Sixth Anniversary of the Apparitions

Sixth Anniversary of the Apparitions

The sixth anniversary was celebrated by over 100,000 pilgrims. The Anniversary is now a licensed national event in Yugoslavia in that the national government of Yugoslavia was encouraging the authorities of Sarajevo to elaborate a several-step plan of modernization to help with the crowds in Medjugorje. This planning included the erection of hotels, restaurants and hygiene facilities. From the early days, there was persecution from the Communists who were trying to destroy and stop the apparitions. They were, however, all for the apparitions when they began to receive economic benefit from the event. Even in the state newspapers and TV news reports, reports on Medjugorje were becoming more positive. Five members of the commission investigating Medjugorje were present in Medjugorje for the 6th anniversary of the apparitions. They spoke to the visionaries and priests and they made themselve available to hear confession. They were observing everything and seemed very open. Fr. Slavko said:

“One feels another wind blowing.”

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