Our Lady Reminisces with the Visionaries

Our Lady Reminisces with the Visionaries

Our Lady gave a special anniversary gift to Her three visionaries who continued to see Her on a daily basis. Instead of the normal routine of the apparition that they had come to expect, Our Lady began reminiscing with each one of them about the first years of the apparitions. Our Lady didn’t just bring up memories, but She did so teasing them about some of the funny things that had happened. Marija said Our Lady asked her: “Do you remember when Vicka sent that rainstorm down upon me,” referring to the apparition on the third day when Vicka brought a bottle of Holy Water to the apparition and liberally shook the water out towards the apparition. Vicka’s grandmother had told Vicka that if the apparition was from the devil, the Holy Water would make him flee. After the spray of water, Our Lady had remained smiling at the children. Our Lady also said to Marija, “Do you remember all those tests the doctors made you take? And in the end they said that you were all normal?” But, then Our Lady added, teasingly, “But we know differently, don’t we Marija!” Marija was so moved at the tenderness of Our Lady in sharing those intimate memories with her, that she wept tears of joy when the apparition ended. Marija later learned that Ivan and Vicka also were given this special gift from Our Lady on this 20th anniversary of Her apparitions.

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