Our Lady Gives Vicka a Warning

Our Lady Gives Vicka a Warning

Our Lady gave the following message to Vicka as a warning that she not make the same mistake that Ivan had recently made. Ivan had been pressured to write down information concerning the sign and seal it in an envelope which was not to be opened; however, the envelope was opened and it caused a stir. Our Lady said:


“Pray…it is only with prayer that you will be able to avoid Ivan’s error. He should not have written; and after that, he had to clearly acknowledge it so as not to plant any doubts.”

Because of this mistake, Ivan was scolded many times from those around him and felt very badly. Our Lady said to Mirjana on her annual apparition a few days later:


“…Ivan did not make a big mistake. I have sufficiently reprimanded him for the error. It is not necessary to scold him any more.”

Our Lady gives the example of mercy by Her own words.


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