Scientific Testing of the Visionaries

Scientific Testing of the Visionaries

Professor Henri Joyeux, from France, visited Medjugorje the first week of May, 1995. He told pilgrims about the tests done on the visionaries in 1984-1985 and how he intends on doing further tests on them with even more sophisticated equipment in France. He said:

“In many cases the tests have revealed instances of mystification, but in others, (such as Medjugorje) they revealed that the people in question were living an authentic experience.”

The 1984-1985 testing, according to the scientists who performed the testing, said that the visionaries are “absent of deceit.” They are credible witnesses and science confirms their testimony. Science cannot, however, confirm “who” they are seeing is the Virgin Mary. That will always be an article of faith based on the lives and witness of the visionaries and the impact of conversion on the lives of the followers of the apparitions and messages.

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