Two New Revelations About Our Lady: Her Efficacy and Her Spirit

Two New Revelations About Our Lady: Her Efficacy and Her Spirit

October 2, 2013 A.D.

Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s October 2, 2013
Apparition and Message Given to Mirjana on the Day for Nonbelievers

The rain and thunderstorms that descended on Medjugorje on Monday, September 30, brought with them cooler weather. Pilgrims who arrived very early this morning, October 2, to await Our Lady’s apparition to Medjugorje visionary Mirjana, shivered in the chilly October air for hours, first in darkness and then in the shadow cast by Apparition Mountain, while they watched the sun gradually light up the village of Medjugorje to announce a new day. If you arrived the night before to spend the night under a starry sky, the best locations to be in for the apparition were already taken before 8:00 p.m.

The morning of October 2, Mirjana arrived around 8:30 a.m. Seeing several handicapped people, some in wheelchairs, on the outer edge of the inner circle, Mirjana herself escorted three of them to where she would kneel before Our Lady’s statue for the apparition, all the while greeting those she passed, shaking hands with some, and smiling at everyone. She then withdrew within herself, absorbed in the anticipation of soon seeing Our Lady before her. Mirjana feels Our Lady “coming” within her spirit before she actually sees Our Lady with her eyes. Those watching her can see her take deep breaths while tears slide down her face.

Today’s apparition lasted about 5 ½ minutes. Once the apparition had ended, the great throngs of people present were led in singing hymns to Our Lady while Mirjana quietly recorded the message given today by Our Lady. After several minutes passed, Our Lady’s message was read aloud to the crowds in Croatian, English and Italian. When Mirjana finally stood up, through the gesture of one priest, all the priests present raised their hands above Mirjana, while she stood with head bowed to receive their blessing. It was a beautiful and moving scene to witness. The following is the message Our Lady gave to Mirjana during her apparition:

“Dear children, I love you with a motherly love and with a motherly patience I wait for your love and unity. I pray that you may be a community of God’s children, of my children. I pray that as a community you may joyfully come back to life in the faith and in the love of my Son. My children, I am gathering you as my apostles and am teaching you how to bring others to come to know the love of my Son; how to bring to them the Good News, which is my Son. Give me your open, purified hearts and I will fill them with the love for my Son. His love will give meaning to your life and I will walk with you. I will be with you until the meeting with the Heavenly Father. My children, it is those who walk towards the Heavenly Father with love and faith who will be saved. Do not be afraid. I am with you. Put your trust in your shepherds as my Son trusted when He chose them, and pray that they may have the strength and the love to lead you. Thank you.”

Our Lady blessed everyone and all religious objects brought for blessing. Mirjana said that Our Lady was decisive and full of love.

Two New Revelations About Our Lady: Her Efficacy and Her Spirit

by A Friend of Medjugorje

In the Community of Caritas, we do not wonder and say, perhaps Our Lady is walking with us. We know She is. Our Lady manifests Her presence very often with real interventions in the life of our community. As She once said in Her message of March 25, 1992:

“…you will see the miracles of God’s love in your everyday life…”

We do not doubt Our Lady is with us in our everyday life. We can feel Her presence, and sometimes in a very detectable way. Our Lady has been given, by the Heavenly Father, a special new power to act upon the earth. This power has increased and has grown more profound, increasing daily since 1981. As the Medjugorje visionaries have told us, everyday they have seen Our Lady for these past 32 years, She appears more beautiful than the day before. In questioning Marija, she has explained this is a literal statement – that Our Lady is literally more beautiful each and every day than the day before. Marija, when asked, “How can that be, day after day, month after month, year after year?” Marija responded, “It is a mystery.” In the beginning, we would hear the visionaries describing Our Lady. “She is indescribably beautiful, and here we are now, telling you this beauty increases every day. That is why it is a mystery, because looking at Our Lady during the apparition; we cannot comprehend how it could be possible that Our Lady could be more beautiful in tomorrow’s apparition.”

In the same way, Our Lady is being given a new efficacy every day.

Efficacy is defined:

“Power to produce effects; production of the effect intended.”

