Vicka in Italy

Vicka in Italy

From March 19-23, 1987, Vicka and her cousin Valentina were guests of the Community of Sr. Elvira of Saluzzo, Italy. Members of this community had been making frequent pilgrimages to Medjugorje in which Vicka had befriended them. While in Italy, Vicka had an apparition regularly in a room near their chapel, but on Sunday she had it in the chapel itself. About 30 priests were present, among which, two had been sent by the bishop of the diocese. Vicka said of one of the apparitions:

“Our Lady put Her hands on this house: She was so happy, it is impossible to describe. She remained several minutes and then She said goodbye to me, saying, ‘Go in the peace of God.’”

In Sunday’s apparition with the priests Vicka says:

“Our Lady came with five angels who circled around Her. She placed Her hands on everyone and prayed something for me and said goodbye to me.”

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