Words from Heaven

Words from Heaven

On June 25, the 21st anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions, Our Lady confirms more strongly the words She gave just two evenings ago to Ivan:

“…I am calling you back to the beginning…”

Our Lady said:

“…accept even more the messages that I am giving you here in this holy place…Live my messages and put into life every word that I am giving you. May they be precious to you because they come from Heaven…”

It was also noticed in this message that Our Lady used the title of the book, Words from Heaven, in Her message today. A Friend of Medjugorje, back in the late 80s, began compiling the messages of Our Lady to place in a single book. No one had yet done this for all the messages, which includes those given in the early years, the weekly Thursday messages given to the parish, the 25th monthly messages given through Marija, the prayer group messages given through Ivan, the interior locutions given through Jelena and Marijana, the annual messages given to Mirjana, Ivanka and Jakov, the messages given to Mirjana that eventually turned into the second of the month messages, and the American messages given through the years through Marija during her visits to his home and the Caritas Community. Words from Heaven was first printed in 1990, but is regularly updated to include the newest messages. A Friend of Medjugorje painstakingly researched and authenticated each message. There is no other message book that is as complete or detailed as Words from Heaven. Our Lady’s message today was a beautiful acknowledgment of the love put into the publication of the book of Her messages. But also beautiful was that a Friend of Medjugorje was present in this apparition. In fact, it was the first time he was present when Marija received one of her monthly messages from Our Lady.

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