This power to act and enact, this growing efficacy is increasing to a point that though these are the last apparitions on earth, in which Our Lady will cease to appear, Her presence on earth will still be here as a Mother to act and as a Queen to enact. Our Lady said:

March 18, 1996:

“…My eyes and my heart will be here, even when I will no longer appear…”

God is going to withdraw the apparitions, but will give the world the spirit of Our Lady which will thrive among us something akin to His Holy Spirit. Not as the Holy Spirit, nor replacing the Holy Spirit, nor competing with the Holy Spirit, rather a handmaid to the Holy Spirit. A servant to the Holy Spirit in helping us both with Her presence and growing strength in calling down the Holy Spirit, a new Pentecost. Her new efficacy, a wonder, a beautiful, a profound, and a mystery all together for us today, will be as Christ literally said to John:

John 19:26-27

Woman, behold thy son!
Son, behold they mother!

That was said in another time. For our day, when these daily apparitions end, which will be like death for Our Lady’s children, Her triumph will be the Resurrection, just as the death of Jesus on the Cross brought about His victory and Resurrection. Our Lady has come to show man must die to himself. At Her triumph for our day, Jesus will then say:

Woman, behold thy sons of the world.
Mankind, behold thy mother.

The woman, the Queen will use the peak of Her power to enact and maintain the power on earth until the world’s end, and as mother will use the peak of Her power of motherly love for all of man to act, maintaining this new efficacy on earth until the world ends!


October 2, 2013

“…I will be with you until the meeting with the Heavenly Father…”

I will be with you until your end…a truth that Our Lady’s power as Queen to enact and our Heavenly Mother’s power to act will stay present to our death.

Enact is defined:

“To decree; to establish as the will of the supreme power; to make, as a law.”

Act is defined:

“Action; urge; lead; to move; to exert force.”

And for those who are alive at the end of the world, while alive, Our Lady’s new efficacy through Medjugorje, will be active until the world ends. This is why Our Lady said:

May 2, 1982

“I have come to call the world to conversion for the last time. Afterwards, I will not appear any more on this earth.”

The visionaries have said the reason for this is that God is giving us everything through Our Lady’s presence and there will be no more need for apparitions, in which Our Lady has appeared for the masses to guide and correct Her children to make them holy. She has given us, through these last apparitions, Her bible – Her manual for conversion – Her epistles of letters in Her messages for everything possible for modern man, for the way of conversion, even how to resurrect his soul and how for him to resurrect other souls from the dead, and whole societies and cultures as well. Modern man, saturated with bad news of his day, has fallen into a false truth that he believes is truth and is in need of the way of life of the Good News. She has come with a mandate to restore man, who is surrounded by modernism. Modernism that has grown around him like a thick vine, choking out the sun. Our Lady is here in order to tear apart this bad growth, to let the Son shine in man’s heart. Man has little meaning to his life in the culture today. So little meaning that his life is ruled over and enslaved by a system and machines, giving way to unfounded rules and regulations. All day, throughout the day, one is ruled by a system and instructed by computers on what to do and where to go, of which guides humanity. When one confronts the system for various reasons of frustrations throughout the day, you will hear, “I am sorry the computer won’t let me do it,” or “The computer is down,” or you must go through such and such hoops, “Come back or call back later, etc.” We are insulated by a system that strangles daily life and most have not the wisdom of logic that, “I know what to do but cannot override what the system or computer tells me I must do.” Computers do not have logic to adapt to fundamentals outside the scope of its confined programs, and we put them over us, and our human logic of reasoning for unforeseen situations that are easily concluded at the human level. For example, you buy a loaf of bread and the store clerk tells you the computer registers are down. You respond, “Here is the price of this loaf of bread and here is the money.” And you are told, “I’m sorry. I cannot take it without the computer register allowing me.” With hundreds of examples and with your own personal modern life experiences, you can reason out and rectify situations, yet are prevented by a system of machines. Witnessing where the society is headed, you begin to see why Our Lady is here. A system prevails over modern man and he does not even realize it. For the future, the only way to beat it, to be saved, is to walk Her way She shows through community. Our Lady tells us:

October 2, 2013

“…Do not be afraid…”

Why has Our Lady repeatedly said this? Because there is a lot to be afraid of in a system that begins to take on the power of a god and to indoctrinate, instruct and reconstruct man and the way he lives. No individual can stand against it, as it derives its march to power by unseen dark forces. It will make you conform. If you do not conform to it, you cannot get healthcare, your retirement, a job, voice your thinking contrary to the system, etc. Already, if you do not accept abominable marriages and the culture of death, you are classed as hateful by holding onto your Christian beliefs. Every day, liberty is being eroded and seen as an obstacle to a growing system that individuals have no power or at liberty to stand up against. Yet, it is disconcerting that much of the system is operated by many Christians. From bank tellers to engineers building the systems to education and especially government, Christians not reflecting on what is happening and are innocently and ignorantly putting a noose around their own necks.

