The Final Private Apparition for the Community

The Final Private Apparition for the Community

The apparition this evening was in the living room of the founder’s home. This would be the last private apparition before the apparitions would be opened up to the public for Five Days of Prayer in preparation for Our Lady’s birthday, August 5th.

After praying the Rosary, Marija went into ecstasy, as normal, but half way through everyone in the room knew something special was taking place. Marija, still in ecstasy, began to pray out loud, the Our Father and Glory Be. We knew she was praying with Our Lady in the apparition. The apparition lasted almost six minutes—a very long time for an apparition. By the time the apparition ended, everyone was excited to hear what had taken place. Marija, herself was excited, and began to describe the apparition:

“One special gift today when Our Lady come. She pray over all, one by one. I don’t know how long apparition was today? Very Long! Our Lady said to pray Our Father and Glory Be for Her intentions. I ask also for all those in Field. Our Lady said apparition, will be in the Field tomorrow, same time.”

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