The People Remained Faithful

The People Remained Faithful

The villagers attended a meeting at the school with the State Security Police. In the meeting, the local government banned the visionaries from Apparition Mountain and the Church. The parents of the visionaries were threatened if they refused to cooperate with the authorities. Fr. Jozo said of these parents:
“Those poor parents were treated terribly bad. They were really the heroes who took the brunt of this treatment and by us priests, by the Communists and by the sensation-seekers. I think the parents were the real martyrs of these days.”

Also on July 1, the police forced Marija, Vicka and Ivanka into their car to prevent them from going to the mountain that evening for the apparition. Our Lady appeared to the children in the car, much to their shock and surprise. For the second day in a row, the people waited in vain for the children on the mountain. Yet the people continued to remain faithful, with greater numbers arriving each day.

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