Recently, Homeland Security proudly displayed their new armored vehicles to be put on the streets of America. They show it driving up to a house. A long spear then extends out into the house’s front solid steel door, knocking it down. It then spews out gas and “masked saviors” run in to get the enemy.


“Do not be afraid.”

Afraid of what? Afraid to speak out against the atrocities of redefinition of marriage, against abortion, against the lie of evolution*, against the dictation of a government and education system who is for a culture of death, to take private property, lords over what you can think and say, etc. Many may think it is a good thing that we have armored vehicles to get the bad guy. That is, of course, if you are mindless, if you do not know history, if you do not recognize a growing tyranny of a system, if you do not recognize the signs of the times. That is if you do not “reflect” as Our Lady said:

January 25, 1997

“…reflect about your future…”

Who will the government say is the bad guy? Who are those classifying many Christian beliefs as bad? Hateful? Divisive? That Christian Bible believers are trampling on the rights of those of depraved behaviors? Just to be against things that the godless are doing, you are the enemy. The enemy to the intricately connected system that is growing more and more intolerable towards anything of God. The 2,600 armored vehicles will be used to get the bad guys. The big question is who are the bad guys? It is easily answered.

While we should reflect on the things and not be naïve about these things, we are not to be afraid. The path, not to be afraid, can only be achieved by walking with Our Lady. Walking with Our Lady into community. To do so is as if you were in a wagon train, when long ago and Indians attacked while out in the open. Men made a circle with the wagons, putting the women and children in the middle and they made their defenses from the outer wagons. Community is your only future. It is your wagon train defense measure. Our Lady made it clear in Her message today, October 2, 2013. However, if you have been in serious prayer, serious reflection, you already have these promptings. Our Lady said a few months ago:

June 2, 2013

“…be in a community of one single people where the Word of God is listened to and carried out…”

You are to be in community, and not in fear of carrying out the Word of God, the wagon train principles.

Today, Our Lady’s call becomes clearer. Be in communion with each other as one with Christ. When we receive the Eucharist we have Jesus in us and are to be in communion with Him. To receive communion is to receive a unity. To have oneness, “one single people,” we must be in communion with each other. Through Christ, we have oneness with each other, bringing about a harmonious unity. Communion gives unity. The two words together begets Comm-unity.

It was Our Lady who asked for and began the Community of Caritas, during Her apparitions of 1988 in the Bedroom of Apparitions. We have come to realize that the Community of Caritas, like the visionaries, the prayer groups, and the inner locutionists, is a major part of Our Lady’s plan. Through our experiences of walking with Our Lady so intimately into our lives, the Community of Caritas is a window for the world of the future. A future in which a community is the defense wagon train, against a world, that will protect you and your children. There is a price to pay for being in community. It costs you some things. But it is security of unity of one single people, a body of people whose lives have meaning. Just as the six visionaries, the prayer groups and inner locutionists show others and witness parts of Our Lady’s plans through Medjugorje, the Community of Caritas’ Way of Life in a New Time is to beget communities across the world. Our Lady initiating the Community of Caritas is not because we are more holy than anyone else, or that we do not sin, etc., but that Our Lady has chosen us as an example to follow. A people who are normal, who understand their sinfulness, but desire holiness. Our Lady turned us into and formed us into the idea of what community is to look like, so that you could do the same if you wanted to. However, many do not want the sacrifice or want to pay the price of changing one’s life. Our Lady said:

August 25, 2013

“…I do not desire for you, dear children, to have to repent for everything that you could have done but did not want to…”

In a few days, Our Lady of Victory’s School, our little community school will take a field trip to go and watch two thousand rowers in a rowing competition. Every year, our school has a major theme that teaches life’s lessons in union with Our Lady’s Way of Life. This year’s theme is based on a new book that fell into our hands called The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown. The nine boys in the boat became in a “divine” way, a tiny community that challenged Hitler and won. The book is a must read in light of Our Lady’s Way of Life. The whole community of Caritas has read or is reading the book, even the very young are being explained the fundamentals about the book. Every year, a writing is written on the school theme without knowing all the topics, only a few notes of what the year’s theme is. It parallels The Boys in the Boat, yet it had not been read. The following writing is this year’s school charter and is titled “Oneness.” Reflect on Our Lady’s October 2, 2013, message from today as you read it.


