spread it everywhere, every place, to every person you know, and even every person you don’t know. Pray for this book. It is the instruction manual as to where we go from here. They Fired the First Shot 2012 will likely be the most important book for entering into what is before us. Pray for a wave of grace to be attached to this book. Pray for the July 4th consecration of our nation in Our Lady’s presence, and spread to people all the more to come to the Field of Apparitions for this consecration. Pack up, change your schedules, do whatever you have to do for our nation. The timing of this Supreme Court decision and completion of They Fired the First Shot 2012 just before Our Lady’s coming to our nation and its consecration to Her speaks to us loud and clear of the evil that’s ruling over us. The court’s ruling, the book, and Our Lady’s coming, converging together at the time time, shows that we need Her. We have to have Her. Because for the first time since the beginning of the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and now the 3rd peril that George Washington talked about, the fate of our nation is in jeopardy. This is it. They Fired the First Shot 2012. What do we do now?

Caritas of Birmingham
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21 thoughts on “Unseen Consequenses”

  1. Paddy and Monica Roe

    Dear Community of Caritas, Like ourselves in our little Country we are praying earnestly, that abortion will be kept out of our Native Land. Let us join one another to pray that Holy God will protect and guard us from these evil laws. Love Peace and Joy Paddy and Monica

  2. It does not surprise me that they voted 5 for 4 against the Health Care Bill there is always evil present. Unfortunately, now as never before evil has tipped the scales in their favor. We can see it every where in our daily lives. Prayer is our only recourse, However, God knows the final results and he will prevail and that is what we must never forget no matter how bad things get. Faith, Hope and Prayer are our weapons. I was taught in Medj in 2000 to cover myself and family daily, in the Blood of the Lamb and With the Mantel of Mary. Do it for protection every day as if your life depends on it. Evil is prevalent today as never before in the history of mankind. It is a sad day for the USA, a country that was founded on Christian principals, to watch it turn its back on God and on the good Christian people of this country. It’s a supreme act of betrayal and a sad day for all of us.

  3. Thank God, the BVM, all the angels and saints and all the religious organizations in Anerica, especially Caritas, for recognizing the corruption that is occurring in America and crying out to all American to cease this corruption. We will not be able to attend the visits of Our Lady there from July 1st Thought the 5th but we will be oraying for it’s total success. We met with A Friend of Medjugorje in April of this year when he told us about his new book, “They Fired the First Shot 2012”; we pre-ordered it right away and can’t wait to receive it. We believe that it is indeed providential! We will be praying intently for Our Lady’s appearance in July.

  4. I feel in my heart that things are getting worse instead of better. I feel that some people are evil and they are working for the devil not for God or God’s children. We just have to keep praying and praying. Angela

  5. I am devastated by the news of the US Supreme Court in favor of obama tax on the abortion, and other related issues. I just don’t know how the American Bishops are going to get out of this mess. I pray to Our Lady to help the bishops to get trough this difficult time. I especially ask the Holy Ghost to give them guidance.

  6. Thank you for sending me a copy of the Mejlis regularly. I had been to Medjugorge in1993 and I experienced many miracles since then. I would like to have a copy of your book ‘ They fired the first shot 2012’ as I have been waiting for this book to be finished. Please let me know from which Publishing House I could order a copy so that I can receive it here in India. Thank you so much. God bless. Rita.

  7. Politicians are the most sinful in this whole world. They do not have any morals Just fighting for power. They do not believe in any religion. But dear friends, no one can conquer God! We have to pray and combine our souls with him by continues praying. Let us recite Holy Rosary with our Mother, Queen of Heaven. God’s plan will win. May God Bless You All!

  8. I am hearing the sadness and disbelief of everyone today. My heart too is broken, Sweet Mother Mary! Please forgive us our greed, selfishness and pride. Again, this day, I consecrate myself, my husband, my children and grandchildren and those to come to your care and the greater glory of God! We do not know the future but we KNOW, TRUST and LOVE the One who holds the future in His Hands! ‘BE NOT AFRAID’. Remain in Peace! PRAYING, PRAYING, PRAYING I love you Jesus and Mary!! Thank you!! JMJ

  9. The prayer of my 54 day novena was not granted in the way I hoped for. It was granted in the way God willed. I prayed to Our Lady, “If it is God’s will.” And so I remain hopeful and say thank you Jesus! This will be my fourth time to be the presence of Our Lady. I do not understand until today why each time I become sick. These past several days my prayers have been offering this illness to Our Lady coming and her intentions for us, our families and our nation back to God. Today I have great HOPE in my heart and my prayers because Our Lady is coming to us in our darkness to bring light. Come to Caritas everyone !! and let us greet Our Mother with GREAT HOPE. Our Lady Queen of peace and reconciliation, pray for us. My heart is full of Joy in savoring what great blessings God has in store for those who respond to the Mother of Jesus..the Mother of us all.

