Second of the Month Apparition

Second of the Month Apparition

Mirjana had her monthly apparition of Our Lady on January 2, 2000. A large crowd gathered at the Cenacolo Community. Our Lady gave a message that moved Mirjana deeply and caused her also to question Our Lady as to how we are to accomplish what She asked. Our Lady said:

“Never as much as today, my heart is begging for your help! I, your Mother, am begging my children that they help me to realize what the Father has sent me for. He has sent me among you because His love is great. At this great and holy time in which you have entered, pray in a special way for those that have not experienced yet the love of God. Pray and wait!”

Our Lady acknowledged the Great Jubilee Year that Pope John Paul II had initiated on Christmas Eve, 1999, when the Holy Doors were opened in St. Peter’s Basilica. John Paul II had prepared the Church for this special Jubilee Year by designating the three years preceeding it to prayers to Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God the Father. He hoped and prayed that the Spirit of God would lead a great multitide to conversion in this year. Our Lady, in Her message, also showed Her desire for this. But Her words “pray and wait,” suggested a foreshadowing of a future event in which She was begging help from Her children.

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