“Man will give up wealth, suffer and sacrifice his flesh for a purpose that necessitates oneness. The hardest challenge that keeps him from being one for a cause is giving up his opinion. Erasing the division of opinions, necessary for a commission, can only be achieved by a structure of obedience. One must willfully pledge, promise or agree to place oneself under one direction, submitting, in order to be one with others. Becoming one body of the same mind and action achieves what is impossible. Those not of one mind and action, wilt in what they try to achieve.

A conductor has at his hands an array of different instruments played by different souls. To be one, all have to submit to his guidance, becoming one with him. Each instrument is placed in a precise position for sound, played by all in exactness, as if only one was playing, despite separate individuals managing different instruments. Yet, if any of the participants traded places with the conductor of the group, though they would orchestrate with different ways and techniques, they still must transform all into one to achieve its purpose, keeping the fundamentals. Still one principle remains to achieve the oneness that achieves greatness in the goal it strives for. A principle of one thought and purpose. The principle of obedience. Oneness cannot happen without obedience. Obedience cannot happen without love. Without oneness, a goal cannot be achieved in completeness. Oneness, through the whole body, results in a harmonic symphony of unity of which no resistance can stop. God’s principles of being one mind, one heart is cored into the natural order of perfection. The more a people conform to this principle, the more it succeeds. One single individual acting slightly independent of the whole stymies, even blocks its ability to achieve its purpose, degrading the effort of the whole. Oneness, through obedience and brotherly love for one another, then produces a mystery sourced from the Divine that gives results beyond what is humanly achievable.

An added ingredient to excel higher than others reaching for the same goal, is adversity. Those who are commissioned, who have known adversity, surpass others at the same tasks who have not known difficulties. It can be said, “Give me a son who knows hardship, difficulties, hunger, disappointments, the storms of life and dealing with difficult people, all the while without bitterness, all the while advancing, all the while remaining positive, and I will give you a man who can accomplish what is set before him.”

Span time from the obedience of Noah who crafted a vessel in which the continuance of the whole of mankind and animal kingdom depended upon him and the divine for ‘future.’ Today it is the same. At this time, mankind is placed in one single people being one, building a boat, who with great struggle, obedience and love will row many others through the passage of great adversity to win a race not accomplishable as individuals who can do nothing by themselves, but only with the Son. A Son, the Son who has known every adversity, who achieved all set before Him 2,000 years ago. You are not to work as an independent, an individual, as you are not alone; rather you are a part of something bigger than yourself, where the hand of man is touched by the touch of the hand of God.

Oneness is future.
* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Are you willing to pay the price of sacrifice now for the future, or wait and be forced into an untold price, to travel down a costly toll road just to exist – exist in a society on the brink of implosion with no future?

At this weekend’s field trip, our school will watch many small shells** (rowing boats) race. Those who win will be those who have formed the “swing” of harmony required to win. A oneness where the number of people rowing can only be successful if connected as one. It is not great cities, it is not great numbers, that will row into the future, rather it is small united tight communities, small in population.

In the book They Fired the First Shot 2012, it tells how Our Lady prophesied this in the very beginning of Her Medjugorje apparitions, these small communities.

From They Fired the First Shot 2012:

In Medjugorje, sometime in the beginning days, many saw a strange occurrence on Cross Mountain, during the daytime. Some even saw it from afar. One of those who witnessed it was Medjugorje visionary Marija’s brother, Andrija. He said that he and others saw the whole of the sky over Cross Mountain, covered in what looked like a white veil, except one could see through it. Through the veil, they could see up in the sky a small church with four or five houses around it. The four or five houses were surrounded with green fields. Then there was another church with four or five houses around it, surrounded by green fields. And then another and another repeat of the scene. When Andrija was asked how many, he said hundreds of churches were surrounded the same way. How long did the vision last? Fifteen minutes. Did they just stay in the sky? No, the little village churches were descending to the earth (on Cross Mountain) very slowly. Through the years, Andrija was asked about this several times, and what he thought it meant. He would say, “It meant what I saw.”

What did Marija’s brother see? How should we understand it? The Community of Caritas is a prophetic community, a “prototype” of what the future will look like. How can that be said?

The following is taken from the book Words From Heaven®.

