Pope John Paul II’s Last Letter to His Friends

Pope John Paul II’s Last Letter to His Friends

The Holy Father was scheduled to visit Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Hercegovina, in April 1997. John Paul II had expressed his desire to visit Medjugorje, but he would not do so without the local bishop’s invitation. John Paul II mentions this up and coming visit to the region of Medjugorje to his friends Marek and Sophia Skwarnicki in a letter to them written on February 26, 1997:

“Dear Marek and Sophia, …If the Lord permits, the dedication of the building will be part of the program of my visit to Krakow. We are already approaching these days in great strides. It is good that they are an object of my countrymen’s prayers, as much as my immediate trip to Sarajevo which, in a special way, involves Sophia in her prayers when thinking about Medjugorje…I greet heartily Sophia, Marek and the kids, together with little Paul. Blessings, John Paul II”

This was the last of the letters printed in Marek’s book in which the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, mentions Medjugorje. These letters have shown that the Holy Father had his eyes upon Medjugorje and his hope was to be able to go visit the Holy Village one day himself.

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