To Love… You Discern…

To Love… You Discern…

December 16, 2020 A.D.

from a Friend of Medjugorje

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  1. City: LOS ANGELES
    State: ca
    Country: United States
    I thought that r5he comparison” of hope and faith was so deep heartening and uplifting at the same time that it gives you a Real peace of mind. Jesus IS the way, the truth, and the light. Amen.

  2. My heart bleeds for President Trump! I remember him saying “ I’m taking all for your sakes” I’ve been praying for the protection of St Michael the Archangel  Thank you , 

  3. It has been evident to me that God was, and I believe still is, working through President Trump to make our country better. He has done so many good things to fight against the evil that was always upon him. He persevered in the most difficult circumstances and committed to restoring America and bringing it back to the people for which it was created. I believe the God has big plans for him even now without the Presidency.  Donald J. Trump was the best President in my life time! First Lady Melania was a kind and gracious First Lady also

  4. Thank you former President Trump and Mrs. Trump. I really don’t know how you were able to stand strong and think straight under such duress.  Mr. Trump, I am truly thankful for all the ways you have supported the people of our country creating opportunity and a stronger US of A. You were clearly God-sent. We must all continue to pray.  May God bless and protect you both.

  5. How can we help this courageous President who has fought so hard to bring about a return to morals and justice?  God bless him and his family.  Protective and grateful prayers are being offered for him, the United States, and the world!

  6. Lindsay DiBenedetto

    I have watched this video several times and every time I get tears. It hurts the heart to see what they have put this man through. He doesn’t deserve it. Obama deserved it. He wanted to transform America into something un-American. To fundamentally change us. Yeah, rip God out and kill those babies and steal our liberties! Trump is trying to keep us safe.He built us a wall. He supports our US Military and Vets. He stands his ground to foreign powers. He fights for the defenseless babes and to secure our 1st and 2nd amendment rights. He’s not a coward! God bless him and protect him. He is our rightful President. Supporting him and praying for him and for our country.

  7. President Trump, thank you for being the best President of my lifetime!  I’v learned so much from you; like no other.  My family and I will always support and love you.  God Bless you and your beautiful family!  God Bless America!

  8. President Trump has proven to be a most remarkable leader — fearless, focused, committed to defending Life and to securing the good of the nation. He has been indefatigable and unmovable in the face of unprecedented and relentless attacks and schemes.  Pray for this man, for his family, and for our country. Consecrate him to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Consecrate the USA (our Congress, Courts, military, and citizens) to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Pray that the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will be hastened, that it will begin here, in the United States.  May Our Lady intercede for America, and may Our Great and Good God look down upon us with love and mercy. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.  Lord, we ask You to bless, protect and defend President Trump, and we entreat You grant a second term to his Administration. 

  9. May God bless our President Donald J. Trump…and this country! Thank you for for this presentation of the truth may the world’s eyes be opened and God’s will be done!

  10. Wow … how true! Thank you for telling the whole TRUTH and nothing but… so help you GOD! May God Bless President Donald John Trump! ❤️?❤️

  11. Thank you President Trump for all that you and your family endured on our behalf.  America is a better country now because of your efforts.  As you leave the national stage you can hold your head high.  I’m proud to have lived during your presidency.

  12. ginnette caldwell

    I have watched him fight so bravely for us and so triumphantly, and always fair to those who tried to destroy him with lies, and it made me just admire him more.  and now they have stolen the vote from him and we are headed down the rabbit hole.  i feel so badly for him and so proud of the man we chose in 2016, (and actually in 2020 as well).  I don’t know why he didn’t just quit instead of dealing with the junk they thru at him, but that is not “the Donald.”  hang in there Mr. President,  more than half this nation loves you and we all need you.  thank you for your service.     

  13. A soldier awakens early, or, never sleeps at all; suits up for duty, amidst the uncertainty of his call. Though enemy forces seek to destroy all credibility to claim their victory. Through it all, justice shall prevail as throughout our history. Beaten down and battered, spit upon and slandered; attacked from every direction. The yoke of a nation is the burden he bears. From sea to shining sea, this consecrated land will forever be in our Lady’s hands. The “Queen of Peace” shall triumph; victory is assured. This is her time. The “Soldier of Peace” has been chosen…President “Donald J Trump”. Amen!

