Our Lady’s Dress is Blackened

Our Lady’s Dress is Blackened

On the Feast of Our Lady of the Angels, Marija, in her home, received the following message from Our Lady:

“A great struggle is about to unfold. A struggle between my Son and satan. Human souls are at stake.”

Our Lady told Marija to meet in the threshing field (“gumno”) of her family at 2 a.m. A group of about 40 people gathered with her, including visionary Mirjana. Those in the group requested of Marija and Mirjana, the only visionaries present, if they could touch Our Lady. When Our Lady agreed and they began touching Her, Our Lady’s dress became blackened by some of the hands touching Her. Marija, distressed by this, began to weep. Marinko Ivankovic, a 40-year-old neighbor of Marija’s and self-appointed guardian of the children immediately told everyone they must go to Confession.

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