The Pope Speaks to Archbishop of Paraguay Regarding Medjugorje

The Pope Speaks to Archbishop of Paraguay Regarding Medjugorje

Fr. Slavko was invited by several Centers for Peace in South America to come and speak on Medjugorje. They desired to have their bishop’s blessing upon these talks and requested it of him. The Archbishop of Asuncion in Paraguay was not certain if he should give his permission, so he sent word to the Bishop of Mostar and the Father Superior of Bosnia-Hercegovina asking what they recommended. Meanwhile, in October 1994, Monsignor Felipe Benitez was in Rome for the Paraguayan bishop’s ad lumina visit and decided to ask the Pope his opinion during his private talk. The Holy Father said this to Archbishop Benitez:

“Authorize everything that concerns Medjugorje.”

Nothing more needed to be said to the Archbishop. He wholeheartedly gave his blessing to the Medjugorje talks. When the news spread, bishops from eight other nations also gave their blessing to have Fr. Slavko speak in their Cathedrals and Churches. The talks were held in January, 1995. Fr. Slavko was told this by the Archbishop himself. He gave this testimony at the Baptism of Arianna Colo, the baby daughter of Medjugorje visionary, Jakov.

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