Sixth Day of the Apparitions

Sixth Day of the Apparitions

Police arrived at the homes of the visionaries and forced them inside an ambulance where they were taken to a psychiatric hospital in Mostar. In recounting the incident later, Vicka repeated a common saying among her people, “Might does not ask God for permission.” A second attempt to have the visionaries diagnosed as mentally ill failed. The psychiatrist who examined them said, “It’s the people who brought you here who must be insane. There’s nothing wrong with you.” Fr. Jozo wrote a declaration to be read at every Mass in which he recalled saying in it:

“For St. Peter and Paul’s Feast I prepared a statement that the two of us (the parish priests) were going to read instead of any comment. In the statement I called to caution saying that the Revelation in the Church was over, that all the latest events were a private matter, and that we had to be very cautious, to handle the matter with great care, and pray

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