True Friends

True Friends

Thursday, July 27, 2017 A.D.
12:00 PM Alabama Time

Our Lady of Medjugorje said on July 25, 2017:


“…encourage each other in the good…”


A few days ago, we received a critical comment about the cost of Mej.com, which was signed by “a true and honest friend.” A Friend of Medjugorje wrote a reply to the critical comment and was featured in the writing, “Get a Real Job,” which can be read below.


The notes which have been sent to us in response to the writing, “Get a Real Job” with the critical comment about the cost of Mej.com, and the response from Friend of Medjugorje’s is a beautiful witness that many who are praying understand truth, and reveals who are the true friends. Our Lady’s words of July 25, 2017 state:


“…work on yourselves so that, for you, holiness of life may be truth…”


Those friends who are seeking and working on holiness find and understand truth. This time while Mej.com is “offline” and we are working towards the goal to bring Mej v3.0 online has been a time of deep reflection for many. The following letter below was sent to us in response to the critical comment:


July 26, 2017

I want to respond to “A True & Honest Friend…” (how the critic signed their comment to us) about Caritas and the website. I ask you – how many hours a day do you work? At what kind of work? What is your pace really like?


I have been a part of Caritas of Birmingham since I first heard about them in the Spring of 1988!!! My family and I first visited Caritas in 1990, before the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages was even complete! I donated broken blessed items so part of my family is in the foundation, the stairs and walls of the Tabernacle. I’ve watched families move in and grow, not only in age and size, but in holiness. I’ve spent weekends, weeks and even a period of 5 weeks working alongside the Community, working, doing chores, praying and playing. I could barely keep up!!! They get up EVERY morning and are in the Field at 5, no matter the weather – cold, hot, rain…- and, when I stayed with them, I kept up for years (can’t seem to keep up as well any longer ☺ ). At times they are even doing all this activity with only bread and water for sustenance!!! Staying with the Consecrated Women, we would sing walking the paths to prayer or to work, we laughed, we enjoyed being together. I love my Caritas Family!


I am the one who has benefitted from being with them. I was actually in an apparition with Marija when a miracle occurred and a man was cured of a terminal disease. Not to mention the MANY miracles that I have received – I am walking when a surgeon told me he never expected me to be able to walk! After my husband left me for another woman, I worked and prayed with Caritas, doing what they suggested and got my husband back 11 years ago!!!


I am blessed and can hardly wait that Our Lady has called me (and my husband) to join Her again later this week in Medjugorje!


Therefore, I challenge you to go to Caritas and work with them for a week or more, THEN say that they should get real jobs!
God bless!



What follows are some more of the notes we received in the past two days about the critical comment and writing, “…Get a real job…”


Such a great answer from a “Friend” of Medjugorje. Truly the person who wrote the note is not a true friend. I have questioned myself many times about Caritas because of the terrible slander. I am fortunate to always read Our Lady’s messages which brings me back to the truth. I truly needed to be reminded of Our Lady’s message of January 25th, 1990 (which was quoted in the writing). I work hard each day to try to bypass all the ugliness in the world and remember what I need to do to please the Blessed Virgin and Jesus.

South Carolina



Almost there! You guys have really ticked off satan. That means you are doing a great job! I’m praying for you all.


Hermitage, TN



I read the comment from the jealous person. Probably young enough to think they know it all. Let’s pray that life’s experiences will educate them without too many hard knocks. I fear they’re in for a few with that attitude. We need you and your website more now than ever. May the peace of Christ be with you always.


Hatfield, MN



You are a breath of fresh air in the negative and evil world. The people who told you those things are only followers of satan. You keep up the good work for Our Lady. I am sure She is 100% behind you.




People have said that very same thing to me some years ago. Their comment is an example of the ways of the world and indicative of poor sinners. Peace to you all and carry on in the Lord.



Thank you to all who are praying and sacrificing to bring Mej v3.0 online. Thank you to our “true friends” of Our Lady for your love and encouragement. Please continue to pray and encourage all of your friends and family, prayer group members and co-workers to give towards the matching donation. Thank you!


With Love,
Caritas of Birmingham
Operated by the Community of Caritas


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See where we stand in reaching the goal for the 2023-2024 Community Plea. If you have not yet read this update, a Friend of Medjugorje gives some strong teachings which are important for you to be informed.

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