Two Letters and a Response from A Friend of Medjugorje

Two Letters and a Response from A Friend of Medjugorje

May 21, 2018 A.D.

From a Friend of Medjugorje:

Silence the Lying Voices Hillary Kim Jong Un

While we do not always publish letters of this type below, from time to time it is helpful to see the fruit of lying voices and how these lying voices cause delusion, even among some of Our Lady’s followers of Medjugorje. One can see how disheartened Jesus was when He could not get through to his own people with truth. Our Lady said January 2, 2015:

“…Many false truths are being offered to you…”

Letter One:

I do not consider this president to be backed by heaven… a man whose every lie is countered by another national emergency he himself begins, a man who has had a long long sinful past using women as his play toys,  a man who lies about everything  (there was no way Pres. Obama could wire tap his 5th Ave. high rise palatial home in his own Trump Tower there.   He called Mrs. Clinton the Mother of ISIS… If I were her, she should have sued him for character defamation.  He brought all those evil women from Pres. Clinton’s past to one of their debates, but forgot about his own evil past relationships.  Mrs. Clinton was too much of a lady to treat him as he treated her.  It makes me sick to hear them chant, “LOCK HER UP.”

A man whose presence evokes  massive  public protests, fights, injuries and deaths wherever he goes as in the Gaza Strip today and since announcing Jerusalem would be the holy city where the US Embassy would now be located ( the world  did not need to see almost 3,000 people protesting hospitalized today, as well as over 50 deaths today).  This man, this president is not about PEACE. He is about DEATH.  He’s repealed all the environmental laws allowing pollution of our waters and streams.  The Indians were under brute force in their protests vs. their drinking water being sabotaged by the oil pipeline.  The Caravan of women and children who left Central American countries because of the violence/killing to protect themselves and their families were met with hostility at the San Diego Wall by this president.  And America does not need to spend $40 million or more building a heavy wall 2-3,000 miles long between Mexico and USA, what we need are more border police for the drugs they are bringing here which our own are paying for at all costs.   The only reason we’re seeing the leader of No. Korea extend an olive branch, is because his nukes and rockets blew up the entire base/staging area and killed off over 250 workers there (he probably killed off the head people who developed this technology).  I’ve learned from History, leaders lie when they sign pacts as with the Warsaw Peace Agreement on my birthday just before WWII began with the Invasion of Poland, a few weeks later by the Nazis, and by the Soviet Union, afterwards.  Their pact was essentially to split Poland in half, each leader taking l/2 of the country, Stalin and Hitler, for himself.

Sorry, but I have to wonder about reality and idealism here.  I always respected CARITAS but have begun to wonder since you publicly support someone who defrauded many innocent people across America of his stock which was worthless back in the early 1990s.   Tens of millions of $$ was lost and all he could say, is they should have watched their investment more closely, just as he defrauded all those people who signed up for his fake school in real estate and won their law suit vs. him.  So much evil has come from this president, like no president in my lifetime before him.  Our country is committing many more sins thanks to him being in the White House.


Did Mary Magdelene come to Jesus with a very soiled, filthy past? Did Mary Magdelene grow day-by-day into the light? Did Matthew, the tax collector? Did he have to learn what was good? It was not a lightning strike from sinner to saint. Conversion can be instant, but one must learn how to amend their life over a period of time. The steps, taken by President Trump, have moved mightily and greatly forward, toward benefiting religious faith and anti-abortion more than all the recent presidents put together. Any research will prove this statement. The president is still learning. If Jesus accepted Mary Magdelene and Matthew, who again had to learn more of their faith, why do you expect more out of Trump? What about Saul/Paul, who killed the first martyr, St. Stephen, and ‘many’ other Christians? Saul’s conversion, when struck and changed into Paul, did not happen over night. He spent 8 years, possibly longer, learning how to be a Christian and many, as you, did not trust he was Christian. Trump is progressing, especially as a defender of Christians. That, in itself, is a positive good.

Lastly, we have a First Lady for the first time, who is in the White House praying to the Holy Virgin Mary. This alone gives Our Lady ability to help, form, the presidency. You cannot deny all this, you can only disregard it, as your letter above shows.

