Police Came to St. James Church

Police Came to St. James Church

On August 17, the police came to St. James Church to arrest Fr. Jozo. The police removed documents, letters, books and the cassettes on which the earliest interviews with the visionaries were recorded in the hopes of finding something they could incriminate Fr. Jozo with. Before leaving the rectory, Fr. Jozo went to put his habit on, but the guard would not allow it. Fr. Jozo was forced to leave the church dressed as a civilian. Fr. Jozo had anticipated his arrest and had tried to prepare his staff for it. Everyone was distressed when it happened. During the apparition that evening, Our Lady said:

“Do not be afraid…I will protect Fr. Jozo.”

Fr. Zrinko, assistant to Fr. Jozo, became the new pastor. Fr. Tomislav Vlasic was sent to Medjugorje to assist Fr. Zrinko. On August 30, Vicka asked Our Lady for confirmation about rumors that Father Jozo’s cell doors unlock themselves. Our Lady said:

“Praised be Jesus! It is true, but no one believes it.”

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