Vicka is Promised a Healing

Vicka is Promised a Healing

For years, visionary, Vicka, has suffered from an inoperable brain tumor that caused her severe headaches, coma-state periods, nausea, etc. Doctors could offer no cure and no help in alleviating her suffering. Our Lady asked this suffering of Vicka for particular intentions. Six months ago, in late summer 1987, Our Lady told Vicka the actual date that she would be healed. On February 4, 1988, following instructions she had received from Our Lady before she entered into this latest 50-day period of no apparitions that began on January 9, 1988, Vicka wrote down the date in which she would be healed. She sealed it in three separate envelopes and sent one to Croatian priest, Fr. Janko Bubalo, and two other witnesses. They were told not to open the letters until September 25, 1988. The note inside the envelope to Fr. Bubalo, written by Vicka stated the following:

Fr. Janko, that which I promised to you—a ceasing of pains; September 25, 1988. Only under the seal of confession. My greeting to you! Your little sister, Vicka

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