December 13, 1988

When Our Lady appeared, She conveyed to Marija Her desire to start a community at the site. Marija turned to the host in whose house she was living and said to him immediately after the apparition, somehow it was indicated that,

“Our Lady wants to start a community here.”

The husband and wife were deeply struck by these words.

The resulting Community of Caritas continues to evolve in present time to show and point the way for a future time. Our Lady, through Marija’s apparitions, has continually formed and shaped Her community with Her words and actions, especially in Her apparitions when Marija stays in the home in the community in Alabama.

What Andrija, Marija’s brother, saw was small villages in numbers where people could be community.

We are in formation as a family, as a community. We have walked with Our Lady for 27 years. We have been purified repeatedly. We feel future. At the same time, for over a year, we are still asking Our Lady to purify us, our hearts, our mentalities, and our community. Our Lady said today:

“…Give me your open, purified hearts and I will fill them with the love for my Son…”

This is where it begins – purification. Without repentance and purification, you cannot be led to ‘future.’ Our Lady has called us to be apostles to lead and shepherd others, but to do so requires trust in Her.

Do Not Be Afraid to Step Out,
A Friend of Medjugorje
Who is a Friend of Medjugorje?

See also, the Community of Caritas section

* People are being stopped, persecuted, even harassed and fired from their teaching jobs for challenging evolution.
** A narrow, light, sleek racing boat propelled by two, four, or eight men pulling oars that can be up to 60’ long, but only about 24” wide.

Listen to Radio WAVE with A Friend of Medjugorje, as he discusses Our Lady’s October 2, 2013 message given today. To listen to the October 2 Radio WAVE show titled, “Bring on the Wonder,” visit here…


Pictures from the October 2, 2013 Apparition

Our Lady's apparition October 2, 2013

The Blue Cross stands in testimony beside the path on which Mirjana will walk for the meeting with Our Lady; the Woman of Revelation. As in Jesus’ time, great crowds gather for their own personal encounter with the Mother of God in a meeting of time and eternity as they walk with Our Lady on the path of conversion.

A Friend of Medjugorje wrote the following in 1999:

“Why call us now, in the present time, onto the path of salvation except that we are on the eve of a new time of salvation, but through the throes of a purification of which chastisement will cause. Our Lady speaks clearly, very clearly, that these are Her last apparitions on earth. She has said so. Vicka, the visionary, has made this message about the last apparitions clear. The call is now, immediate and urgent. Not through panic, fear, or law, rather through peace, love and for Him Who gave the law. We must change our lives immediately. Our Lord is revealing these things to him who prays. It is a promise of the Holy Scripture.


Amos 3:7

‘Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants the prophets.’

We have had an overflowing cup of God’s future plans being revealed through Our Lady’s messages of Medjugorje. For us, in community, we can see the new life Our Lady is bringing us toward.”

Excerpt from the writing by A Friend of Medjugorje,
“As Go God’s People, So Goes the World,” 1999


Mirjana arrives on October 2, 2013

With joy, Mirjana greets pilgrims before she greets Our Lady. What must her joy be like moments before seeing the Queen of Heaven? Mirjana witnesses the joy of an encounter in prayer that Our Lady wishes for each of Her children to experience in their hearts and lives.

Ivanka expressed these words to pilgrims gathered outside St. James Church in Medjugorje, March 18, 2010:

“Simply, Our Lady doesn’t want to leave us. She desires to help us and to guide us. But I repeat once again, She is waiting for us to open our hearts.” 1

Mirjana preparing for Our Lady's apparition on October 2, 2013

Prayer is a meeting with God. Mirjana, a sign of what prayer means, stops amidst the noise of the crowd to prepare her soul for an encounter with the Queen of the Ages. Prayer is a relationship with Heaven.

In 2011, Medjugorje visionary, Vicka expressed the following:

“One of the most beautiful things Our Lady recommends is that we pray for a strong faith. When Our Lady invites us to prayer, She does not just want us to say the words with our lips. Our Lady would like us, every single day, day by day, to open our hearts a little bit more so that the prayer can finally become the joy for us.” 2

Our Lady's apparition on October 2, 2013


Mirjana greets Our Lady with her arms extended towards Her, as her heart opens to receive the love and words Our Lady brings from Heaven. Our Lady’s very presence exudes love and warmth which She wishes for us to give to others, as She said on November 25, 2009:

“…Little children, may your hearts be pure and pleasing, so that love and warmth may flow through you into every heart that is far from His love. Little children, be my extended hands, hands of love for all those who have become lost, who have no more faith and hope…”


Our Lady appears to Mirjana October 2, 2013

Reflected in Mirjana’s whole being, suspended in prayer before the presence of Our Lady, we witness the unity of Mother and child as Our Lady speaks words to all of Her children. Can we imagine through Mirjana’s face, the reflection on Our Lady’s face when She received Words from Heaven at the Annunciation?
A Friend of Medjugorje wrote in 2010:

“Concerning the Holy Virgin Mary appearing upon the earth: the most beautiful message ever received by man…direction from the most beautiful instrument of God.