  14. Kathleen Kathleen McGough

    Yes. The reason why they hate us is because they hated Jesus. I also have always believed that the reason why they fear us is because they feared Jesus.

  15. God has great plans for you Mr. President, it’s not over. God knows the world needs your leadership to bring this wonderful country back with more love, strength, dignity and belief in God and our constitution.  Only you, Mr. President, can do this.  We “The People” know this and is why we Love You! With love All  things are possible! I pray, God keeps His hands over you and His Holy Angels by your side and the sides of your loving family. 

  16. God Bless President Trump, he is the only President that really cares for the people of this country. The Truth will come out. God is on his side.Thy Will Be Done! 

  17. Donald Trump is a true patriot!  In spite of the loathing and constant criticism He fights for the American people against the deep state !  May God bless President Trump!

  18. No truer words were ever spoken about our dear President. He has been the best President I have seen in my lifetime and has managed this amid constant ridicule and criticism. God bless President Trump and God bless our great country. God bless Caritas and A Friend of Medjugorje for bringing truth to this nation amidst the constant lying voices.

  19. Leedell Marie Scott

    This is beautiful.  Thank You.  It’s interesting how all of the News, even conservative News sources are now calling Joe Biden President Elect just like A Friend Of Medjugorje said they would.  However, there is one “Lone Wolf” Network that is staunchly holding “The Line” on this, One America News.  They have now publicly stated that Donald Trump is President, not Joe Biden.  They are independently family owned – outsiders.  Interesting.  They have done stories that are clearly religious based, even stories about Rosary Rallies.  Interesting.   In the End, Mary’s Immaculate Heart will Triumph!  I can’t Waite!  It’s going to Be Spectacular!  All Humanity Will Know God Is Who He Is And That His Mother is Real!   Jesus, Mary I Love You Save Souls!

  20. What they are trying to do to our President after he has done so much for our country. He has accomplished so much in the four years he was President. His only thought was for the people and his country. Economey was great, brought more jobs, taxes were lowered. I am so saddened he couldn’t be our President for another 4 years he would do a great deal for the country he loves. I fear what Biden will do anyway I doubt he will be President for long as I think they are trying to get Harris to be Presaident first woman first black woman, this was their plan all along with the left. They want to rule the world with their socilism. Communism will come back into the US and they will try to ruin our country taking away all the wonderful things President has accomplished. So sad. My prayers are with you. I pray our Blessed Mother will intervene and keep our country out of the darkness.

  21. Beautiful Presentation with such Truth, it brought tears to my eyes. Oh how we must persevere to pray for the conversion of ourselves, families, nations, and the whole world because so many souls who are lost and do not know it. We stand with President Trump for what he is trying to do for our country, returning back to God and Our Lady in which our nation was consecrated to. Visionaries, Friend of Medjugorje, Caritas, thank you for the dedication, discernment, faithfulness, prayers, and sacrifice in helping the world to change our hearts to follow the plans of Our Lady. God bless always!!  

  22. Not in the least bit surprised – YouTube has been censoring our stuff for quite some time. They can’t win with truth so they have to silence the voice of truth. No one needs to stand for that kind of thing and should be screaming from the mountain tops.

  23. This says it all, I have sent it on to many good people who believe in our great President, and are faithful Christians, even if they are not Catholic.  May God gives us the wisdom and conviction to trust in His plan, and the assurance to not be afraid.  President Trump, the prayers of 75 million people are with you, you have awoken America to the evils that have infiltrated us.  WE STAND WITH YOU!  May our Lord guide us through this darkness.

  24. In these difficult times ahead, I will pray the Patriotic Rosary “I plead the blood of Jesus over Georgia and every soul in the state” with a Hail Mary.  I pray each eligible voter in Georgia will vote to elect Senate candidates with biblical values.  Our nation depends on you.  God bless and may God’s Will be done.  Deliver us from evil, Amen.


