Seventh Secret

Seventh Secret

Our Lady gave a message in which She revealed that the seventh secret had been softened through repeated prayers and fasting. In Sarajevo, Mirjana, deeply disturbed by the secret, gathered family and friends together many times to beg God to lessen the punishment of the seventh secret. After eight months, Our Lady said to Mirjana that the secret had been mitigated:

“I have prayed; the punishment has been softened. Repeated prayers and fasting reduce punishments from God, but it is not possible to avoid entirely the chastisement. Go on the streets of the city and count those who glorify God and those who offend Him. God can no longer endure that.”

Our Lady then added this sobering statement:

“By the grace of God, it has been softened, but you must never ask such things again, because God’s will must be done.”

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