Truth Does Not Need Defending

Truth Does Not Need Defending

It was brought to Our Lady’s attention that reports were being made that the apparitions were causing division among the priests in Hercegovina. Our Lady responded to this criticism saying:

“I have not desired your division. On the contrary, I desire that you be united. Do not ignore the fact that I am the Queen of Peace. If you desire practical advice: I am the Mother who has come from the people; I cannot do anything without the help of God. I, too, must pray like you. It is because of that, that I can only say to you: Pray, fast, do penance, and help the weak. I am sorry if my preceding answer was not agreeable to you. Perhaps you do not want to understand it.”

Our Lady’s words and tone are a rebuke of the criticism aimed at Her apparitions. A Friend of Medjugorje stated, in regards to those who create controversy about Medjugorje:

“Truth does not need defending. God is truth. God does not need puny man to defend Him or truth. Truth, however does need protection because many promote false truths. Therefore, real truth is always surrounded by the storms of controversy. Truth, however, is not controversial. It is those who object to, bend, and/or are blending truth with falsehood, creating false truth, who are causing the controversy. Jesus was truth. He was in peace, but a whirlwind surrounded Him. He was not the cause of it and He was not controversial…How could that be when He is truth? Those around Him created the controversy. Medjugorje is true. It is not controversial. It is those who say it is controversial or who create controversy who origined controversy; a purposed intent to put a negative against who or what they say is controversial. Yes, some people and sources can be controversial, but Christ was not. The saints, who which had controversy around them, were not controversial. Our Lady’s apparitions in Medjugorje are not controversial. At the origin of Medjugorje, the Holy Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace, came to deliver a divine plan, a direct intervention into man’s history of Biblical proportions, a moment in time in our present history to introduce a great plan for the salvation of mankind to save the world.”

For those who believe Medjugorje to be “controversial” we repeat Our Lady’s words above:

“I am sorry if my preceding answer was not agreeable to you. Perhaps you do not want to understand it.”

[From Was Jesus Controversial? January 2, 2015, a Friend of Medjugorje]

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