    This is a well made film.  I shared it, but no one looked at it, not family, not friends, not even Foe…

  26. Carole DiClaudio

    It hurts to watch this but is true… God bless the President and First Lady, and all our great nation. Your friend, Carole DiClaudio

  27. This was so touching.  It made me cry.  What they did to our President is so disgraceful.  I’m trusting in Our Lord that He will see us through this disgraceful election.  Both the Republicans and the Democrats should be greatly concerned that that the election of this country was carried out fair and square.   It was not.

  28. Discerning in these days isn’t difficult…unless there are scales through which one observes. The abominations against which our president stands seem epic…but Yahweh & Y’shua are with him. 74+ million Americans are also with him. We will continue in prayer…for if God Almighty is with us, who can stand against us? This battle is not over, but also we must remember that it is a battle only part of an ongoing war …and that our Lord, The Unblemished Lamb, is already victorious!!  Praise God & let not your heart be troubled!

  29. Magnificent‼️  The TRUTH‼️ Sharing and praying!!!!! Our Beloved President Trump❤️ And our Beloved First Lady! Thank you, LORD‼️!!!!!

  30. I believe that this error will be corrected by our Lord and His Mother.  Justice will prevail and this country will return to its greatness and once again be respected in this evil world.  Praise be to Jesus and Mary!!!

  31. lorna Poespowidjojo

    Justice will prevail because God is just and merciful. Full of love and compassion. Understanding and forgiving. He have chosen our President for His own purpose. Praise the Lord God.

  32. That  was beautiful! Gives me hope as I am experiencing attack for STANDING  AND HOLDING THE LINE. I pray for God’s plan and Our Lady’s intentions,  plans and projects everyday!

  33. So beautiful, so poignant.  Just last night at the dinner table when a family member asked how I was feeling about what is happening with the election and Trump, the words of John 15:18 came out of my mouth “If the world hates you…know that it hated Me first…”. Seeing this at the end of this short video today made me tear up.  God Bless you at Caritas, God Bless President Trump, and God Bless America.  In the holy name of Jesus and our Queen Mary, I continue to pray.

  34. My heart actually hurt watching your wonderful made presentation . Our President, with the strength of a worrier and the grace of God  is fighting a evil beyond most people’s understanding. Corruption is so deep, I believe God is exposing it, pulling the curtain back for all to see the evil.  Only someone chosen by God could  withstand the relentless, ruthless abuse President Trump has withstood the last four years and still accomplished more in that same timeframe then any other President in my lifetime. I am so proud of him and keep him in my daily prayers. I truly believe God appointed him and God will intervene in his own timing .  Throughout the Bible God has used the least expected people for his plan and surely Washington was not expecting Donald J.Trump .  I pray for those who don’t know the love of God  For their eyes and hearts to open, to feel his love and and discern  between lies and truth . After all we’re in this mess because of what is coming out of mans heart  which has been in a sad state of affairs, abortion, greed, hatred the list could go on an on.. I trust in God and his plan, his love  and mercy. We need four more years or our country is lost  … God wants to save as many souls as possible before the secrets of Medjugorje  are revealed.  My 2013 trip with Caritas to Medjugorje forever changed my a most positive way.. I will do my part , I will continue to ask God for grace and mercy for our nation ,  pray for Our Blessed Mother’s Intentions ,  our President and his cabinet , Pope Francis all clergy and the salvation of all souls throughout the earth .. Thank you friend of Medjugorje for all your dedication and inspiring work for Our Lady.

  35. I’m almost speechless & want to cry @ the same time…& yet 10000 fold grateful to holy trinity…& blessed mother…&  medjgorie & Caritas.  Thank you…this also puts my life of nasty attacks & challenges into perspective…

  36. Beautifully and truthfully spoken. Touches the heart deeply. One must hope, trust, and pray. Gods Blessings be with you during this Holy Season. 

