Unexpected Great Hope

Unexpected Great Hope

February 28, 2014 A.D.

When you choose to follow Our Lady, She will make of you a witness to others by the way you live, in attracting souls to God. Our Lady of Medjugorje said on March 14, 1985:

“…People who are in darkness daily come into your homes. Dear children, give them the light!”

Our Lady’s apparitions at Caritas are a constant source of grace for those who visit. It is a privilege and blessing for the Caritas Community who lives here, and who, daily with prayer, maintain the grace that Our Lady deposited. A beautiful thing that happens often at Caritas is to watch the pilgrims who stop by our mission here in Alabama. Though they may not necessarily be in darkness like Our Lady said above, there is a place in their heart that can still be lit up by Our Lady while visiting this sacred site. Many are traveling home from neighboring states, and they discover unexpected and profound graces, experiencing what Our Lady has done in raising up a community and mission.

One recent story we share with you is about three pilgrims, who stopped by Caritas for a visit on their way home to Minnesota. A married couple, Bob and Barb had heard of Caritas before but had never visited. The other pilgrim, Vince, had not planned on coming, having never heard of Caritas. Not long after being here he said to one community member:

“I’ve never heard of Caritas before, but my brother, Bob and his wife, Barb invited me to come. I am flabbergasted (in a good way). I never expected this.”

As he was leaving a couple of hours later, he said to another community member:

“I went and prayed in one of your chapels and I told Jesus that there is still hope for the world because there are people like you all here who are doing what you’re doing against all odds. And there is great hope because of that.”

Vince, 80 year old pilgrim from Minnesota

Pilgrims at Caritas

For over 25 years, day in and day out, rain or shine, snow or heat, the Community of Caritas gathers in the Field to pray the daily Rosary for Our Lady’s apparition time, to honor Her appearance on the earth. This brings grace, and maintains the grace Our Lady first deposited here.

After praying the daily Rosary with the Community of Caritas in the Field of Apparitions, as visitors often do, our pilgrims in the story above paused before Our Lady for one more moment of prayer before heading up the mountain to climb to the Cross, seen faintly in the distance. Their parting words were:

“We’re going to have to get a bus next time. We know so many people who will be sorry they missed this.”

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