Our Lady Laid Her Hand on Each One

Our Lady Laid Her Hand on Each One

Vicka was visiting family friends in Italy on the day that her apparitions began again. The morning of February 29, she stayed alone to pray, waiting in suspense for Our Lady’s arrival. The host family came to the apparition in which Our Lady stayed for 15 minutes. Vicka’s friend said of the apparition:

“I have never seen Vicka so lovely, moved, radiant as that evening.”

Vicka said, with tears in her eyes, that Our Lady came,

“lovely, lovelier than the first time.”

Our Lady greeted her and then said,

“I am joyful because you have carried well to the end the duties entrusted to you.”

Vicka then asked if Our Lady had any special message to give. Our Lady said:

“Live intensely this Lenten period without sin and embrace the passion of Jesus and merit it.”

Vicka said that Our Lady comes not only for her, but for each one as long as they have an open heart. Our Lady laid Her hand on each one present. Vicka said that she knows when Our Lady does this She is praying for each one, but no one can understand the words She says. They are not Croat or Italian but a mysterious language.

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