The Bedroom is Filled with Roses

The Bedroom is Filled with Roses

Tonight, the Bedroom was filled with roses, numbering 4,000, all of which represented those souls from across the nation who wanted to be represented during Our Lady’s apparitions. Marija took some of the roses and formed them into a heart on the Bed with the Community girls helping. When it was finished, the whole room was breathtaking. The following is Marija’s description of the apparition:

“In the moment of the apparition, when Our Lady came, I recommended to Our Lady all of our intentions, and in a special way I asked Our Lady to bless all people who is present here and in the Field. And I also offered Our Lady the soul of little Sebastian (a little boy who had died early this morning) and asked help for his mother and father. I asked Our Lady to give Sebastian peace and to carry him in Her heart. She immediately begin to pray. I ask also to Our Lady to bless all candles and all the roses present from all people across the United States. And Our Lady, She stood with Her hands extended and prayed over all of us. She pray over also all these people (who gave the candles and roses). And after She give blessing. She go. And tomorrow: “Same time, same place.”

To read about how each rose represented someone: Read full story here…

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