Special Blessing for Mothers

Special Blessing for Mothers

On December 19, 1985, Our Lady expressed Her desire to give a Special Motherly Blessing to all mothers this coming Christmas Day. She emphasized the significance of this blessing by saying that Jesus would bless the rest with His own blessing.

“…God will bestow great gifts on you if you surrender yourselves to Him. I wish in a special way on Christmas Day to give mothers my own Special Motherly blessing and Jesus will bless the rest with His own blessing…”

A Friend of Medugorje has written about why Our Lady singled out “mothers,” rather than give everyone Her Special Motherly Blessing. He said:

“This is unprecedented in that Our Lady has never singled out a group, separating it from others in this way.

“Little boys, little girls, teenage boys, teenage girls, and all men were not given this blessing. While they were not left out because they were given Christ’s blessing, something profound took place. A profound statement was made, as well as a profound blessing of Motherhood was given to mothers and mothers alone. Why? The world is very off course. Only good mothers will bring it back with the direction of good fathers who listen to God the Father on how to direct their families.”

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