  10. Linda Stallcup

    On 9/11/01 America was given a warning. Instead of humbling ourselves before God we became more arrogant! In September 2008 America’s economy was near collapse — another warning. Again, instead of humbling ourselves before God we became more arrogant! As our arrogance grows; as we pull away from God, He steps back. Today, the Supreme Court ruled and once again, the boastful are beating their chests; while the faithful are beginning to understand that until we humble ourselves brfore Him, we will feel the pain of our indifference! We must stand in His light while the darkness grows! The darkness (growing in America and around the world) does not understand the Light but the Light always shines through the darkness! May we come together and stand in His light. May we renew oue covenant with Him, beg for His mercy and His grace and HUMBLE ourselves before Him and give Him praise and thanksgiving! May the peace and love of God be with us all!

  11. I would never have believed our country would fall so far from morality, justice, and freedom! If only the people who make the laws had to actually live under them! Washington has it’s own set of rules, their own insurance plans, and still have their retirement plans, while the rest of America is drowning under debt, taxes, unemployment, etc. Now they want to force us to go against our religious beliefs! We all need to get ready to stand up for our Christian values and pray that the greedy, immoral politicians have a change of heart before it is too late. Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinions!

  12. As Our Lady continues to ask us….Pray, pray, pray. Pray the Rosary as many times as you can fit it into your day! God will not abandon us. He has a plan! Trust!

  13. As we say our Novena of Hope, let us not forget that the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is a SURE THING! It is only a matter of time for us to see if unfold. With Hope & Faith & Courage & Love, let us grasp the hands of our Beloved Mother and march towards the victory. Let us not allow hopelessness and discouragement to enter our hearts, but embrace our Mother with the trust of little children. We are Her little children, and in Her embrace we are safe.

  14. Sandy Schmitz

    When I heard the Supreme Court Decision this morning, I thought, “They Fired the First Shot”. This is not about health care, it is a tax going directly to the insurance companies and the Federal Reserve (not federal–not a reserve) collecting the taxes. Still will be abortion and euthenasia of old, poor, and infirm. Our health information will be reported to them and they will kill naturopath medicine. I will continue my conversion and prayer. The fight is in full swing. May Our Lady save us from the fire of hell I smell. Long live Our Lady of Mejugorje, Viva Christo Rei.

  15. Thank you so much for all your mailings. They are wonderful reading. I join you in horror at your government’s decision. Will the book you mention be available in UK please? If so, please give details as to how we may obtain it. Many thanks and may God continue to bless you and all your work, and families and loved ones, through the most powerful intercession of Our Lady of Medjugorje.

  16. What a sad day for our once great country. I can hardly believe the decision handed down by SCOTUS. We need Our Lady’s intervention now more than ever. We all need to pray constantly that this will be repealed. Oh, pray for our beloved country that this man is voted out of office in November.

  17. Alfonso R. Ballesteros

    I am listening attentively as to what I can do from my stand point. As a true foot-soldier to Our Lady, I hope and pray not to just stand there watching these events unfold. Please help me Father to be your eyes and ears and your will at hand.

  18. This has been a sad day for me and tears streaming down my face! I know what this means but I also know God is with us. We have been so spoiled in America. Our way of life has always been our own and now it will change but most of all our religious liberties are being taken away and I must confess it scares me. But I am determenined to stay strong with the grace of God. I really couldn’t imagine what the title of book, “They Fired the First Shot” would mean…. it is so fitting but daunting. I am praying the fortnight prayer and will be helping to spread the book. If we pull together in prayer, love and kindness to each other God will see and bless us….I know! God bless you all and waiting for the book!!!, Nikki

  19. I’ve been telling my wife for a long time now that obama is the anti-christ. The courts are just his pupits, but no one seems to believe that he is evil. Even my brothers whom I’ve given the books to such as “It Aint Gonna Happen” and “While You Were Sleeping” gave them back to me and said Our Lady would not be doing all these things that She is doing.

  20. Molly Chesney

    This is a terrible day for our country. May God have mercy on us. The upcoming days of prayer are a miracle time of grace for us – I will be there. See you Sunday.

  21. Susan jumonville

    I am so thankful for Our Lady to guide us in these times, I knew the Lord would not let us down. Also thank you friends for listen to Her and passing it on.

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