To Love

To Love


To Love


To love and be rejected;
To spend every effort to help and be turned down;

To be in a situation of having to compete to be heard and be silent;
To have the answers and not be able to convey them;

To lose, knowing you can win, rather than being political;
To go to the end of the line when you were there first;

To tell the truth and it be made a lie;
To try to be saintly and be made out to be a devil;

To be on the inside and to be cast outside;
To be with many and to know you are really alone;

To give yourself unreservedly to others and be a victim of their envy;
To dedicate your life to a purpose and that purpose turn against you;

To be innocent and be accused;
To be stripped of all authority, earthly power, and position and be nothing;

…is to have one’s heart lacerated with humility to the greatest depth
and receive at the greatest heights God’s blessing of…walking Jesus’ path;

…To Love

Friend of Medjugorje


International Copyright ©1997,2009, SJP, Lic. COB. For permission to use call Caritas of Birmingham at 205-672-2000 USA.


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  1. City: Lincoln
    State: Nebraska
    Country: usa
    my friend sent nk me this after I found out my 14 year old granddaughter got the shot! her aunt took her. after having permission from her mom….who does not want to get the shot nk herself.

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