Visionaries Speak at the Youth Festival

Visionaries Speak at the Youth Festival

During the annual International Youth Festival in Medjugorje several visionaries gave their testimony. Jakov spoke about the day Our Lady told him she would not appear to him any more except on Christmas Day. He said:

“It was the worst day of my life; I thought I would die, but then I understood the importance of feeling Mary in one’s heart each day.”

Marija also spoke. She said:

“There was a discotheque in Medjugorje that burnt down just a few days before the apparitions began. For the young people who thought they had no where else to go, it was as though Our Lady was inviting them to begin to climb the hill of apparitions, and thus the first prayer group was born. When the police stopped us from going up the hill, she called us to the fields. Once, at 10:30 p.m. in a field close to our house, nearly the entire village turned up. We prayed the Rosary and Our Lady appeared, and she said we could touch her:”

“You visionaries take their hands and come to me.”

So that is what we did; they touched Our Lady and everyone felt something—warmth, cold, the scent of roses, an electric shock. But we saw that when the people touched Our Lady’s mantle it became stained, so we began to cry and asked what it meant. She said:

“These are your sins.”

And in that moment Our Lady invited us for the first time to go and confess.

“Our Lady also told us that when we speak of a third person we often stress that person’s negative side, and added:”

“Have you ever found anything in nature that doesn’t speak of God? God can be found in each of His creatures, and in people who are less perfect.”

“Mary then invited us to climb Krizevac two at a time with the person we liked the least. Once we had reached the top we became aware that we had made a new friend…”

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