  37. Dear Friend of Medjugorje, This short video is so powerful. It says so much and is the message necessary for the world right now. If our President didn’t love he would never have done everything he has done. And only those who have experienced what he has experienced really understands what he is going through right now. He needs our prayers and support. Often when I pray for him I sense his guardian angel close to him, supporting him in his suffering, much the way the angel came to Jesus in the Garden of Gesthemene. Implore the Father to keep him as our President. Many are blinded by the truth and it will only be in hindsight that they will see the true colors of this man and how he was chosen for these times. It is unfortunate they do not have the eyes to see this now. Dear Mother, convert hearts.

  38. Wow, absolutely beautiful!! Gives us hope in our own personal struggles to be faithful in our vocations when others work to wear us down. Thank you so, so much, and a Blessed Christmas to all.

  39. Thank you, friend of Medjugorie! That was the perfect reminder that our President Trump is at the cross with Jesus! His love of God’s people is inspiring and beautiful!! Thank you God giving President Trump to this nation! To witness his journey to the cross is a privilege of a lifetime. I love you President Trump, thank you and God Bless you?

  40. This was beautifully done.  I love “To Love” and believe it accurately portrays the attack upon our President.  Seeing the growing divide within our nation, I don’t know what will happen in the future but I believe a time may come when the two sides with clash–and each person will have to decide what side they are on.  I encourage everyone to visit and spread it far and wide. There is profound truth in what it professes and is a start in making a stand

  41. Jose Luis Gonzalez

    Historians will some day hail Trump as one of the greatest Presidents to ever serve in the White House.    He was honest, successful,  and I believe he truly loves this country. Even now.     He lost billions of dollars by focusing all his efforts on making America great, all over again.  He did so much for the working people.    He stood by Israel because he believes in the Holy Bible.   He has brokered 4 peace treaties already.   He is bringing American soldiers back home.  And still,  he donates his salary.  He worked for free and still,  he was rejected by so many who never saw the goodness in the man.  What a pity.  And still, he is against abortion and believes in standing for our American flag.  America is wrong for not supporting or defending him when he most needed us.  God bless America.    God bless the man who gave life back to the silent mayority Republican Party.  His own family stood by him from beginning to end.   Trump will be back.  God is not thru with him.  We are still praying for a miracle.   

  42. I truly hope that the President and the First Lady view this video.  I think it beautifully expresses both of their honorable characters in this dark world. I also think this video can teach us all to act with honor in a way that Christ will say “yes, I know you”. 

  43. Barbara Heizmann

    Amen ? and thank you. I love you God and may you bless this country USA and all those who are fighting with prayers, AMEN ???✝️

  44. That is beautifully done and so true.  I watch him and am extremely grateful that God sent him to us. Our President is sacrificing everything to help our Lord save the world.   

  45. If I had the  opportunity to speak to our President I would personally thank him for all he has done for our country and remind our President that God will reward him in the next life. This is the most important fact despite the outcome of the 2020 election.

  46. If I could speak to President Donald J. Trump personally I would tell him that God loves him and to know that through everything he has gone through, the lies, the grotesque impeachment, the hatred, through all of that suffering God is doing mighty works on his behalf.  To pray fervently and to trust in Jesus even more, because his best defender is God and God always delivers!! Amen

  47. God bless America and God bless President and Melania Trump.  This video was so honest and truthful, it made me cry. I love this country and am so proud to be an American, an American under the leadership of Donald J. Trump and guided by Our Lady. Let us continue to pray and fast for our future and the unfolding of The Secrets under President Trump at the helm of our country and God and Our Lady in control of it all!

  48. Thanks Mother for your love. t

    Thanks Mother. For your love. We are blessed to have your messages through Medjugorje. May God bless you all in Caritas??

  49. A beautiful video. Well produced and articulated. Trump was treated so unfairly by many groups, especially the media. It’s good to see your production wascanmade honoring a noble, religious man.

  50. Thank you for the Truth? He is the greatest we will ever have ? Time will prove his greatness ? If my heart is broken can you imagine how he feels? Carol Pelletier With Love to you Friend ?

  51. God give Our President Donald Trump the grace he needs to continue on. American needs him now more than ever. We pray for him daily as our leader. Peace and LOVE. Blessed Mother we praise you. Thank you Friend of Medjugorje for presenting the truth.