A Second Letter

I am extremely disappointed in your political position supporting this President. If our prayers were answered Gov. Kasich, a devote Christian, would have been elected. You are supporting a racist and bigot. I spent 45 years wearing a military uniform both full and part time. As a former Intelligence Officer he is doing exactly what Putin wants. I have been to Medjugorje twice and will return again this July and May ’19. We do agree that the Rosary is a spiritual weapon, as I will continue to pray. Hopefully, you will stay away from politics. ‘The division in this country is terrible’ and only through pray we will unite. God Bless


A Friend of Medjugorje:

We are not into politics. We are into truth. In regard to the statement above, “division in the country is terrible” is incorrect. It is a good that God is bringing about. Our Lady is here to unite all under Her mantle and make us one. Those who reject truth are being separated by truth. Truth unites a people into alignment, and it is a recognizing of God’s actions. Many Christians and Our Lady’s followers did not elect Trump because he shared all our values, rather he was elected to do what he is doing. Many are seeing this, as proven by the President’s rating which is growing and is surpassing several past presidents.

The world’s direction is changing. Our Lady said on June 25, 2007:

“…God desires to convert the entire world…”

Our Lady said on September 2, 2015:

“…I will teach you truth that you may know how to discern…”

Lastly, people are coming into the Mission House in Medjugorje from many nations. We can say especially the European nations have a greater understanding of what the United States was given when Donald Trump was elected. We have a cross culture of people from many nations and the support for Trump is very surprising. They like what he is doing and how he is doing it. Many of them are praying for his protection and praying that he may continue to do what he is doing. Their perception is that it will help their countries.

Pray for Discernment,
A Friend of Medjugorje

Listen unfiltered to what Trump says:

Click Play ▶ below to hear President Trump and First Lady Melania’s Christmas greeting

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Visit here to listen to the Mejanomics Broadcast of December 7, 2017: “President Trump, the Gentile.”

Be sure to read more about how you can participate in the Silence the Lying Voices Project

Silence the Lying Voices

6 thoughts on “Two Letters and a Response from A Friend of Medjugorje”

  1. We need a man like Trump in Ireland, a self made man who will not be bought by the mighty globalists and who truly loves his country and fears God

  2. Obama fooled America with ‘hope’ but he didn’t fool himself, his muslim agenda of America’s destruction is moving along as planned….while Americans watch football, drink beer and chase government benefits. Next stop…as head of the UN he will install a new world currency, forgive all debts and start everybody from scratch. Every indebted country will love and adore him ( that’s all of them)…….then he will control the whole world…..and put a bar code on your forehead The king of lies is very smart and very slick, humans are no match for him.!

  3. Crissy Corpus

    I’m wondering why Mr. Clinton’s victims are seen as, “evil women”! And I am also wondering how anyone who is trying to live Our Lady’s messages, or even considers themselves a follower of Christ, could support either of the Clinton’s or Obama, given there abhorent defence of abortion, even to the death rocking chairs of Obama for those poor suffering babies who survive abortion. I plead to all of you who do, please pray to the Holy Spirit, as scripture promises, “to lead you to all truth”! Put aside your political affiliation! Both sides are infiltrated by masonary and evil. Seek first tbe kingdom of God. What would that look like?A world or country killing it’s innocent unborn? I don’t think so. Let’s all pray that we may see the light in this dark world! Let’s also remember how many horrible sinners became saints! God’s mercy and grace have changed the worst of us. All we have to do is look at the lives of the ssints. Many God began using even before they turned to Him!!

  4. Susan Philipp

    Both comments are eloquent and I cannot add to them my sentiments which are in perfect agreement. Thank you for standing for truth and for the fact that there are no perfect people and he who is without sin throw the first stone. I cannot pick one up. God bless you, Susan

  5. Anthony Russo

    Dear Friend of Medjugorje, Thank you for always standing up for the truth and for the heart of our Lady’s messages. Jesus spoke the truth and it divided His generation because they did not want to hear the truth. As in Christ’s time, most people want a watered-down or candy-coated or politically correct version of the truth, that won’t force us to choose a side or stand firm in our faith. We mistakenly believe we need to “tolerate” or be accepting of everyone’s position, but if you stand for everything you stand for nothing. Thank you for always taking a stand for truth and for Our Lady. God Bless Caritas

  6. Reene Terrell

    Dear Caritas, If by now a person cannot see all the evil perpetrated by the Clintons and the Obamas and continues to prefer them over Donald Trump , then he will never be able to see the good in Donald Trump regardless of what this President does. Frankly, I’m surprised you responded as kindly as you did. I don’t think I could have done that. Sincerely, Reene Terrell Texas

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