April 4, 1985

“…I wish to keep on giving you messages as it has never been in history from the beginning of the world…”

“Just as Joshua Bell’s* significance was obscured by busyness, have you stopped long enough for the above words of Our Lady to sink in?

“What do they mean to you? Words as it has never been in history? You are living in this moment. Do you truly believe, not just in the apparitions, but what She actually is saying?”

A Friend of Medjugorje from the writing,
“Will You Miss Out on the Second Greatest Moment in Time?” 2010
* To better understand, click here to read

 Our Lady appearing to Mirjana October 2, 2013

Mirjana, seen in the center of this picture as she gazes at Our Lady is surrounded by a small portion of what Our Lady said today, “…My children, I am gathering you as my apostles…” A Friend of Medjugorje has always understood that Our Lady calls all to be Her apostles. These, in this picture, and everyone else who decides to take this path of following Our Lady, is who She is gathering to be Her apostles. It doesn’t require what the world and its standards would consider for apostleship, nor what the ‘church-ed’ would consider for apostleship, but rather who Our Lady would call as apostles, those who would suffer and be purified for Her sake.

From A Friend of Medjugorje’s writing, “Entering A New Time”, written in 1997:

“To be a child of Our Lady is to be purified of your sins of the past, to be made into a new person. It is very unpleasant to a depth that when you think you cannot be brought lower, suddenly you are, and you are brought deeper into the midst of your trials. St. Louis de Montfort wrote four hundred years ago of the time when Our Lady would come and raise up the last apostles of the latter times, and that they would be “as the children of Levi, purified by the great fire of tribulation.”

A Friend of Medjugorje,
“Entering A New Time,” 1997

Our Lady's apparition on October 2, 2013

Through Mirjana’s face, we see a reflection of her soul, the longing in her eyes as she gazes into the eyes of the Queen Mother, who brings motherly guidance and peace in an intimate relationship with Her children.

On June 15, 2009, Ivan spoke to pilgrims gathered in Medjugorje about Our Lady, the Mother:

“Who can know better but our Mother how much peace we need in today’s tired world. How much peace we need in tired young people, in our tired families; and how much peace our tired Church needs. Mother comes as a Mother of the Church. She comes to us because She wants to help us. She comes to us because She wants to show us what is wrong with us. She comes to us because She wants to comfort us and encourage us. She comes to us because She desires to lead us by the hand to Her Son towards peace; and we can only find peace in Her Son.”3


Pilgrims at Our Lady's apparition to Mirjana October 2, 2013

As Mirjana leaves, priests and those in the crowd extend their hands in blessing over Mirjana. We are called as Her apostles to bless each other, in this way bringing others closer to the love of Her Son. Our Lady said on December 25, 2009:

“…On this joyful day, I bring all of you before my Son, the King of Peace, that He may give you His peace and blessing. Little children, in love share that peace and blessing with others…”

A blessing is a reminder of God the Father’s love and our call to be a blessing to others.


1. Taken from Medjugorje Visionary Ivanka’s talk given on March 18, 2010, click here to read
2. Taken from Simple and Profound Words from Vicka, click here to read
3. Taken from talk by visionary Ivan, Why don’t we wipe the tears She has in Her eyes? – click here to read

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  1. I am deeply touched by this piece and as I pray more and more, I am realizing just how much our Lady is growing in love and power, calling us to all lift ourselves out of this system, and out of this world. Thank You for such insight. I just wish here in tiny Lebanon, a community like yours could be made

  2. How wonderful this all is to be able to read the message from Our Lady. The whole thing amazes me. I hope one day to go to Medjugorje. God bless.

  3. Maybe Our Mother appears more beautiful as we get closer to her heart we are able to recognize her true beauty. Thank you Jesus for sending us this beautiful gift.

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