Unreal vs. Real “…get a real job…”

Unreal vs. Real “…get a real job…”

Monday, July 24, 2017 A.D.
1:30 PM Alabama Time


Sometimes, when we are in the midst of fundraisers, we get questions about the cost of the site. This is a normal question and we are used to answering and clarifying these types of questions. However, sometimes we are questioned by people who have an obvious intention to be adversarial, and not asking in honesty. Below is one such comment, which came in Saturday:


July 22, 2017


“It only takes $25 per month to host a website, and a free volunteer to update it. That’s all that is needed. Time to get a real job & pay your taxes to Caesar like everybody else.”


A True & Honest Friend of Medjugorje


Giving the benefit of the doubt, perhaps this “true and honest” friend doesn’t know that we often work 18+ hours a day in our “unreal” job of spreading Our Lady’s messages. The “unreal” work of supporting a Community, school, agrarian system, Medjugorje Mission House, hosting prayer gatherings with thousands of people and operating the world’s largest Medjugorje center with all the various aspects is not enough work. Maybe the 18 hours, plus 3 hours of prayer daily, plus 3 hours of sleep is not a difficult enough of a schedule, while handling letters and phone calls from people who are in desperate and life-changing situations, and who are often on the brink of despair.


It is evident that this “friend” is not really “true and honest,” nor sincere, but like those who have written things like this before, we often discover they have an incensed jealousy. Maybe another friend who wrote to us a few days ago can answer much of what is written above:


July 20, 2017


““Wow! My prayers are with you! I have heard from others, that Caritas is a cult and should not be followed. My heart told me then, and tells me now, that if the Blessed Mother is with you, then so am I. I was just looking up Medjugorje messages on another site, because mej.com is down. And as weak as I am… I need to stay connected. There is so much slander against you! I am so appalled! And so sad in my heart! But my faith is simple. I remember hearing about Our Lady’s apparitions with you years ago. And only after an injury that kept me home for almost 3 months 2 years ago, found you again. I could tell you a long story of little miracles that kept my faith alive and especially my belief and faith in Our Lady and Medjugorje. But for now… I am praying and waiting on mej.com to come back up. You are the PURE beacon of light for Our Mother. She has seen to that! And as much as I feel like I can’t wait for your site to come back up, I WILL WAIT! And pray while I wait, for you, and those who persecute you. It will always be the same relationship between Her children and the church. I mean the visionaries, current and past, and those who are with them. satan always finds a way to discourage and cast doubt. But in the end, we know that Her Immaculate Heart will triumph! And we will see the reign of Christ!””


C.C., California


We are not shy about the way we live, or the difficulty it takes to create this way of life. We know many across the world follow us and desire to imitate and create this way of life, but are also meeting with obstacles. Difficulties are to be expected. That is the truth, and this is the real honesty. Jesus promised, “they persecuted Me, and you will also be persecuted because of Me.”


Making the messages your life is not easy. Neither is it easy on your heart, which is constantly being purified, nor easy from the misunderstandings that are often received. Our Lady of Medjugorje said:


January 25, 1990


“…do not permit satan to work in your life through misunderstandings, not understanding and not accepting one another…”


The work of satan can be overcome with prayer and sacrifice, as well as with time. The life of the messages takes time to create. Do not criticize those who may have a different way, but seek to build the life yourself. The difficulties of the task, is no excuse to avoid it. The future of the world is Medjugorje. Begin to live it today, in the time of grace, the ‘green-wood,’ or be forced to live it in the future, out of the time of grace, in the ‘dry-wood,’ in a time when it will not be any easier, rather extremely more difficult. The new Mej v3.0 will only be another step and another help for people who need daily strength to continue building the messages into their lives. While we cannot be sure about the future of the world, one thing we do know is that Our Lady is real, Her apparitions are real, and Her messages are real. The “real” work is working for Her Who is Real.


January 2, 2017


“…my motherly love which carries me to you is inexpressible, mysterious but real…”


Many of you who support Our Lady’s work understand this reality. Continue to keep this very important project in your prayers. Everyone continues to be in our prayers, as we head towards the goal of getting Mej v3.0 online. Thank you!


With Love,
Friend of Medjugorje


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