Our Lady Speaks of Fr. Jozo Zovko and Marinko Ivankovic

Our Lady Speaks of Fr. Jozo Zovko and Marinko Ivankovic

As the trial for Fr. Jozo Zovko approached, Our Lady asked for prayers for him. She said:

“Pray for Father Jozo and fast tomorrow on bread and water. Then you will fast for a whole week on bread and water. Pray, my angels. Now I will show you Father Jozo.”

Our Lady then showed the visionaries a vision of Fr. Jozo in prison and tells them not to fear for him because everything will work out well for him. In this same apparition, the children ask Our Lady about Marinko Ivankovic, the 40-year-old neighbor of Vicka and Marija who became a chaperone and protector of the visionaries. This put him in confrontation with the police on occasion and he also spent time in jail for his allegiance to the children. Because of being with the visionaries often, he was a witness to many of the apparitions and the actions of Our Lady. Our Lady said of him:

“There are a few similar faithful. He’s made a sufficient number of sacrifices for [Fr.] Jozo. He underwent many torments and sufferings.”

To Marinko personally, Our Lady said:

“Continue, and do not let anyone take the faith away from you.”

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