  52. This made me want to weep. Knowing that Truth will prevail and that Jesus said that the gates of hell will not prevail, is what keeps me going. Jesus I trust in you Jesus I trust in you Jesus I trust in you. Mercy on America and God bless President Trump and his family. 

  53. Thank you, that was beautiful and so very true!  President Trump has given himself for us and many rejected him as they did to Jesus.  I have faith in him and hope that God will continue to lead him on a path for us.  

  54. When I saw the countdown meter on the website, I didn’t know what to expect. I live in California, but decided to set my alarm for 2:30 AM to see what this was all about.  I watched the video and thought, “Well, at least it wasn’t the starting of the secrets!”  I rewatched it this morning when I woke up and realized that there are many messages here for the world and for me. First, we need to be offering even more prayers and sacrifices.  Second, God is in control of all of this election business and will solve everything through Our Lady. Third, each one of us has an important role to play in God’s plan, so we should be taking advantage of the Sacraments whenever possible while they are still available, in order to open our hearts and minds and souls to Holy Spirit. Maybe the overall message for me was what the Angel Gabriel said to Mary when she was deeply troubled and wondered what his words meant: “Fear not!” As Mary was chosen to give birth to the One who would “be great and will be called the Son of the Most High”, so let us all enter together into the Christmas Novena today and prepare as brothers and sisters, as Our Lady’s children, so that the Birth of Jesus into our hearts can truly transform us to be like Mary, God’s conduits to bring Jesus into our tired world! Amen.

  55. Maria Teresa Panman

    ??Blood and water from the heart of Jesus.  Fount of Mercy I trust in you.  Save our Nation. The President too.?? ??Blood of Christ I trust in you.  Forgive our sins. The ❤ of land renew.  Save the world of all wicked do.  Father of Mercy I trust in you.?? Sing this all day long! Sing and pray!  THANKS Friend of Medjugorje!!! God bless our President DJT  God bless America.  One HUMBLED Nation under God. God bless.

  56. The words are so beautiful and so appropriate.  It touched my heart.  Dear Blessed Mother, help this man who wants to save America.

  57. Such a beautiful writing! It deeply touched my Heart! Thank you for making this video and always speaking the Truth, which many fear to speak!  Thank you for loving and showing others how to Love!  May God Bless You, Your Family, and the Community of Caritas! 

  58. Thank you FOM and COB. A beautiful video perfectly summing up what is happening right now. Congratulations for giving your fellow Americans and people around the world encouragement. I have stated many times I truly believe Trump will get a 2nd term, not only because many good people have asked for it, but I can’t believe it will not happen. I have been following a few people describing the USA constitution and most Americans I believe don’t know that Mike Pence and Senators have a huge part to play if they are brave enough. The USA has been consecrated to Our Lady and the entire world is depending on it. I know it, the good people who follow know it, but not sure how many others know how precarious the situation is. This 3rd peril is one nail biter that God will Win, because Our Lady has already said you would and she always gets what she wants. Love will always Triumph. She wants to win all hearts on both sides of this war, because the bad actors don’t know they have been tricked. I hope the good actors are brave enough to do the right thing and I pray Our Lady can assist them as they make some very important decisions in January. God Bless.

  59. I thought the video clip was well done.  He was just a man trying his best to get things done in this country.  He wanted to better this nation by recalling the Founding fathers and their Christian Principles.  The Founding Fathers wanted this nation to be based on Christian Principles to create peace and harmony.  We are far from that at this point.  I would rather have peace and harmony with the Founding Fathers than the mess we are in now. God Bless Joanne

  60. Beautiful in so many ways!  A writing I read daily. And still brings tears to my eyes every time I read it, o poem from the heart.  Thank you

  61. Earlene J Kirkpatrick


  62. Laurie Hugh Patmore

    Profound Profound,  I Will Share This Far And Wide. This Is Out To Pray And Worship The The Piwer Of Of Almigty God Will Sweep The Nation And President Donald J Trump Will Be Restored.

  63. God has appointed Trump for a time such as this!  Our prayers on his behalf are so necessary!  Please pray!

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